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  If you've ever found yourself walking through the glitz and the glamour of Manchester's Arndale centre, you may - or may not ...


If you've ever found yourself walking through the glitz and the glamour of Manchester's Arndale centre, you may - or may not - have noticed there's a quiet little corner that most people tend to avoid. There's a big, dull grey staircase plonked in the middle of the walkway leading up to the Food Court, under which rebellous teenagers hang around. The shops in this area of the centre are not what you'd expect to find in a shopping centre of this size. There's three fancy dress shops, some cheap looking nail bars and salons, a bridal dress shop and a Warhammer-style game shop.

An eclectic mix, one might say! It was the name of one of the fancy dress shops that actually drew me to the area, it's called 'Luvyababes'. How could I not go in? As it happened, I was actually looking for some facepaints anyway and they didn't have what I was looking for, so I tried the next one, called 'Duty Free'. I didn't find facepaints, but what I found were shelves stacked full of Stargazer's make-up range and dyes from the likes of Directions, Manic Panic and again, Stargazer.

Now everytime I'm in the city centre, I always go to Duty Free without fail. The Stargazer lipsticks are a bargain at just £2.99, much cheaper than what you'd expect from the likes of Rimmel and Maybelline! They had some pretty looking shades so I grabbed a couple to try, including this red number.

 DSC_1642 DSC_1629 

I didn't notice this at the time, but if you look really closely at the lipstick, you'll notice it has tiny little flecks of gold in it. The lipstick in question is a fairly box standard red, the kind of red I associate with Christmas time and Coca Cola!


Upon application it felt a bit gritty, as if my lips were receiving an unexpected exfoliation. I was more than just a bit disappointed with the lack of pigment, it's nowhere near as opaque as I like my lipsticks to be. The finish is semi-glossy, the glitter does mattify it a little but it isn't actually all that apparent. Gutted! I guess the old adage is true: You get what you pay for.

As for longevity, well it lasts me two hours before fading away into a bright red stain on the lips. By this time the glitter has completely disappeared, though I'm not sure where to! I'm just hoping that my stomach isn't full of glittery bits!

All is not completely lost though. Instead of dispatching this to my corner of unwanted lipsticks, currently full of nudes and actually sounds like the name of an edgy song, I found a way of making this stuff work for me. Layering.

One on of my nights out, I applied MAC's Russian Red lipstick direct to the lips, before applying Stargazer's Glitter Red on top both for me and for a friend. This is where the magic happened: in low-lit areas you could see the flecks of glitter all over our lips, almost as if we'd been dabbing on one of those glitter eyeliners on to our lips!

However, in the pictures below, I've only applied the Stargazer lipstick. 
 DSC_1537 DSC_1536 

While all is not lost for Stargazer's Glitter lipstick range, I don't think I'll be repurchasing this one or any of the other shades in the range. It isn't really good enough to use as a lipstick in it's own right, so even at £2.99 it just isn't worth it. However, their standard lipstick range is much, much better. They have a very wide range of shades, similar to Illamasqua, but at a fraction of the price.

I'll try to fit in another post before the new year, but if not I hope you all have a wonderful time full of fun, food and festivities!

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  1. When I saw "red glitter lipstick" in a title I immediately got curious because I am on the hunt for a good glittery red lipstick for a while already :D It's a pity this one didn't worked out though :/

    1. I think I'm going to slap on some actual glitter onto the lips next time, ha!



  2. You look marvellous doll, shame about the lip stick!! I hope you have a marvellous time - Happy Christmas!! xoxo

  3. I agree you do get what you pay for! :) The color does look pretty on you and I like your idea of layering it with other lipsticks to get the perfect look!


  4. looks lovely on you halima! must say your brows look ahhmazing ! ;)

  5. oh my gosh luvyababes is still going strong! at uni we always loved the name of that shop haha. Wish I could wear reds, i can imagine the mac one looked lovely and the glitter a sweet addition! however i too have lots of lipsticks that don't end up quite right, what can you do with them?! who knows!

  6. Shame you weren't happy with it, I like the idea of a glittery lipstick! <3

    Tara xo


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