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Models Own are well known for their vast selection of nail polishes, but whilst having a browse through the beauty section at Superdrug...

Models Own Holochrome Palette

Models Own are well known for their vast selection of nail polishes, but whilst having a browse through the beauty section at Superdrug, I'd noticed that they'd expanded beyond nails and into the dangerous world of makeup. Their product line covers pretty much everything you could need ranging from highlighters through to lipsticks and eyeshadows, and it looks as though they've actually put quite a lot of effort in to it - they cater for the die hard nude lovers, as well as those with a love of colour.

Recently, they upped their game considerably with the launch of the Holochrome range, a range of products that includes their customary nail polishes, but also brings in their new-found appetite for makeup. You'll find holographic lipglosses and an eye-catching eyeshadow palette. The *Holochrome Eyeshadow palette is of most interest to me though, featuring 10 shadows in a range of colours, textures and finishes - here's what Models Own have to say about it:

"Go deep sea baby with this Holochrome Eyeshadow Palette. Intense iridescent cobalts, emerald greens and glimmering purples are swept over matte black shadow for an enchanting opaque finish. Enticing, pearly textures for eyes that are from another underworld."

The packaging for the palette is beautiful, sleek and shiny with an almost oil-slick purple and green finish. It looks expensive and clean. Inside that duotone chrome exterior, they've dropped the purple and gone all-out lime green chrome, with a nice mirror the length of the palette and a double ended brush - one end for packing on the colour, the other for blending it all out - useful!

Models Own Holochrome Swatch 1 

Left to Right - 'Matte Brown', 'Matte Black', 'Nacreous', 'Luminous' & 'Prismatic' 
 Models Own Holochrome Swatch 2

Left to Right - 'Deep Sea', 'Opaline', '3D', 'Luster' & 'Vivid' 

But whilst the packaging certainly does catch the eye, the shades within will keep you interested for a lot longer. There are two matte shades - 'Matte Black' and 'Matte Brown' (no fancy names required) - which can be used either as a base to intensify the other shades and make them pop, or just by themselves. The rest of the shadows are a mixture of foil type shadows that leave a chrome-like finish, sheer shimmery washes and metallics.

All of the shadows, bar the mattes, are iridescent and offer something a little different. The sheer washes make for a good inner corner highlight, in particular the baby blue shade 'Luminous' which some reason it makes me think of extra-terrestrial blood! The quality of the shadows is good, the pigmentation is strong, so there's no need to really pack it all on, the fallout is minimal and I have to say, with the exception of the mattes of course, I prefer applying with my fingers more than anything else!

Models Own Holochrome Palette Review Makeup Look 4 

'Deep Sea' wasn't quite deep enough for this look, so I layered it over 'Matte Black', and illuminated the inner corner with the luscious 'Luminous'
 Models Own Holochrome Palette Review Makeup Look 2

I fully understand why it's called 'Deep Sea' now...

This palette has won me over, the quality of the shadows is impressive considering Models Own haven't been in the makeup game too long, and the versatility of the palette makes it attractive to a range of different makeup users - and it does this without sacrificing colour for the sake of a few extra nudes. The variety of different looks you can achieve with this simple 10 shadow palette is staggering. And just wait til you see how the shadows transfer from the pan onto your lids - the chrome effect is truly something to behold!

Models Own Holochrome Palette Review Makeup Look 3

'Nacreous' decorating my lid all by itself. Shimmery perfection!

The Models Own Holochrome Eyeshadow palette retails at £19.99 which I find quite reasonable, given the quality of the shadows and the variety of shades you're getting. Although, in saying that, they currently have it on sale for £14.99 on their website HERE.

*PR Sample

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  1. Ooeeeeeeeeeeee, that's gorge! I'm adding that to my 27 million item long makeup wishlist. ;) xx

  2. This is incredible, you are insane at makeup!!

  3. Oh I love the shade Luster! And I love the metallic green look of the palette, it's so unique.

    You look incredible in the photo! I love your head piece :)

  4. I LOVE that Nacreous shade it's so beautiful! Your make up skills are absolutely incredible!
    Amy xx

  5. omg everything is so gorgeous! that deep sea is super dreamy. i already think of many ethereal makeups i could do with this palette. p e r f e c t . and lady, your makeup skill game is strong. salute!

  6. Wow great eye looks! I never knew they did eyeshadow palettes! x

  7. I love having a nosy on the Models Own website, their relaunch is mega exciting as I pretty much want everything! I have a little wishlist of products I want to get and this is on it. Both these eye looks are stunning but I particularly love the dark one, it's such a head-turner! Your skills are to die for, as per! The shades in this palette look stunning, particularly with the festive season coming up :) xx

  8. This is so gorgeous! I love your makeup!

    Bella x

  9. You are So creative with the makeup and I quite love the rich matte brown shade! Also what hair jewelrey do you have on, I LOVE IT!!!

    Macarons and Mischief


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