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A Rarity When it comes to my makeup, if there's one thing I want to improve on, it's to get better at applying False Lashes. ...


A Rarity

When it comes to my makeup, if there's one thing I want to improve on, it's to get better at applying False Lashes. I've always loved the way they look, but I'm also terrible at applying them, and I have this irrational fear that the corners will PEEL OFF and fly off with the wind (though to be fair, Manchester is fucking windy, so maybe not so irrational after all).

So lashes and I kind of split up for a while, or took a little break at least, but that all changed last year whilst I was in Japan, where false lashes were absolutely everywhere, they looked both stunning,  a little understated and are sold at ridiculously cheap prices too. So naturally I bought a fair few sets and resolved to rekindle my relationship with them, because they can really add that extra dimension to your looks, and I needed to conquer my fears.

Demure Lashes Glass Ceiling Collection

The Glass Ceiling Collection, from Demure

Fast forward a year, and whilst I'm not wearing lashes every day, I save them for weekends, I'm much more at ease with them. There is still that lingering distrust, that small part of me that wants to wrap my lashes in cotton wool at the merest of gentle breezes, but there have been no disastrous moments whatsoever, and I am loving the lashes again!

Demure Dimensional Lashes Congo

Demure's Congo False Lashes in the box

Demure Dimensional Lashes Makeup Look

Congo on the eye

I've now started to move away from those understated Japanese lashes, and more towards the dramatic, because these are the ones that can really enhance your makeup looks. So it was quite convenient really that Demure sent me their *Glass Ceiling collection, which comprises of three very different sets of lashes that are a cross between their Premium and Faux Mink ranges.

What sets these lashes apart, is that they are multi-layered which gives them a really dramatic appearance on the eye, without looking ridiculously fake. When wearing them they don't exactly look natural, but then they don't look like Katie Price lashes either, they're a happy medium.

Demure Dimensional Lashes Rarity

Demure's Rarity Lashes in the box

Demure Dimensional Lashes Glass Ceiling Collection Rarity Makeup look 

Rarity on the eye

The three pairs in the Glass Ceiling Collection are Congo, Rarity and Moonshot. With each pair, you get a mini vial of glue, which I tried but as I'm no expert in applying lashes, I feel I need some extra strong stuff to hold them in place. One of the surprising things I found, was that I didn't need to trim them down in order to fit on my top lid - which is great, because I hate cutting them!

From a practical point of view, the bands on these lashes are quite thick, possibly thicker than any other lashes I've used, which means that for beginners, amateurs or people who just can't seem to make lashes stick (all me!), that band makes application a whole lot easier. I've also had my trio for a good couple of months now, and they're still going strong after maybe 6 or 7 uses each. As with all lashes, you do get a bit of product build up, but it's nothing a bit of Micellar water on a cotton bud won't remove.

Demure Dimensional Lashes Moonshot

Demure's Moonshot in the box

Demure Dimensional Lashes Glass Ceiling Collection Moonshot Makeup look

Moonshot on the Eye

Overall then, I have to say that I'm seriously impressed with Demure Lashes. The Glass Ceiling Collection gives three pairs of dramatic lashes that look visually stunning on the eye, they last long and they apply quite easily. They really complement your makeup looks and take them to the next level. You can either purchase the set for £28 **here** or you can purchase them individually for between £8 to £12 **here** - which is on the whole, cheaper than Huda Beauty.

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  1. I was literally just about to say that they look like dupes for Huda beauty and are half the price! You created some beautiful looks as always! Xx

    Amina xx | ❤️

  2. I'd definitely be on board with these! I'm such a lash fiend I wear them all the time! Will def check these out. Thanks babe!xxx

  3. When I wear lashes I carry a cocktail stick and some glue in my bag for peace of mind when it comes to those naughty corners! Rarity are my faves from this collection x

  4. I am so awful at lashes, the inner corners always pop off, I clearly need to follow suit and just get in the habit of doing them everyday until I'm good at them! I think I love the rarity lashes the most, so dramatic and fabulous! I will have to investigate once I get my makeup collection out of storage. Fabulous makeup as always!

    Honestly Aine

  5. oh my god, I came here for the first pic but the graphic liner with the moonshot lashes had me like 😮 WHY YOU SO GOOD

  6. Oh wow, these look amazing! That last pic though. Literally sat at my desk staring at your face art!!!

  7. Firstly your eye makeup in all the pics!! LOVEEEE. Second I love wearing falsies too, I'm wearing them every day now cos they just make me feel so fancy lol. I can't decide which of the trio I like the most, they all look so bloody good. xo

  8. Wow, you create beautiful looks! Your eye makeup is stunning and I love those lashes. I have the same fear as you do, but I’ve been seeing so many cute pairs of lashes that I feel like it’s time to get over it - especially after reading this!


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