Faux Chanel No5 Perfume Bottle Phone Case!

It's become part of my Saturday ritual now, walking along Manchester's Market Street negotiating a circled crowd of people lookin...


It's become part of my Saturday ritual now, walking along Manchester's Market Street negotiating a circled crowd of people looking on as a teenager either beatboxes, sings, plays guitar, juggles a football or does all at the same time whilst I'm trying to get to where I want to go. Lately though, I've noticed a bit of an influx all over the city centre of pop-up stalls selling all manner of phone cases ranging from cheap and tacky £1 cases through to expensive and tacky £20 cases. It just proves that trends are truly cyclical, I remember in my teens the big buzz was all about Nokia 3210 fascias!

Anyway, it certainly seems the market is more than just a bit saturated, as they all seem to sell the same huge range of cases in a wide variety of designs and colours and even online it doesn't really get much better. That being said I've dabbled with this latest trend, first off I bought an turquoise-cyan ombre number for my 4S, then I even designed my own, before finding a 'My Little Pony' style Unicorn.

Now that I've upgraded to the 5S, I've found the perfect case in the form of a replica Chanel No5 perfume bottle! It's a nice piano-black silicone number, though not of the softer variety you may be thinking of, that grips on to the phone snugly and unlike those pesky 4S covers, it's easy to remove without having to either break the case or your nails!

The case also comes with a chain, making it not only resemble a perfume bottle, but also a mini handbag. Cute!

 DSC_5433 DSC_5086
 DSC_5422 DSC_5443

I purchased this from my favorite Instagram Boutique: Dusty Diamonds for a snip at £20!

I've grown increasingly wary of shopping on instagram of late, as it seems there's a bit of a bandwagon full of people trying 'get rich quick' gathering a head of steam, but most of them sell pretty much the same items - yawn. Not Dusty Diamonds though, they seem to keep their range quite fresh and don't cause any unnecessary hassle. Oh and they're from Manchester. WIN!

Dusty Diamonds can be found on Instagram and now you can even check out their brand spanking new website LINK

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  1. Awesome post and love the photos! My mum recently went to China and brought back the same phone case for me (the white clear version) and a few days later I see them on dusty diamonds Instagram! :D

  2. This case is amazing!! I love how it has a chain too :)

    Aww I remember when I was younger shopping for cases for my 3310!

    Meimei xx


  3. Can't believe you found this gem of a phone case on those Market Street stalls! Great find, also love the print of your dress!
    Alex from allurescent x

  4. Okay, it's officially, I need this phone case in my life! The chain just makes it - I've seen faux perfume bottle cases before but none with that detail, and it's brilliant.


    That phone case is so unique. I haven't seen anything like that before.. mostly just the usual plain cases lol

    How do you like the 5s? I want to order a cute case for my phone but can't decide if I should just wait for the 5s! haha

  6. Love it, a really fun piece of fashion!

  7. OMG I Need this! I have always wanted this phone case and love how it also has the chain strap :') thanks for sharing the links too! and btw I love your new blog design xx

    Real Techniques Core Collection Giveaway

  8. clever idea-paul

  9. awesome clicks and the perfume sounds super amazing :)

  10. I really do need this in my life.


  11. Awesome phone case- the chain is genius as iPhones seem attracted to the floor like magnets. I remember the 3210- it was all about the Orange tigger phone cover

  12. OH LOVE THE NEW HEADER - Why am I typing all in caps. I love this, I gotta get myself one. Wonder if it'll fit my large phone in it though lol xo

  13. Oh lordy, I love it! Definitely the coolest phone case I've ever seen.

    Tara x

  14. wow, i thought it was a real perfume. Amaziingg


  15. Great review I"ve been sponsored with the same case from Mcr based company http://futurocks.com/?page_id=42

    Available now

  16. this is so cute, it really looks like a real bottle! i'd love to read a whole post about your nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bright coloured claws? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

  17. What a brilliant phone case, doubles as a neck less whilst keeping your phone safe Lucy

  18. I love that case!
    You have a new follower!
    lexi // thelittlebrunette

  19. So cute I love that it doubles as a necklace


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