Cheap, Affordable Neon Lights at Primark

I know what you're thinking. Another  Primark review Halima, seriously? Yep. Seriously. I'm thinking of maybe creating anothe...

Cheap Affordable Pink Neon Light

I know what you're thinking. Another Primark review Halima, seriously?

Yep. Seriously. I'm thinking of maybe creating another category on the menu across the top just for them, but let's be real here - it's not my fault they keep making all of the good things, is it?

Everything goes around in trends right? I remember the days where we all wanted marquee lighting on our walls. I only ever bought one, from Primark, and I was a bit underwhelmed by the trend if I'm honest, none of the designs seemed all that exciting. But I also remember at the time seeing a singular neon light for sale in Next, and thinking WOW. I never bought it, foolishly, because I was having an internal debate with myself over the shape of it, and by the time I'd decided to buy it, it had sold out.

Then I started getting heavily into Synthwave, and I just knew they'd go big this year. The likes of Stranger Things has seen the 80s come back in a big way, but not just actual things from the actual 80s, but things that seem like they should have been around in the 80s. Much like Synthwave itself, the trend this year seems to be all about reminiscence of a time that never was, and hasn't been yet.

Primark Pink Flamingo Neon Light

Either way, this Neon Flamingo from Primark is the fucking shit. You can either plug it in to a USB port, or shove in a couple of AA batteries and light it up. Maybe you can plug it in and insert batteries at the same time, I don't know, but now I'm curious, maybe it'll open up a wormhole in the space/time continuum and take you back to the place that never was. Give it a try, just don't forget to switch it on and admire for hours.

It only costs £10, and you might be wondering "how have they managed to sell neon lights for a tenner?" The good news is they're (probably) not paying child labour in Asia less than a dollar a day to churn out little glass tubes and fill them with gas, because it's not strictly neon in the true sense, it's kind of plasticy, rubbery but gives the same effect. So you may as well buy it, if not for the beauty of it, then just for the remote possibility that you may be able to travel through time.

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  1. I love this!! So cute. xx

    Lucy |

  2. I wish my primary was that interesting but I shall look out for it next time I go to a bigger one.

  3. I love neon lights so much! I have one in my room but it's just a strip light from ikea BUT it does change colour and is pretty awesome. Love the flamingo!

    Kimberley //


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