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Disco Kitty So a few months back I received the most magnificent PR Sample through the post: a KITTEN!* Ok, obviously that's a l...

Marina Cat Review 1 Disco Kitty

So a few months back I received the most magnificent PR Sample through the post: a KITTEN!*

Ok, obviously that's a lie. What actually happened is this:

I was visiting the family a couple of months ago, when I first met Marina: a tiny little grey kitten with a striped belly and face. Her mum is a full breed Norwegian Forest Cat named Fluffy, though my mum calls her Floppy and my dad calls her Flappy. Honestly though, I don't think she even notices people are calling her anything! We suspect Marina's father to be a British Short Hair from the hood who is BFFs with Fluffy/Floppy/Flappy. We don't know who he belongs to but the neighbors have all affectionately named him Teddy Bear.

I picked up this little grey ball of fluff and placed her on my lap, but she wasn't really content there, so she climbed up onto my shoulder and fell asleep. Within those few moments, I found myself no longer owning three cats, but four and immediately named her Marina. The saddest part of that day, was having to leave her behind, as she was far too young to be separated from her mother.

This post is my review on Marina, as I'm struggling to type up a review on a foundation as I'm not wearing it right now, I haven't taken any notes and Marina's currently howling at me as she wants to sleep on my laptop. She's definitely one of the strangest, funniest, cutest cats I've ever come across.


Marina Cat Review 2
 "wtf, human?"

At first the packaging was tiny, grey all over with the exception of white markings around the face and a mostly white belly, with the deepest of deep blue eyes. Over time though, the packaging has grown significantly, with further growth expected and her grey back has developed white-silver stripes. The eyes have kept a tiny bit of blue around the iris, but are mostly green now. Despite the changes, she remains an absolute cutie, and feels as soft as a teddy bear. In addition, she has the sharpest white eyeliner, that puts even her owner's to shame.


Marina Cat Review 4
"Are you talkin' to me?!"

One of the big concerns when bringing a new cat in to the house is how well it matches with your existing brood. Marina's gentle and loving nature, with a strong dash of playfulness, has helped ease her in to her new surroundings. When we have people over to visit, she is completely unfazed, and actually wants to know who on earth we've let into her dominion.

Despite her friendly nature, she's no pushover that's for sure. Anything and everything in the house has the potential to be her next favorite toy, particularly hands, arms and faces. Her little claws and tiny teeth really do pack a mean punch, so be sure to stay on her good side. That being said, at night I have to kick her fluffy little ass out of the bedroom, as I don't want her to play any games with my face in my sleep.


Marina Cat Review
 "Cobra cat has nothing on me"

Her application is really second to none. Everything she does, she puts her whole heart in to it. Whether that's running up the stairs, playfighting with Alexis, ripping up the furniture, attacking our hands, somersaulting in the air chasing ribbons, failing to catch that dastardly red dot, running back down the stairs or intimidating Alisa with her never-give-up attitude. Due to her exceedingly good manners though, she has been welcomed by all of our cats and built up a good rapport with them. Her latest thing is to give Girl a little massage and then flop over her to sleep. Girl may pretend to be annoyed, but deep down, we know she loves every second.


Marina Cat Review 5
Butter wouldn't melt..

  • She has the funniest, quirkiest mannerisms! Every time I look her in the eye, she'll make a half purr half meow noise. She also has a habit of doing a half-loaf, where she lays down, half on your shoulder, half on the sofa with her front paws in that cute folded up position that cats love that makes them look like a loaf of bread.
  • Every morning, she'll come in to the bedroom, sit on my chest and rub noses with me. Normal cat behavior, but she gets a little bit too happy, and starts licking and nibbling on my nostrils, before trying to force her nose inside mine.
  • She sure knows how to pose for the camera, like a pro. I wish she could teach me. She refuses.
  • She sits in the bathroom while I'm showering, looking at me all horrified, often crying at the top of her voice before trying to jump in and rescue me. #TrueStory
  • When sleeping, she will often lie face down on the floor. Or she will sleep over Girl, like she's literally piled on top of her. Sometimes if I can't find her, frantically looking around thinking she's ran outside, I find her, literally underneath Girl, as if she's just laid an egg.
  • When the postman comes, she'll drop whatever she's doing (even sleeping) and run to the front door to see if her mail has arrived.
  • When I talk in my sleep, without fail she'll hear me, run to the bedroom door and cry for half an hour to be let in, just to check up on me.
  • Every time I walk down the stairs, she'll get me into an ankle lock. I think she's trying to protect me.
  • You could be curled up on the sofa, relaxing and watching a film. Then halfway through, you'll look down and notice she's curled up on you, and you think "how did she get here?"
  • Cleverness - from an early age, she quickly worked out that she can't quite reach a lot of places in one jump. She knows the kitchen worktops is where all the food magic happens, so she climbs a complex web of objects in order to reach.
  • She wakes me up every morning.

Marina Cat Review 3
"Massage later, sleep first.."

  • At night, when she runs around playing, it sounds like we have burglars. On more than one occasion, one of us have went downstairs with a baseball bat, just in case.
  • Never does as she's told - how am I ever going to launch your modelling career at this rate?!
  • She steals my food.
  • She drinks my tea.
  • She wakes me up at 7am every weekend. Then steals my breakfast. Then drinks my tea.

Marina Cat Review 6
"Oh darling, this hooman has style.."

It's rare for a cat with such beauty to be so playful, fun, loving and quirky. I really wish I could relay all of her unusual traits, but I fear I'd be here all night! Would I repurchase? YES, YES and YES!**

*Marina did not arrive in the mail.
**Marina was created in a limited edition run of 1. So tough.
***No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

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  1. Ha, loved this post!! She sounds like such a little character, what an adorable face too! I'm sure there are worse ways of being woken up at 7 on weekends ;) xx

  2. She's so adorable! Sounds like such a lovely and entertaining kitty to be around too!

    Anika |

  3. Hahaha I loved this post!! Marina is SO cute I'm melting!! <3

  4. She's gorgeous 😍 This was an awesome post!

  5. I think my heart just blew up into a million sparkly pieces. Its a shame shes limited edition, I would of snapped one up. Saying that I have five cats and I fear if I tip over the edge to 6 cats my fiancee may leave me. Would kinda be worth it though.... x

  6. Holy god this was brilliant! One of the cutest kittens in town, I may have shown a few of the guys at work the instagram picture the other day, lots of awwwws going on. This is possibly one of the best reviews I've ever read. Thanks for the chuckles!

    Honestly Aine

  7. OMG so cute haha. Please check out my XMAS & NYE party wear haul!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

    Instagram @alionawithlove
    Twitter @alionawithlove

  8. Shes so cute, i love cats!!!

  9. What a cuuuute post!! She's sooo adorable!! and I love her name so much.

    Margarita Bloom | Modern Vintage Beauty & Fashion
    BLOG: Cherry Lips Blonde Curls
    INSTAGRAM: @margaritabloom
    BLOGLOVIN Margarita Bloom

  10. Haha oh this is just the sweetest blog post of ALL time. I'm not surprised she's 'limited edition', Marina is very, very special! She crawled up and slept on your shoulder? Oh my gosh...

  11. Haha...this was precious!! What a gorgeous kitty!! Bless her. I'm not a cat person at all, but I melt a bit seeing her :))) Cuuuute!! x

  12. I loved this post so much! What a brilliant idea to write it as a review. Marina is so adorable and I'd love to have a cat one day (I'm currently a catless cat lady *sobs*).

    Lizzie Bee //


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