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You ought to know me better by now. Anything remotely Unicorn themed and I'm on it. So when Makeup Revolution , one of my favourite ...


You ought to know me better by now. Anything remotely Unicorn themed and I'm on it. So when Makeup Revolution, one of my favourite makeup brands going at the moment, decided to launch a range of five lipsticks under the *Unicorns Unite guise, and then only go and send them all to me, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

The great thing about these lipsticks though, is that at least in appearance they live up to the blessed Unicorn name. They do it justice, and then some. Each and every one of the shades are truly gorgeous and offer something a little different and out of the ordinary. Four of them are metallics, and after trying out OCC's Lip Tars in Black Metal Dahlia and Technopagan, I'm right on top of my metallics.

So to summarise: Unicorn. Check. Metallics. Check. Unusual Colours. Check. Makeup Revolution? You bloody geniuses!

The formula is a bit oily, gliding onto the lips quite effortlessly and the finish is incredibly glossy - pretty much what you'd expect from an oily lipstick!

My skin tone lies somewhere in the corridor of uncertainty between NC37 and NC40 in MAC terms, and my lips are also darker than your average pale-skinned individual. So maybe that's why these lipsticks feel a little bit sheer on my kissers. Don't get me wrong, all of the shades add more than just a hint of colour to my lips, but I wouldn't stretch to say they appear opaque at all.

I also found that the oily formula didn't really allow me to build up the colour either. I suspect if I attempted the apply, blot, apply method then I might have had greater success, but I'll give it a go some other time and update you via Instagram.

I thought about swatching on the wrists, as it seems a common thing to do these days but that's a bit of a cop out and screams of "Going on eBay / depop / blog sale straight after I've posted" - besides I thought it'd be much better to swipe them across the lips without any lip liner so you can see what damage these bad boys actually do. As you can see, they do look a bit special.






Makeup-Revolution-Unicorn-Lipsticks-(5-of-7) Makeup-Revolution-Unicorn-Lipsticks-(5-of-5)




Personally, I don't think I could wear these shades by themselves. Sure, the colours look great, but I prefer my lips to be drenched in colour and in this respect, Makeup Revolution haven't quite hit the mark. What I would do though, is apply this over a lipliner of a similar shade, then blot to make it a little more matte and a lot less oily.

Sometimes I do wonder if the business people at Makeup Revolution are living in a land full of mermaids, unicorns and mythical creatures, because pricing these at just £1 each is literally insane. If unusual shades are your thing, you can't afford not to buy them. If you're taking tentative first steps into the wacky world of wonderful colours, you've got nothing to lose.

(Just don't choose Pink Myth, it's a bit boring like)

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  1. Thanks for this Halima hun,i have just bought these,they do look a tad patchy so yes i think you are right about lip liner or eye liner or something under them,great blog as always,aw i have just started a Makeup rev and Freedom fan page on facebook,i would love you to like the page and then you can share your blog on it hun,it had about 55 likes upto now so trying to gain more mur junkies to join,thanks if you do,the link is on my page xx♥xx

    1. I'll take a look Vinny, I've seriously cut down on my makeup buying though, haha! x

  2. Wow bright colours, and great for just £1! Definately on the unusual side...

  3. I loveeee that first one, it looks amazing! And THANK YOU for showing them on your lips, swatches are just so pointless - I want to see it on the lips!

  4. I love alternative style so I'm in love with crazy colors on lips :D already love your blog,

  5. Wow these look so amazing! I can't decided if I like Legend or Throne the most. Loving the unicorn theme, thanks for sharing. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  6. These are gorgeous! I've always wanted to try metallic lip colours as I love metallic nail colour!

    Chloe Wright ( xx

  7. Pink Myth looks incredible! I'm quite liking Legend too but I don't think it would look right on me. I wish I was more adventurous with my make up!


  8. This reminds me, I've got these but haven't swatched them yet. :) xx

  9. These are amazing - don't know which to buy first! Liking the look of Legend and Throne :) Katie x
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