London Fashion Week AW14: Liz Black

London Fashion Week! It happened and it was awesome. I've been dying to go to London Fashion Week for a good few years now, and w...


London Fashion Week!

It happened and it was awesome.

I've been dying to go to London Fashion Week for a good few years now, and whilst I've been invited on numerous occasions, for one reason or another I've never been able to accept. Well, screw that. Toni & Guy invited me down again for the A/W 2014 shows last weekend and I made sure nothing would stop me this time!

I visited Liz Black's presentation at Freemason's Hall and I have to say it was well worth the effort to get down there. The first thing that caught my eye was the make-up, I was blown away by it! I wanted to make the most of the opportunity I'd been given to go backstage, so in between shows I was getting in the faces of the MUAs and Stylists firing all sorts of questions at them. It turned out that Liz Black collaborated with a brand called Face Lace who did the make up and embellishments. I'd never heard of them before, so I googled them once I got home and found they provide ready-to-wear make-up in sticker format! They're a bit like tattoos minus the commitment, literally sticking art all over your face! I'm thinking a huge order is on the horizon...

Liz Black's models had their eyes adorned with the most beautiful Lobster prints and fuchsia eyeshadow, I know it sounds a bit bizarre but just take a look!


Face Lace ants applied all over the arms. LOVE!


 The clothing on show was all very minimal, yet with a certain air of rich elegance and a strong theme of nudes, blacks, reds, blues, lips and moustaches. I overheard a couple of people in the audience talking of how the show seemed to be heavily influenced by Salvador Dali. I'm no art buff, but I knew Dali was an artist with a strange love of melting clocks so I didn't see the connection. As it turns out though, he was also rather fond of big lips and eccentric moustaches!

Anyway, I was a little bit surprised about how the actual presentation unfolded. I expected it'd be a catwalk style thing where the models elegantly walked up and down the runway but no, this wasn't anything like that at all. This was more like an Art Gallery scene: the audience stood around like seasoned art-lovers casting their eyes on the live sculptures that were the models, walking slowly, posing together, touching each other and so on. To add to surrealism of Dali's Lips & Moustaches, one of the models even made her entrance by breaking through the shell of a human-sized egg.

All of this added up to quite an unusual, but interesting, experience. I'm of the opinion that fashion and beauty can be so artistic that it is an art form in itself, and this presentation left me in no doubt of that at all. This wasn't the standard runway show, this was 'Night at the Museum' except we were in a Fashion Museum and it was all (sur)real!

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  1. I went to this presentation, it was really good

  2. Oh now I want some ants :( LOL. Lovely images as always - so pleased you had a good time xo

  3. Looks amazing, much more interesting that your usual catwalk

  4. Such an awesome experience! I'd love to get my hands on some of the FaceLace makeup. The ants are great. Glad you enjoyed your time there!

  5. It isn't something I would wear but I have to agree and say that the eye make up is absolutelly georgeous! I love it!


  6. This looks like such an incredible show. You've described it perfectly! I'm so gutted when I see that so many bloggers have been to shows and only show us their outfits, not what was actually at the show!!

    Katie <3

  7. would love to visit a fashion show one day! i love the dress dress on model x

  8. The ants look so cool on the models arm! Very clever.


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