Mini Egg Inspired look featuring Inglot's AMC Gel Liners!

  I love eye liners. They're like a mixture of oxygen and crack: I need them to live and they're highly addictive! Last wee...


I love eye liners. They're like a mixture of oxygen and crack: I need them to live and they're highly addictive!

Last weekend I took the train down to London for my girl Amina's wedding, whilst I was there though I took out some time to meet up with the lovely Sheenie from Just Nice Things. Of course, what should happen when two bloggers get together in central London? Shopping! I wanted to head over to Inglot for their Gel Liners, though I have to admit I'm no fan of their AMC black gel liner as it dries out too quick, becoming too thick to use.

That being said I'd read that Shrinkle, the founder of Sugarpill Cosmetics is a huge fan of their colour gel liners and uses them for her signature coloured eyebrows. That was more than enough to convice me to splash out on a load of these!

I picked up: 85 - Lime Green, 87 - Teal, 76  White, 72 - Pink - 82 - Periwinkle



I've not quite had the time to use these all individually on the my brows just yet, however I received a big box packed full of easter eggs and chocolates this week. Now I'm not some chocoholic, quite the opposite in fact, but I don't mind Mini Eggs, so whilst I was munching away on a little packet I was inspired: 

This look is super-easy to do, first I lined my eyes with the white, then added a line of periwinkle just above that and snuck in some lime green and pink beneath the white flick at the end of each eye. Then I dotted on some random patches using all five colours around the eyes, replicating the speckled effect found on the mini-eggs. Simples! 


I found it quite refreshing working with an eye liner in a colour other than black! The liners are still only a week old so the consistency is still pretty creamy and easy to work with. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they don't dry out as quickly as the black one does.

In the meantime, I thought I'd give the pink liner a go as a blusher and lo and behold it worked! Trust me when I say this: it stays put ALL DAY. OMG!

I was also impressed by the price, at just £10 a pop I feel like I need to go back down to London and buy the entire AMC Gel Liner collection, especially the yellow!

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  1. Such a beautiful look! I am a chocoholic...Haha.

    Tara x

  2. Wow I love the colours! I really should be more experimental with my make up! You've inspired me to try something new! Xx

  3. I am LOVING the combo of colours. I am usually a bit scared of using anything other than black liners but may give something new a try!! xx

  4. I soo admire your creativity and skills! The tiny dots are a nice touch and you can always pull off such colorful makeup :)

  5. This look is fantastic (and now I fancy some mini eggs haha).
    Those liners definitely look like my kind of product, I am a liner-fanatic xD haha.

    Juyey xx

  6. sexy eyes-paul

  7. MINI EGGGGS & Adam Ant :) Looks really lovely and perfect for this time of year ...well anytime honestly. Creative and beautiful xo

  8. I like it - reminds me of My Little Pony


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  9. What a gorgeous look - I love that it is inspired by mini eggs, what a unique take!

  10. You look gorgeous! You are a truly make-up artist. The effect of some eyeliners and little eggs is fabulous.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  11. Such a pretty look, it looks great on you. I also love your photos!! Great blog.

    Hannah x

  12. I love this! I'm so lazy when it comes to makeup.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  13. You look amazing dear! Love the color combos. I will def check on these for they are pretty and affordable.

  14. Oh wow you're so crazy beautiful Halima, and you're so artistic! Your liner looks incredible. I've never tried anything from Inglot, but I wanted their black liner - although after reading this I'm not so sure I should indulge :( xxx

    Gemma //

  15. Your skill with liners is just incredible. Guaranteed I would smudge it all over my face!

    Katie <3

  16. Wow! This eye make up is dazzling! Love how you used the eyeliners to paint the dots :)

  17. Extremely talented my dear <3

  18. Your eyes look amazing!! Love it :)


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