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Ah yes. It's November already. There's that curious annual mist in the air, the cold is starting to set in, the trees are undres...

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Ah yes. It's November already. There's that curious annual mist in the air, the cold is starting to set in, the trees are undressing a little quicker now and the long nights have just began to hit. The atmosphere at this time of year is always pretty special, like each and every molecule of oxygen carries with it anticipation.

The only problem with all this, is as a blogger, photo opportunities are drastically minimised. We've just been spoiled with 6 months of late sunsets and early sunrises, and let's be honest, we totally took it for granted. But now the sun's spending more time with her new friends down south, we've got to deal with our new friends - rain, ice, snow, cold and dark. 

But this year, I'm trying to see this is an opportunity. I've had my DSLR for 6 years, but the only time I've ever really enjoyed using it is whilst I'm on holiday, and maybe that's because I'm in unfamiliar surroundings where everything is new and fresh. When taking blog photos, there's rarely anything exciting or new going on - just photos of a new look or product, maybe in a slightly different location, or a different background. 

Recently I've collaborated with a photographer, who just so happens to be my brother (see his Instagram), and started to play around with a range of different lighting effects and scenarios. I'm learning a bit more about my cameras, their lenses and I've been experimenting a lot more - sure, some might turn out disastrous, but that's experimental photography for you! If you've been checking out my Instagram lately though, you'll see that a few of them have turned out to be pretty mind-blowing. More importantly, it's proving to be fun!

For the winter at least, this will be the direction my shots are going in. Who knows what the spring and summer of 2017 will hold though - maybe I'll go back to my old ways, or maybe I'll find even more new ways to experiment. One thing is for sure, there'll be no Chelsea doors appearing here. ;)

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  1. This blogpost is simply gorgeous! You're right, we really took it for granted being able to take photos for the blog after work for the last months...

  2. Wow just took a look at your Instagram and it's amazing. So much admiration for your recent lighting experimentation too, such a fab account. Definitely will be turning to you for inspiration!

    The Makeup Directory

  3. Your brother's instagram is amazing!! Love how he uses lighting and the photos are absolutely amazing! For real! He deserves more followers!


  4. You have such amazing style and creativity, I really envy your skill and imagination! I'd love to learn more about my camera too, I'm always looking to pick tips up haha :D I love what you wrote about colour breaking down barriers and opening up the mind, I never thought of it that way! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram - tempting Too Faced Gingerbread giveaway!)

  5. You are so correct about the weather being unkind to us bloggers when taking pictures ,i'm so not looking forward to the snow. Great post and i love this image.


  6. I love that you're not letting the upcoming awkward weather scupper your plans and are instead finding a way to work around it; I'm also on a bit of a 'photographic journey' right now and so I'm excited to see all that you produce! Speaking of which, this shot is so unusual and futuristic; amazing!



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