MAKEUP LOOKS // ICE QUEEN & How to White Those Eyelashes!

  I know what you're thinking: 'Aren't Ice Queens usually white?' Well yes. Yes they are, but as my regular readers...


I know what you're thinking: 'Aren't Ice Queens usually white?'

Well yes. Yes they are, but as my regular readers will probably be able to guess, my response to that question is: 'Fuck the rules!'

Anyway, I've moved to a new area of Manchester lately and maybe it's just my undying loyalty to the area I used to live in talking, but it actually feels much colder in these parts. To make me feel warmer, I was watching 'The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe' (because that makes everyone feel warmer) and thought it'd be a great idea to try my hand at an Ice Queen look.

If you think about it, Ice Queens haven't really had a great time of it. From a young age cartoons teach us that anything ice cold (or blazing hot) is a bit evil, maybe Frozen will change that - if it doesn't annoy people from being forced upon us as a classic, that is. Who decided that? Was there some kind of vote? Anyway, the best known Ice Queen is obviously Jadis, the White Witch, from CS Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia, and I have to say her style has always been on point. So yes, she may be evil, but she is blessed with a fabulous wardrobe.

 So my Ice Queen look was kind of an 'Ode to Jadis' in a way, cool tones everywhere with the Pièce de résistance being my frosted lashes. I've always wanted to have an excuse to splash some white on the lashes, but until now could never find one. There are other ways to get frosted lashes - e.g. applying some liquid nitrogen to them or wetting them and sitting in a walk-in freezer for 10 minutes - but they seemed too dangerous and/or cold so I went with something a little more sedate.

It was interesting though, because I went out on a Friday evening sporting this look, and a few people stopped me on the street to say how I actually looked like an Ice Queen. For me, that moment was a bit like when you're playing charades, it's the final round and you've been given a toughie yet somehow your team actually guess it to win the game. Quite satisfying.

I really, really wanted white lashes to put the cherry-on-the-top of this look, just to give it that authentic feel really but I didn't want to have to resort to the fakery of false eyelashes. Not just because they wouldn't look real, but because I'm terrible at applying them and couldn't be arsed with the effort - I'm the f**king Ice Queen, one does not simply p*ss about with fake lashes and glue. :)

So, my next thought was: 'How am I going to do it then?'

Simple, I brushed them on! I applied a coat of my Soap & Glory 'Thick & Fast' mascara to gain some length, then in true Blue Peter style I rooted around the bedroom for an old mascara wand. Once I found one, I poured out a little bit of Illamasqua's Precision Ink Liner in Scribe, which is pure white, on to the wand and painted on my icicle-esque eye lashes!

As I said earlier, the lashes really were the Pièce de résistance or the cherry-on-top, but there are a lot of other aspects that combine together to make this look work: the aqua-blue contacts make me look significantly more icy than my natural brown marbles and my pastelly lilac-white-blonde hair combo also adds to the icy effect. The make-up around the eyes intentionally makes use of 'cool' tones and Illamasqua's spine-chilling Apocalips makes for a sterling supporting actress to round off this star-studded ensemble cast.

'No Edmond you can't have any more Turkish Delight, you greedy little fucker'


YSL Touche Éclat Foundation in BD50 (MAC equivelant NC37-NC40)
 NARS Powder Foundation in Barcelona 


Illamasqua GLEAM Highlighter in 'Aurora'
Sleek Contour Kit in Medium 


Soap & Glory Brow Archey in 'Hot Chocolate'


 *Makeup Revolution 'White Noise' all over the lid and lined upped and lower eyelid with 'Ash' from the 'Give Them Nightmares' palette 
Light blue on the inner corner and white on the brow bone from MAC Bleuluze Veluxe Pearl Fusion Shadow palette
'Bolt' from the Sleek I-Divine Ultra Matte V1 Brights palette in the crease and flicked out 
Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara 
Illamasqua Precision Ink in 'Scribe'


Illamasqua Lipstick in Apocalips


I'm actually quite proud of this look and the effort that went into making it all work. It's no easy task to take inspiration from life as it's happening in front of you, divert that into something you're passionate about and create something original and interesting from it. Sometimes make-up is sneered at or looked down upon, but the creative process that goes into making a new look shows just how much of an artform it really is.

Have you tried anything different, unusual or creative with your makeup lately?

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  1. Love the makeup!! you really suit it especially the apocalips lipstick :) I try different makeup looks most days usually, I like bright shadows or vibrant lipsticks sometimes even both.

    Melissa || x

  2. You got our lipstick on. Gorgeous, I think everything about this image is icy, whimsical, cold but still strikingly beautiful. N' your brows are just ON POINT or as they now say brows on fleek xo

    p.s. can we play Charades during #dating101?

    LimaMonroe xo

  3. This look is so amazing! I like how you've done the eyelashes very Ice Queen esque.

    FBL bloggers founder

  4. This is such an amazing look, just wow x

  5. So stunning!! I am not as creative to emulate looks like this but its soo cool!!
    Thank you for checking out my blog!

    Would love if you followed me back

  6. Your eyebrows look amazing, as does your make-up :) X


  7. Gahh I love this Lima!!! Every time I see one of your posts it inspires me to go all out with my looks! You really are an inspiration nd I love your f**k it attitude hahaha... who says you have to be white to be an ice queen!?? You totally rock these looks!! xxx

    1. Girrrrrl, it's people like you that keep me afloat in the blogging world! It always blows me away when I'm told I'm inspirational.

      Haha, yes! F**k it all, wear what you want, do what you want (as long as it's legal though, yeah?) it's the attitude that makes you.




  8. Omg you look absolutely AMAZING. I wish I had your make-up skills! This could double up as a Halloween look too, I'm thinking Elsa from Frozen. x


  9. This make up looks incredible! I usually play it pretty safe make up wise, with foundation, blush, mascara and a touch of eyeshadow, but seeing as it's nearly 2015 I think I need to be more adventurous. This has definitely given me some inspiration!

  10. Beautiful! I've also gotten my lashes white by using white liquid liner before, it works wonderfully. Happy new year, gorgeous x

  11. This is so cool you're very talented! - I think anyone can rock a snow queen look! Also, I got that Soap and Glory mascara for Christmas and can't wait to try it :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  12. I've always been a bit terrified of trying white eyelashes but these look awesome!

    Emily x

  13. 'No Edmond you can't have any more Turkish Delight, you greedy little fucker' - lmao, I've missed reading your blog! This is such a stunning look though and I'm in love with your new layout! It looks incredible (it may not be that new, that probably shows how long it's been since I've stopped by!)

    Katie <3


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