OOTD - DROP DEAD Heart Club Cardigan

  DROP DEAD Ok, so not the conventional way to start a post but what I'm referring to is the brand Drop Dead, I'm not telling ...



Ok, so not the conventional way to start a post but what I'm referring to is the brand Drop Dead, I'm not telling you to drop dead! And you know, I've been really liking their outerwear lately. The colours and the prints have drawn me in.

My first purchase from these guys was a Unicorn Jumper in the most gorgeous pastelly lilac colour I featured in a post not too long ago. Ever since that purchase, I've been checking out their website often to ensure I don't miss out on anything new and unique. A couple of weeks back I spotted this cardigan so perfect, I almost dropped my laptop.

The cardigan in question is an incredibly soft, baby blue number which is ridiculously oversized. I do like that though, it's like nothing I own. At the back there's a massive white heart-shaped skull, I guess that's Drop Dead's logo. Either way, I LAV IT!

I don't know if you agree, but finding baby blue, lilac or any other pastelly coloured clothing on the high street (of good quality at least) is pretty rare, I can't help but question WHY??! My only thoughts on that is pastel colours can associated with the young. Who knows, but I think these colours are so gorgeous they could work on almost anyone. I mean, why on earth are we being hounded by fluorescent colours at the minute? Give me a baby blue or a lilac over a garish yellow or a neon green any day of the week!

Today's outfit is incredibly casual, as I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately. Whenever there are sudden changes in the weather I start to feel pretty ill. Yes, my immune system is lame and No, I don't know why I live in Manchester sometimes either.





Baby Blue Hearts Club Cardigan - DROP DEAD Clothing LINK
Black Jersey Midi Dress - TOPSHOP
Lilac Lace Crop Top - H&M
Spiked Silver Statement Necklace - Primark 

All of the items featured are from this season, the Primark necklace set me back just £8! I could not believe that 1) It cost just £8 and 2) It was in Primark?! Honestly though they are doing really well in the Jewellery department, I purchased a pack of 8 midi rings for £1.50! I went back in the following week to get more but they were all sold out. *Sad Face*. Topshop have been pretty stale of late, although I've noticed they've introduced a new jewellery range which is both unoriginal and way overpriced.

Back to DROP DEAD, I've currently got my eye on the Death Bed Jumper. It's Gold, it's metallic and has a huge coffin print at the back, ahh! WANT! 

And there you have it! 

It's Eid soon (THANK GOD). Ramadan has been cruel this year. The constant heat and sunshine did not help at all. Typically though the Eid forecast is for rain, and no doubt August will be a complete wash-out too! 

It's ok though: "When the rain falls they talk of Manchester, but when the triumphant rain falls we think of Rainbows. It's the Mancunian way." Lemn Sissay.

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  1. Yes I agree!why can they not make more pastel items of clothing-we all crave pastel nail polish which would suggest that we would buy pastel clothing!i would anyway!:) love the print on the back of the cardigan!pastel colours go so well with your awesome hair!:-)

  2. I love it, You look absolutely beautiful.

  3. Pastels are awesome but you only see them in the Barry M nail collection! Not enough in clothes. Unfair that only newborns get to wear that colour palette :D


  4. Oh gosh, that cardi is just gorgeous!!!
    lovely outfit <3


  5. I used to hate Drop Dead but some of this new stuff is amazing - you look fab gorgeous xx


  6. Another successful post hal! loving your new blog header too! ooh and i am loving the lil hearts you've painted on, I wouldn't be able to pull that off like you have! <3 ^^

  7. You look incredible as always! Always loved things from Drop Dead collections, and this cardigan is HOT!
    Great outfit sugar.


  8. You look absolutely beautiful.
    I love your outfit.


    Hannah xoxo

  9. You look totally awesome, I love the hair colour! I quite like the mix of the cute baby-blue with the big skull. Definitely off-cutesy.

  10. I really like drop dead as a brand :) they have some really nice designs! If you haven't already check out Johnny Cupcakes, they also do some nice tshirts and jumpers :)

    Katie xx | Katies World

  11. I loved drop dead back in the day and I'm really loving them again after seeing some of their recent pieces! The cardigan looks brill on you :) and I love that necklace - such a bargain! I've been feeling the same about topshop jewellery recently... it's SO expensive and is basically on par with places like Primark for quality!

    Robyn Mayday

  12. I'm dying at the first paragraph lmao.
    Do adore how soft the colour of the cardigan is and the love hearts on yo' face. Once again gorgeous outfit xo


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