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  Starting to get back into the swing of blogging and maintaining my various social media profiles, whilst working in a full time job a...


Starting to get back into the swing of blogging and maintaining my various social media profiles, whilst working in a full time job at the same time! I've done it all before but it was quite a while ago and I'd completely gotten out of the routine.

Anyway, those who also follow my Instagram account will have seen a photo I put up a week or so ago, accompanied with a promise to blog about my makeup routine. Over two hundred of you liked the photo, so I thought I'd better get my act together and make good on that promise!

The look I was referring to is the one I actually use most weekday mornings, so it's an 'Office Look' if you will. I'm now working in a super-professional environment, so my attire and my makeup has to match up with that (I draw the line at my hair!). For that reason I've been rocking some plain makeup looks of late, and me being me, I was getting bored pretty quickly and looking at ways to spice it up without mortally offending any office jobsworths.

Then I remembered an article from Elle I read about the Under Eye Eyeliner trend. I've been experimenting with Under Eye Liner for ages now so that's nothing new, but one thing I hadn't really tried was the simple Under Eye Dot. I'm surprised I didn't give it a go earlier, as it kind of reminds me of Face Lace's Splasheets I blogged about some time ago.


Fortunately enough I'd purchased some nail art dotting tools a while back, though I'd never used them for their actual purpose as it hit me that unless you do something truly amazing, nail art is a bit 'Meh!' So they'd been sat there in the pack gathering dust for a couple of months, and after a few attempts at a dot with a standard eyeliner brush I just realised it wasn't going to work with that. 'Why not try those dotting tools?' I thought.


Eyeliner brushes just aren't firm enough to make a convincing dot with, I found it always ended up looking a bit potato-shaped - not a good look! But with the dotting tool the dots are pretty much perfect, though a steady hand is still required.

The actual technique is not massively complicated: using Illamasqua's Precision Gel Liner I dipped the dotting tool in, ensuring the ball tip was covered evenly. Then gripping the tool like a pen, place a dot on your chosen spot under the eye. Very, very gently repeat until you have a nice circle - et voila!

Just be careful with the tool though, you don't want to stab yourself in the eye!


The dot looks so simplistic, but it's amazing how it seems to change the entire shape of the eyes, and as it draws a lot of attention it makes it possible, perfect even, to forget about applying eyeliner to the top line. It works equally well with both adventurous and plain eyeshadow and with or without mascara too. In this look, my dots are black, but I've played around with various other colours too and tend to find it just works! 

So what are you waiting for? Try it out for yourselves and share the results! 

Now that I'm back in work and back into a routine, I should be blogging at least once a week from now. Trust me though, I've got loads of photos in reserve just waiting for words to join them! Have a great (shortened) week!


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  1. wow you look gorgeous! I love the hair colour too;)

  2. This is absolutely stunning!

  3. You are SUCH a stunner and this looks fabulous! :-)

  4. You look gorgeous as always! Loving this. May even give it a go!

    Katie <3

  5. I know how hard it is blogging and working full time too, it was so hard before I went FT with my blog but definitely achievable, you can totally do it. Love reading your posts and this look is great on you. I love doing 3 little dots under my wing on my eye liner xxx

  6. Wow, these dots have given a fantastic effect to your eyes. You look stunning <3

  7. Wow! This is certainly a stand-out look! I'm loving your earrings too. :) x

  8. This is such a great look on you. I think I would make a mess of it if I did it though.

  9. Oooh, I first saw Maisie Williams (game of thrones) do this and failed miserably replicating it. Didn't even think to try using my dotting tools! Would love to see your 'boring' work looks as I get tired of going 50 shades of beige for work. XD

  10. I love how that looks. Thanks for sharing the technique <3

  11. Great tip! So simple, but looks really effective. I'd love to do this at festivals and stuff in Summer... xx

    Rock On Holly

  12. This eyeliner look, looks absolutely amazing! great idea of using the dotting tool, I might try this one day :)

  13. You look awesome!
    I used to the the under eye dot with a surprisingly perfect collection 2000 liquid eyeliner brush but when thst went south I stopped. May be I need to reinvest in the dots.

  14. this looks so cool and i love your hair!

    danielle | avec danielle

  15. Such a clever way to make the dot. I have lots of these dotting tools but would never have thought to use that! You look awesome as usual

  16. you look gorgeous, love your hair & make up xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts


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