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Politics is not for the faint of heart. And I'm not even talking about 'getting involved' in politics, I'm just talking ...

Black Tears makeup

Politics is not for the faint of heart. And I'm not even talking about 'getting involved' in politics, I'm just talking about watching it unfold. The past couple of years have seen the rise of genuinely unpleasant, nasty politics. We've seen UKIP take in 4 million votes at the last election here in Britain, largely on an anti-immigrant ticket; we've seen the UK vote to leave the EU, again largely on an anti-immigrant ticket and now Donald Trump is currently running the US, also riding high on an anti-immigrant ticket.

Here in Britain, we have a lot of problems. But the root cause of those problems is not, has never been and will never be immigration. The like of UKIP and the far-right have played on the lack of funding in public services since 2010, and instead sought to use immigrants as scapegoats. And it's working, all over the world.

This doesn't really bode well for people of colour in the West, or refugees fleeing warzones created by the West, or economic migrants trying to escape poverty in countries ravaged by the West. But the main thing is, we need to think about the poor white people who aren't allowed to call a Paki a Paki anymore, because of these bleeding-heart PC liberals taking offence to everything.

Anyway, whilst we all watch the world burn and laugh at Donald Trump memes, here's the makeup look I've decided to wear to it's funeral. All I need now, is to decide what pair of shoes to wear. Any ideas?

|| FACE ||

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + Foundation - 55 Natural Beige
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Dark
LA Girl Pro Conceal - Creamy Beige
BEN NYE Banana Luxury Powder

|| CHEEKS || 

MAC Powder Blush - Gingerly
Freedom Makeup London Pro Contour - Medium 01
Phees Makeup Shop Luxe Holographic Highlighter - GLO UP

|| BROWS || 

NYX Tint & Frame Brow Pomade - Espresso

Creative South Asian Makeup

|| EYES || 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner - Infinity
MAC e/s - Carbon
Water (for the tears!)
Illamasqua - The Corruptor Special Effects Gel
Lit Cosmetics - Clearly Liquid Glitter Base
Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter - Aquarius
L'Oreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara

Black Tears

|| LIPS ||

NYX Slide on Lip Pencil - Summer Tease
Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick - Red Velvet

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  1. It's a stunning look at wear to the funeral that is world politics. He's just passed another article, causing more damage. Hooray. At least you'll look fabulous!

  2. Whiteness is so fragile and the world politics is fucked up. I'm worried for the humanity, Halima! And you look BOMB DOT COM!

  3. Halima, I swear you're the reason why makeup is considered art and I love how you make it so much more deeper!! Anyone can do a pretty look but your work is ART. You are so inspiring it's unreal <3

  4. Wonderful post as always... and you're absolutely right, immigration has been held up as a scapegoat for all government's transgressions for much too long. It saddens me that I can't see a way out of it - I just don't think the people who believe the anti-immigrant rhetoric will change their minds. Too much hatred incited by people like UKIP and Britain First and that horrible orange blob over the Atlantic... xx

  5. Wonderful post and wonderful makeup. It sickens me how idiots wait for world leaders to tell them who to hate. It doesn't take a Mensa member to realise that all the world's ills are caused by filthy rich people who are so greedy they want more and more money. How do they get it? By screwing over the little people or manufacturing wars. It's never the scapegoats they use. I've seen it here, been on the inside of the witch hunt against disabled people. As if the sick and jobless caused the recession! No, it was greedy banker wankers. Anyway, I'm going to shut up before I give myself an aneurysm. Well said. xx

  6. absolutely love this look and the inspiration behind it! (obviousy not the actual events and attitudes causing it, but the fact that you and so many other people are talking about what a shitshow the world has increasingly become and taking a stand against it.) xx


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