Alt Valentines Makeup Look Collab || Glossy Pink Eyeshadow

Ahhh, Valentine's Day. Cue the barrage of soft, sweet, romantic pink tones, the abundance of reds for the vixens and those smokey '...

Glossy Pink Eyeshadow Alternative Valentines Makeup

Ahhh, Valentine's Day. Cue the barrage of soft, sweet, romantic pink tones, the abundance of reds for the vixens and those smokey 'come hither' eyes. This post features none of that, as it's an alternative Valentine's Day Makeup look in collaboration with Aine and Alana - my favourite alliterative terrible twosome - whose blogs can be found HERE and HERE

I'm not gonna lie. I love Valentines Day makeup looks - possibly because its one of the few times of the year where people leave behind their nude, neutral comfort blankets and go for something a little more colourful, it really does make for a nice change.

I wanted to try something a little different for my own Valentines Day makeup look though. I've been dying to do a glossy eyes look for ages, so much so, I even stalked the experts (that's you, Safiyah and Amina!) and got them to share some secrets. They both suggested a Mixing Medium - something like MAC's Mixing Medium Shine, which is a wax based formula that can leave you with shiny eyes, and of course some trusty lip gloss.

So, instead of going for the traditional pastelly, soft pink look, I thought I'd road test a shocking pink eyeshadow with gloss on top.

Glossy Pink Eyeshadow Alternative Valentines Makeup

To achieve this look, I applied primer first, all over my lids and lower lash line. I then swept Sugarpill's Dollipop Pressed Eyehadow - my HG pink shadow - all over the lid, extended it beyond my brows, lower lash line and blended the fuck out of them. To give it the Lima Magic effect, I added glitter to the middle of my lower lash line.

For the penultimate step, I added another pop of colour to the inner corners using Lime Crime's Superfoil in Tutu, which is a cool toned purple, something I'm noticing is hard to find. Now comes the fun part. THE GLOSS! Using my finger, I patted the lipgloss ever so ever so gently over Sugarpill's Dollipop, ensuring that my lids and lower lash line were covered in. Try to avoid rubbing it though, it just doesn't work quite as well as patting.

For the cherry on top of this Valentines cake, I popped on a pair of my favourite lashes from Daiso, Japan. I'm not gonna talk too much about Daiso, just to say that if you're ever in Tokyo, you really need to find one. Anyways, thankfully the lashes adhered, despite my whole eye area being covered in shiny gloss!

Pink Jelly Glossy Eye Valentines Makeup Look

In terms of longevity, I was conscious that it might crease and start to crack up. This did happen, but not in the major way that I thought it might. If you happened to have a magnifying glass on your person, you may have noticed it (and taken a punch for getting so close), but otherwise it held up pretty well. I'm presuming the primer I used underneath helped it stick, or applying the gloss with my finger meant I used less gloss than with an applicator? Who knows, it hung around, that's the main thing!

|| FACE ||

Alternative Valentines Glossy Eyes Makeup Look

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation - Barcelona
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Dark
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - Ginger
BEN NYE Banana Luxury Powder

|| CHEEKS ||

Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow - Dollipop
Freedom Makeup London Pro Contour - Medium 01
Phees Makeup Shop Luxe Holographic Highlighter - Shook (use code FASHIONICIDE for 10% off! Not an affiliate link).

|| BROWS ||

NYX Tint & Frame Brow Pomade - Espresso

|| EYES ||

MUA Pro Base Eye Primer - Nude
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow - Dollipop
Lime Crime Superfoil Eyeshadow - Tutu
Lit Cosmetics Clearly Liquid Glitter Base
Stargazer Glitter Shaker - UV White
Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter - Gemini
Inglot AMC Lipgloss - 541
L'Oreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara
Daiso Lashes

|| LIPS ||

Barry M Lip Liner - Pink
Sephora Cream Lip Stain - Strawberry Kissed
Inglot AMC Lipgloss - 541

Alt Valentines Pink Shiny Glossy Makeup Look 

I'm absolutely amazed at how well this look turned out, it looks almost like a superhero's mask, to protect this young heroine's identity, but then also has this shiny, jelly-like quality to it. Either way though, Glossy Pink Eyes are most definitely the future. I hope you've enjoyed this collab with Aine and Alana, I certainly have!

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  1. This is a really gorgeous look!! I love pink but I couldn't pull this look off at all!

    Sophie x

  2. Girl you are just talent on another level! I love this glossy look, it's so electric! :)

    Heather Xx

  3. I absolutely love this. It's beautiful! I knew you'd create something excellent. Stunning as always x

  4. You have the best photos ever!! Love this look and you detailed this so well. You are absolutely gorgeous x

  5. You have an amazing talent for this! Loved the lips colour. Such a cool work, congrats! :D

  6. I am totally loving this look! It reminds me of Debby Harry. Very cool
    xx | A

  7. Awesome post. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  8. Love the glossy eyes, definitely my favourite look I've seen this Valentine's! I also need to pick up some Inglot soon, it's still dead popular in Czech Republic and they have lots and lots of it and super cheap as well x

  9. Amazing look - I'm impressed that it stays on so well too!

  10. this is such a stunning look! I mean, all your looks are stunning of course, but there's something really appealing about the glossiness. It reminds me of pop art for some reason! xx

  11. i love this look! the again, i probably always love your make-up! :--) xx


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