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  Do you remember the Boxing Day Sales? I know it feels like the entire run up to Christmas and New Year and even beyond into the new yea...


Do you remember the Boxing Day Sales? I know it feels like the entire run up to Christmas and New Year and even beyond into the new year is one huge, elongated sale period, but the Boxing Day sale does exist still within this mish-mash of money off bonanzas. 

Anyway, in years gone by I'd have headed into town just a few small days after Christmas to see if there was anything left after the hyped-up madness that used to be the Boxing Day sales - but nowadays I just avoid the hot period of the sales altogether. The pushing, the shoving, the elbows out, the predatory/opportunist behaviour. Ugh, it feels as though we've been Americanised and become more violent for the sake of a few quid off. #icannotdeal

But no, I usually wait until a week or so into the new year now, avoid all the craziness and see if there's any decent scraps left over. So that's what I did this year, and how I am glad that I did. Amongst the typical trash that nobody wanted to buy at full price, sale price or practically any price, I found a piece of solid gold. It was like turning up in Sierra Leone and finding the Koh-i-noor lying around on day one. Except what I found wasn't actually gold or diamond. It was silver. Sort of.

This outrageously pretty embellished sequin jacket is what I stumbled upon. Reduced from approximately £somethingridiculouslyexpensive to £20. Yep, twenty of your finest pounds sterling. Of course, I performed the obligatory pre-sales-purchase ritual of pinching myself and checking that there wasn't a big gaping hole, disgusting stain or fatal tear on it. Once I was satisfied it was in decent condition I checked the size, and boom. Perfect.

The jacket itself is difficult to figure out really, it may not look it, but it's actually cream in colour (yes, I've had my eyes checked - they're fine) but it really doesn't look it in the photos, it looks almost like a brilliant white and I'm thinking the silver sequins create some kind of optical illusion. Speaking of the sequins, you might expect them to make the jacket feel a touch on the heavy side, but no, it's surprisingly lightweight. Also, it's not like a lot of other sequin-laden clothes where they've just tried to cram as many in to the design as possible. Nope, they're kind of swirled around the jacket in loops and patterns giving it a delicate, feminine edge.

Come to think of it, I don't think I actually own many items of clothing in cream. It's normally white that I go for - white feels a little brighter and vibrant than the typically dull creamy colour. However the cream fabric isn't an issue with this jacket as the silver sequins bring the piece to life and eradicate any of that dullness.


Not impressed, like

 Silver Embellished Sequin Jacket // Topshop
Silver Roll Up Clutch // Monki
Black Tulle Dress // Topshop 
Black Pointed Boots // Primark 

Now for the close ups...



Oh so Pretty. 

As you can tell, I'm seriously impressed with this jacket, and I can't quite believe that I got it for £20 in a sale and without the need to elbow an old lady in the head to reach it first. Just as the old Guinness adverts from the 90s used to say:

'All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait' 

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  1. Such a gorgeous jacket, I love the fact is is versatile and goes with everything! :)

  2. Awesome outfit! I love the jacket makes the outfit special. Your makeup is also very cool!

    Celia xx

  3. Wow I love that jacket! Adds a wonderful touch of sparkle to a LBD :)

  4. Oh that is adorable you can dress it up or down so easily too! Great find!

  5. That's a great find! The jacket is sooo nice, it looks great on you. Love your hair!


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