Super Affordable Lilac Round Sunglasses!

I'm really loving round sunglasses at the moment, their retro edge is perfect for mixing up my outfits and adding something extra. ...


I'm really loving round sunglasses at the moment, their retro edge is perfect for mixing up my outfits and adding something extra. I bought my first pair a couple of months back from Topshop, they're huge and black and I've featured them in a previous post somewhere!

But I still wasn't quite fully satisfied, I needed something a little different. Distant memories of wearing lilac tinted shades as a youngster popped in to my head, I was obsessed with them! The thing is though, nobody really sells them. Well, not for grown-ups anyway :(

Until, that is, I searched eBay. Oh eBay, my trusty eBay. Is there anything you can't do? Well I found some round, lilac-tinted shades on there for just £2.69 including shipping. Yes, Two Pounds and Sixty Nine Pence. Just call me Lima, Queen of the eBay. There was a teeny little catch though, they were actually intended for some kind of fancy dress costume. But so what? I wasn't going to let that stop me from rocking these when the sun comes out to play!




 If you quite like the look of round sunglasses but don't fancy spending too mach cash, these babies would be right up your street! 

I'm also liking the look of the blue ones too... Hmm, looks like my sunglasses collection is about to expand again ;)

So tell me, what's been your eyewear of choice this summer?

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  1. ooo i want!!!! thanks for sharing xx

  2. LOVE round sunnies, think it's because I feel so Lennon in them, these that you have are cute and suit you to a T :)

    Love you xoxo

  3. They look awesome on you - what a bargain! So very John Lennon. ;)

    Tara xo

  4. i love ebay! you can fine literally anything. these frames and lenses look awesome on you. love that lilac color.

  5. Oh they look so so incredible on you Halima! I could never pull them off!


  6. oh i still have mine from the nineties :D but my favourite pair was a squared yellow tinted one cos for some reason i thought at the time that jeff goldblum was the shit... haha ahem... Anyways, you look sensational! x

  7. Ahh they are so nice and they look amazing on you! Such a bargain find! <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. These look so lovely on you, on me might be a different story though :P

    Katie xx

  9. Awesome shades! So cool:)

  10. the colour suits you so so so much! looking fab! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  11. these are so cute1 we've been seeing alot of round sunnieslately and have been on the look out for the perfect pair! these looking so cute on you


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