Easy-to-Wear Hologram from The Ragged Priest

  Holograms and Iridescent are both in vogue right now, and it's difficult to imagine them falling out of favour anytime soon. I reme...


Holograms and Iridescent are both in vogue right now, and it's difficult to imagine them falling out of favour anytime soon. I remember spotting the first few little bits of holographic goodness creeping on to the high street via jewellery and accessories mostly, they'd almost always sell out instantly, so if you didn't move fast, you lost out.

Such has been the outrageous expansion and popularisation of holograms and iridescence though, you can see it on everything from skirts to shoes, and even places from out of left field - like my holographic mug. If I were tea, I'd wanna be poured into a shiny, multi-coloured mug! Sadly this expansion means we're treated to some pretty lame-slash-tacky interpretations of what looks good, now we're seeing an increase in clothing with cringeworthy quotes holographically splashed on. UGH.

As with everything that looks great, it's being done to death, and holographs and Iridescence remind me of florals now. You get some absolute jaw-droppingly beautiful garments, but to find them you have to sift through piles and piles of dross.

Anyway, I was browsing the ASOS sale - I forget when it was now - and spotted Ragged Priest had a long line jumper on offer with some peculiar looking stripes at the bottom. Upon closer inspection, these peculiar looking stripes turned out to be holographic and at that moment my jaw dropped. The jumper's also seriously sheer, making it quite lightweight so obviously I just had to 'Add to Cart'. In just a couple of days time it was mine, all mine. Muhaha.

Naturally, the first thing I did upon receipt of this box of wonder from ASOS was to rip it open with complete disregard for whether the box could be useful in future and root around for my brand new holographic stripe jumper. Once found, I tried it on post-haste and posed for some spontaneous snaps. It's really just a simple jumper dress, but that little extra bit of detailing at the bottom is what gives it it's edge.

For the blog then, I wore my longline black bodycon beneath it to both protect my dignity (it's full-on seethrough and it always rains in Manchester) and to add a bit of contrast to the look. I also slipped into some white, pointed heels to dress it up et voila!

  raggedpriest-(3-of-6) raggedpriest-(5-of-6) raggedpriest-(2-of-6)
 raggedpriest-(1-of-6) raggedpriestholo-(3-of-3)


 raggedpriest-(6-of-6) raggedpriest-(4-of-6)

Longline Knitted Jumper Dress with Holographic Stripes // The Ragged Priest (LINK)
Black Longline Bodycon Vest // Forever21
Pointed White Heels // eBay

Not only is this jumper outrageously pretty, it's also ridiculously easy to wear. It's a little oversized, which always feels comfortable for some reason and the holographic detail isn't intrusive. I have this holo jacket that makes funny noises everytime I move, not so with this jumper though. YAY!

What do you think, have you ever truly loved a certain style that's gotten so big it's been ruined for you by retailers chasing a quick buck?

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  1. I love this dress, it works really well with the black underneath.

  2. That is awesome. I love anything shiny. Loving the cat photo bomb too. xx

  3. Wow I've not seen anything holographic like this before, it's so bold!

  4. Looks really up to the minute!

  5. Love the dress. I'm always down for anything that's a little over-sized and it looks great on you. Might go and have a little gander at Asos now... Xx

  6. Ooo it's GORGEOUS! I've yet to buy some holographic clothing, but I do love it, especially the holographic clutch bags x

  7. amazing colour and nice look <3

    pls follow me back :*|

  8. Your hair and makeup ! Incredible ! Lovely photos ♥ :)

    Love from Slovakia ~

    ℓα ℒιcσrηe - ℒa vie est ℓa petite ℓicorne.

  9. Ragged Priest FTW! How bloody lovely is this, looks light for Summer but something you can layer with in Winter.

    LimaMonroe xo

  10. I love this! Holographic stuff has been a firm favourite for a long time and I just love seeing how you style it. You look great! (I know it's an old post but still) xx


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