Behind The Scenes: The WTFUK A/W Shoot

I don't know about you, but I love the power of Instagram. Amongst those who don't really get it, it has a reputation as being ...


I don't know about you, but I love the power of Instagram. Amongst those who don't really get it, it has a reputation as being a place where people share pictures of their food. Regular users of the service will all admit to having shared a gorgeous photo of the occasional brilliant meal, but we also know that there's much more to it than that.

Something I've picked up on this year, is online independent retailers are increasingly using Instagram as a place to show off their wares and create interest in their brand. This is how I came across WTF UK. They specialise in streetwear, and I have to say I was shocked to find that they're based in Manchester!

I got to know the lovely lady behind the label, Kizzy, who just happened to live quite literally around the corner! After she'd had a good browse through the blog, she invited me to model some of her Autumn/Winter line for their promotional photoshoot. I ummed and ahhed for about a millisecond before saying: "YES!"

The shoot was to be held in two locations, which both just so happen to be two of my favourite places in Manchester, leafy Chorlton in South Manchester with its vast selection of trendy eateries and the Northern Quarter with its abundance of independent cafes, bars, retail outlets and street art all cobbled together in a mish-mash of industrial-era streets. Both perfect locations for her label.

Unfortunately, this meant I had to wake up early on a Sunday morning. I didn't even know 8am existed on a Sunday! Everyone involved in the shoot was due to meet at her house for a sneak-peek at her line before moving on to our locations. Entering her house was like walking into a tomb at the Valley of Kings (maybe a bit less sandy!), with Ancient Egyptian artwork lining the walls. As for the A/W line there seemed to be something for everyone, amazingly enough though Kizzy makes them all herself by hand! Impressive.

Below are my top picks from her line: 

Slave Barb & Shred Crop Tee


This crop is from the Limited Edition line and really caught my eye. I think what did it for me was the silver barbed-wires sewn across the arms, they looked crazy real to me but apparently they're made of leather!

I teamed this with my silver crushed velvet skirt to accentuate the silver prints on the crop.

Graffiti Acid Crop 


Another one from the Limited Edition line, this edgy grafitti printed acid crop which I paired with my unicorn skirt. The crop really clashes with the skirt and my hair, but for some reason it all goes perfectly together. I LOVE!

The Aquila Eagle Crop

I adore this print! It's a representation of Aquila, the eagle that carried the thunderbolts for Zeus and Jupiter in Greek and Roman mythology. Hows about that for a cool job!

And here are a few of my favorite photos from the shoot:
 2012-01-25-19.00.03 2012-01-25-15.46.59 

Needless to say, it was frrrrreeeeezing out there!

Artistes at work!
The make up for the day was sorted by Mel Vic Make Up. The theme for the shoot drew inspiration from Cartoons and Comic books which looked very 'pop art', something I've been leaning towards lately and was naturally excited about. The girls' eyebrows were painted on in fluorescent colours with huge gemstones! Hair was done by Caroline, who created some serious big hair using hair pieces and a faux bone, which reminded me of Pebble Flintstone!

 2012-01-25-18.55.07 2012-01-25-18.38.43

The shoot ran from 10am to 5pm, and as exhausting as it was we all had an absolute ball! Not even typically Mancunian wind and drizzle could dampen our spirits! I want to say a big thank you to the WTFUK team for having me and I'm seriously excited to see what's in store for 2014. Keep your eyes peeled!

WTFUK can be purchased online via their website or on ASOS Marketplace.

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  1. How exciting! Love the graffiti top xx

  2. Duhhh as always you look bloody STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  3. Gorgeous shots and clothes! I love the cropped eagle top. I'm loving independent stores atm too - you can find some great unique pieces there! Gonna have to check out their site :)
    Saadiya xx

  4. You look gorgeous! What an incredible opportunity! I love how you girlied up that barbed wire top!

    Katie <3

  5. Great photos!!! Cool looks that really rock! They are unique and great for teens who loves being trendy.

  6. Edgy printed top is my favourite! love your look! xx

  7. Oh I love the headdress. Such an awesome opportunity I can't believe it took you a whole millisecond to say yes!
    Thank you for the comment- the topsoil silver dress has lived up to all expectations :)

  8. Love all the little labels cropping up from Manchester lately! Your purple head piece is stunning :)

  9. It's so true, Instagram is so much more than just food photos! It's so great to discover new brands. That's so exciting that you were able to model some of the pieces. The eagle top is especially cool.

  10. You look really great and stand out in these photos! Looks of looking to the side in your poses. I always wonder why Lua P's life is always more interesting to her left side xx

  11. you seriously look amazing, that's such a cool brand!! well done!!!!!!!!! :) xxxxx


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