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  It's quite rare that I'll be wandering my way down the high street and come across an item of clothing that screams at me: &#...


It's quite rare that I'll be wandering my way down the high street and come across an item of clothing that screams at me: 'online'. I've wrote about this quite a lot recently, but the high street retailers have developed this habit of sticking to 'safe' items, meaning their ranges are often quite inoffensive and generally just bland.  

When I first moved to Manchester, I was obsessed with the clothing store Ark. It was always a bit like a cheaper, edgier version of Topshop, but for whatever reason I hadn't paid a visit for a year or so and all of a sudden I'm walking around inside the Arndale and realise they've actually relocated! They stock a wide variety of brands from Lavish Alice to RARE London as well as their own line too.

Whilst I was in there, this dress caught my eye. Full of all sorts of ancient symbolism that seemed to clash so much with itself it actually worked! Of course, I bought it, rushed home, threw it on and got some OOTD photos taken within the hour! As much as the symbols draw your attention, my favorite part of this dress is actually at the shoulders. It's not one of your average off-the-shoulder numbers, this is the perfect 'peek-a-boo'!

That being said, how can I not mention the print?! I absolutely lived and breathed Egyptology when I was at school and was determined to be the Asian female version of Howard Carter when I grew up and although I did manage to visit The Valley of The Kings, I didn't quite manage to find any hidden tombs sadly. No matter though, amongst the many symbols splashed on this dress is the Eye of Horus, which of course drew my attention instantly!

 DSC_3928 DSC_3941 
 DSC_3940 DSC_3965 
Black Savannah Hieroglyphics Symbols Print Cold Shoulder Dress - Motel // Cobalt Blue Heels - H&M // Black Wraparound Diamante Bracelet - H&M
Even though this dress is by Motel, it's exclusive to ARK so can only be purchased from them either in-store or online.

I've been wearing this to death since I bought it, both because I love it and its loose-fitting nature makes it so easy to wear. I find it goes great with almost anything, particularly white pumps...

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  1. sexy look -paul

  2. You really encourage me to be more adventurous with my outfits! I also live in Manchester but I've never gone into Ark. I have gone onto Lavish Alice website a few times and have a couple of items from Motel. I love the cut out shoulders of your dress and I love the way you've styled the outfit with blue shoes.

  3. Really love this dress - so different and the print is amazing plus with the pop of colour from the shoes it really brings it together - love your unique style!

    Laura x

  4. When it comes to how you dress, Lima, you have serious guts - and I admire you. But I can also see how almost everything in the high street must look so boring compared to all of the unusual pieces hanging in your closet at home. This dress is something else, but in a wonderful way, and on you, it's perfect :)

  5. yess!! loving that print!! good thing you randomly found it...I'm kind of obsessed with Egyptian anything...that dress is calling to me!

  6. Oooh, such an awesome print, I also love the cut outs. It's pretty amazing you've been to Egypt - it's on my list! ;)

    Tara x

  7. I know what you mean - there are so many clothing stores now, and pieces start looking alike. So it's exciting to find something that screams. Lovely dress. Def. spoke volumes. Also, I like your shoes.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  8. hey girl you rocking chick! mina mina mina lisscouuuuss x

  9. You are beyond gorgeous hun, I love your hair!
    www.shemightbeloved.com xx

  10. I love this dress it really suits you! p.s. your hair is amazing :)

  11. Love the dress and how you paired it with the bright blue shoes! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  12. You rock that dress. It looks like made thinking of you. I just can imagine how interesting is your wardrobe full of unique and fabulous pieces. I can understand your frustration while shopping. Your daring is so inspiring.

    xoxo Ra


  13. Wow that's really cool that you were so into Egyptology! I'm Egyptian myself but don't know as much about ancient egypt as I should. I love this dress on you!


  14. Yes girl. Now did I ever tell you growing up I was so into Egyptology? (talking to you as if we're on the phone) anyway lol. I die for this print...hmm looks like it'll hide all my lumps and bumps too - GORGEOUS as ever xo

  15. Omggg you sound exactly like me as a child! Even as a half egyptian only managed to get over to masr and to the valley of the kings last year..secretly hoping to stumble across a forgotten treasure hahaha..your style is fab, your blog is funny and seriously im only a sucker for wit and cynicism..and ur a manc too.. gwan our kid :p


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