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  Iridescent makeup . I am obsessed . Whether that be lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow even nail polish - I love it and I want i...

Face Lace Iridescent Liner 2_

 Iridescent makeup. I am obsessed. Whether that be lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow even nail polish - I love it and I want it all. Now. The only thing is, it's a little difficult to find, and believe me, I have scoured the entire Internet in pursuit of the iridescent goodness. Along the way, I've found a few false idols and a few absolute gems - I'm thinking Inglot's AMC Lipgloss in 541, which is how I imagine the blood of Aliens to appear!

One of those false idols was an interesting looking iridescent liner by Essence Beauty. In the bottle, it really looked the part, and I was seriously excited to try it out for the first time. But alas, when I applied it, it was incredibly sheer, barely even showing up on my skin at all. I thought it might be worth a try to layer it over another liner, but even then it just looked standard metallic as opposed to colour-shifting. Sigh.

Anyway, I was invited down to IMATS London by MUA to the stars, Phyllis Cohen, the creative force behind Face Lace. Just a few days before heading down, I'd spotted a little promotional photo on their Instagram of a new product - *Dazzlescent Liners - which would be available at IMATS. Well, now I was looking forward to it even more!

Upon arrival, Phyllis could sense my obvious excitement for these Iridescent liners I'd seen, and we both tore open the packaging like a couple of giddy schoolgirls at Christmas. I was already wearing a cocktail of eyeshadows and eyeliner when Phyllis made me the first person to try them out and started applying the Iridescent liners around my eyes, so I was a little worried that they might just peel off there and then. No need to worry though, as it turned out, they lasted ALL. FREAKING. DAY.

Face Lace Iridescent Liner 8_

As if that wasn't impressive enough, I was surprised to find just how light they felt on the eyes. At first glance, they look like heavy duty metal on your lids, but I really couldn't notice them. It  got to the point where random people were staring at me as I walked around the hall, and I started to wonder if I had something on my face!

It's easy to see why people were staring though, as Phyllis had applied two pairs to my eyes - one pair on the lids, and another pair on the under eyes. They look simply stunning, it's almost as if you have a set of flawless curved mirrors around your eyes that change colour like a chameleon as they adapt to the different ways light bounces off them. I felt as though I was the female lead in a big budget Sci-Fi movie, these are definitely the future.

As you can imagine, the liners were a sensation in the IMATS hall, with a fair few people stopping me to get a photo as I wandered around. My head did start to inflate just a little, but I had to remind myself: "Lima, they're only interested in the kaleidoscopic liner, not you." Ha! It was a pretty sweet pre-release debut for the liners, as there was a fair bit of a buzz around them, to the point they actually sold out - but don't worry, I managed to get my hands on a packet.

Face Lace Iridescent Liner 3_ 

The great thing about the *Dazzlescent liners is that they're reusable. In my case, the ones I'd worn to IMATS just couldn't be, as the adhesive had managed to get quite a bit of my makeup stuck to it, so I did a 'non-makeup' test and found that once peeled off after a day's usage, the liners still have plenty of stick left in them.

To use them, all you need to do is take one adhesive, apply it to your eyelid and you're good to go. It's that simple! There's no need to create any elaborate eye makeup looks beforehand (though nobody's gonna stop you!) I'd recommend that you apply the stickers to an area around the eyes where there is no makeup, just so you can make them last longer. Then, at the end of the day, you just peel it off and put back in the packet.

// FACE //

Face Lace Iridescent Liner 9_

EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation - F300
MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger (under eye highlight)
BEN NYE Banana Luxury Powder (under eye highlight)

// CHEEKS //

MEMEME BlushMe! - Coral
Sleek Face Contour Kit - Medium
NARS Highlighting Blush - Albatross (remember that?!)


(dried out) Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Medium Brown

// EYES //

Face Lace Iridescent Liner 11_ 

Makeup Academy Pro-Base Eye Primer
Kryolan Matt Eyeshadows - Carribean and Flamingo
Stargazer Eyedust - 13 (inner corner highlight)
Urban Decay Eyeshadow from Alice Through The Looking Glass - Lily (brow bone)
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks - Blow Pony and Jawbreaker (as base eyeliners)
Famous Eyeliner - Turquoise (waterline)
L'oreal Paris False Lash Sculpt Mascara

// LIPS //

Barry M Lip Liner - Dark Pink Pink
Lime Crime Velvetines - Pink Velvet
Stargazer Eyedust - 13 


The *Dazzlescent Eyeliner by Face Lace come in a pack of 10 pairs (note that in my photos I am wearing two pairs) and will be retailing at £12.95. At the time of writing, they are yet to be released, but hopefully by the time you're reading, that will all have changed - expect them to be on the website sometime next week!

*PR Sample

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  1. Wow the iridescent eyeliners are amazing. I bet they would look fabulous in a club.

    1. I can't even begin to imagine how awesome they'd look in a club under the UV or strobe lights!

  2. Oh wow they are so stunning, perfect for making an impression!

  3. I cannot get over how amazing these are! Utterly in love and they look so brilliant with your eye make up here! xx

    1. Thank you! I'm struggling to think of a makeup look that they wouldn't enhance right now! xx

  4. Just stunning! You are so good with colour too!

    1. They look so otherworldly in the flesh, like someone brought them back from the future or something!

  5. Wow! What an amazing look! I love the colours you've worked into this look :)

  6. Your eye make-up looks amazing! I barely read the text, juat wondering how you managed to do such a work of art on your face. You need to get on YouTube and help a sister out lol Vicky x

    1. I agree! :D We need tutorials for looks like this!

  7. wow this looks amazing!

  8. I don't think I could pull this off but it looks so cool on you. -Hanna Lei

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  9. These are UNREAL. I need them in my life.

  10. wow these are beautiful! I have a face lace eyeliner detailing mask and it's amazing! Cohen's products are so unique! x

    |Georgia Megan|

  11. the colours are beautiful! xx

  12. WOAHHH! So beautiful! I love how unique your blog is! I'm defo adding it to my reading list <3

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  13. Your makeup simply amazes me! You're so talented!

  14. Utterly, utterly mesmerising! The term "out of this world" has never been so appropriate. All the dreamy! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  15. The eye makeup looks amazing! You are so talented, Halima <3

  16. my goodness, this is an artwork. i love the make up look!! so talented!~

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  17. This is GORGEOUS!

    Parie x

  18. Your makeup is amazing! Love it! :)

  19. Im getting these. Without a shadow of a doubt. I think this maybe one of my fave looks on you, everything about it is just yes! I have that EX1 foundation but i dont really use it, am definitely going to now! Just perfect as always. xx

  20. Wow this is so cool and looks really pretty! Gemma x

  21. I love iridescent makeup and this makeup is STUNNING. WOW!It just looks so cool and out of the blue, I love it! I need to find those eyeliners stat!

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  22. They actually look so gorgeous on you! Doubt I would be able to pull it off myself though haha :') x

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