DIY: Stacklaces - Re-invigorating Your Necklace Collection!

Stacklaces - The ultimate statement pieces!  On one of my recent trawls through the internet hunting for interesting things, I stumbl...


Stacklaces - The ultimate statement pieces! 

On one of my recent trawls through the internet hunting for interesting things, I stumbled across a company on Instagram selling 'statement' necklaces. These definitely weren't the kind you'd find in the likes of H&M or even Topshop. No, these were Stacklaces.

The company in question is called Xevana, and their specialty is the Stacklace. What is a Stacklace then? Well, it's several necklaces stacked one on top of the other. Simple really, but what Xevana have done is save you all the hassle and faffing around by doing the stacking for you, and sell them as Super Statement necklaces all as one. I was seriously tempted to order, until I saw they were charging over £100 for the privilege.

These sorts of prices are a bit steep for most people, me included, so I couldn't justify parting with that much cash no matter how stunning the pieces looked. I figured I might as well go for the 'Blue Peter' approach and make my own (please note, you will need an empty bottle of washing up liquid later on). I'm really digging silver jewellery at the moment, so I picked three pieces from my collection and began to stack. 

Here's a quick guide on how to create your own Stacklace:



The silver diamante collar necklace purchased last season from Primark for around £6 to £8.

A chandelier style necklace recently purchased from H&M for £12.99.


A statement piece in itself, sort of already stacked also recently purchased from H&M for £14.99.



The first piece to go on was the collar, it's quite a wide piece so I thought it might act as a sort of frame for the other necklaces. I chose the chandelier to go next, as it's quite a low hanging piece and would add to the 'framing' effect, to help this along I clasped it to the loosest fit. For the final piece, I placed it over the top of the two others, making sure I clasped it as tight as possible to keep it high up on my neck.



Well, would you believe it? How impressive does that look? It almost looks as though the three separate necklaces were designed to be stacked with each other. But what would you wear with such a piece? In my opinion, a basic outfit would work best, else you risk too much going on. In my case, I plumped for a sheer black tunic:

DSC_4076 DSC_4080

This doesn't just add something extra to your outfit, this makes your outfit. The center of attention will almost undoubtedly be taken away from your choice of clothes, as the Stacklace will quite justifiably hog the limelight.

Making your own stacklace need not be expensive, we've all got pieces of old jewellery hidden away somewhere collecting dust. All you need to do is brush off that dust, find three (or more if you're brave!), and combine them to breathe new life into your collection. The total cost of my ensemble was just £35.98, much cheaper than Xenava's offerings but equally stunning.

Now that I've tried out the stacklacing, I'll be looking at my own jewellery collection from a fresh angle now. I can't wait to come up with some new combinations! I hope you've found this useful and are inspired to give it a try, if so send me some results!

Have you ever Stacklaced your necklaces? Would you wear this? 

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  1. Omg sooo perfect, I am in love in big neklaces :)

  2. Its funny you should do a post on this! I was on Instagram and came across a picture of necklaces stacked onto each other (I thought they were one whole piece), they were charging £30-£40 for each one; so I thought I may just play with with the jewellery I already own! Great example on how you can do it cheaper :)

  3. so cool! :) great pictures xo

  4. This is an amazing idea. I adore statement necklaces but find it hard to layer them up sometimes. Definitely need to head to Primark for a proper dig through the jewellery section. These just look absolutely incredible on you! Just a mission to untangle later or getting them off in a hurry ;)

    Katie <3

  5. Hey,
    amazing DIY-necklace! :)

  6. Now this is a dope D.I.Y. I love how you've done this, I need you to be my stylist ha! LOVE YOU xo

  7. That looks utterly fabulous!! I need to wear more accessories again! (I've got out of the habit since having children)

  8. Wowza, I'm really impressed! I'm always to scared to try DIY projects in case I mess them up but you totally nailed this.

    Tara x


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