The tale of the Skinnydip Iridescent Bag

At home, in my bedroom, there's an entire square of my 16-square Kallax dedicated solely to iridescent bags. So, they're all a b...

Skinnydip Camille Iridescent Shoulder Handbag Bag

At home, in my bedroom, there's an entire square of my 16-square Kallax dedicated solely to iridescent bags. So, they're all a bit squished in, tetris-style, but still, they have their own special little space. I was going to extend that a bit further, and give them all their own space on the internet, via my blog, and a post about my top 5 iridescent slash holographic bags, with my youngest, yes my bags are my babies, a *Shopper bag from Skinnydip being at the heart of it.

But then, I actually had it delivered, and yes, the mailman is effectively my iridescent bag midwife. He's well trained, though he knows not the importance of that which he delivers. But yeah, the bag arrived, and as soon as I opened the package, I knew then that this was no ordinary bag. First of all,  it can (probably) fit in all four of my cats. Even the slightly overweight one. So I ditched the 'Top 5 iridescent bags ever' listicle, and decided to write a love letter to this instead

Asian Indian Girl with White Blonde Bob Hair

I've had shopper bags in the past, and they've always seemed like a great idea at the time, but they've always lacked something. They've always felt a bit too functional. And as much as I like things functioning, I love it more when they function with style, and every other shopper I've had, was missing that X-factor, reserved only for the mightiest of bags. What was this X-factor though? I didn't know. Until now.

The missing ingredient all of my other shoppers lacked, was simply iridescence. Because this beautiful beast of a bag, has all of that functionality that makes me want to take it everywhere, with all of the style that makes it belong anywhere. The overall design is fairly straightforward, there are no fancy trims or linings or expensive looking fittings. They've just sat around the design table, and decided the iridescence will do all the talking.

Skinnydip Iridescent bag Tumblr white blonde

And they're right. In any setting, in any lighting, it works the room and makes everyone it meets feel like they're it's best friend, whilst also being the life of the party, without being too showy and obnoxious or getting drunk and throwing up all over the nice new carpet. It's classy, elegant, simple, functional, yet beautiful and accessible.

Sadly, this is a love you can no longer buy (from their website, at least), but hopefully it will make a glorious return some day soon. In the meantime, if you love iridescent, holographic and/or cute shit, I suggest you check out the Skinnydip website, because their accessory game is on fire right now.

*PR Sample

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  1. I am a huge fan of Skinnydip, this is definitely something I'd purchase. I love 'out there' bags :) x

  2. I absolutely love your whole look! You look amazing! The iridescent bag is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I hear you about the the average shopper bag lacking that special finesse but your iridescent shopper bag on the other hand is an absolute beauty! Like you said it has the functionality needed to fit an entire pet shop in there LOL but at the same time is stylish too!

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous love your entire outfit!

  5. This bag is so lovely - I want one. It reminds me of mermaids. I love this blog post, and my bags are my babies too

  6. Shoppers bags come in handy especially when there’s loads of stuff to buy and being a mom, I can also keep baby’s stuff in it and still carry the chic look! This one looks fab!


  7. Love the outfit and it really suits you. You look amazing


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