OUTFITS: This is not the Best Dip Hem in the World, This is Just a Tribute...

 I'm back with another Dip Hem or in other words, the High Low. If you happened to stumble upon my last outfit post, you may rememb...

 I'm back with another Dip Hem or in other words, the High Low.

If you happened to stumble upon my last outfit post, you may remember I was banging on about how much I'm loving that sumptuous purple Dip Hem dress I purchased on eBay. Well, only a day or two after that post I visited Forever21 and spotted the most gorgeous high-low skirt. EVER.

Yes, it's a bold statement coming from one as fickle as I but just take a look at it! It's black, it's lace, not too long nor too short. It's the perfect size for petite ladies and best of all: it cost £12. Twelve Pounds Sterling.

Forever21 weren't just hot on the skirts that day, I also picked up this rhinestoned lavender blue top, although Forever21 would prefer it to be called 'Periwinkle', for £15. Whether you want to call it Lavender Blue or Periwinkle, the top is still a beauty and it was the colour that drew me in. My wardrobe is devoid of anything this colour and this top convinced me it was time to change!

So for this outfit I've paired the two together, tucked the top into the skirt and wrapped my favourite skinny studded belt around it. Would you believe, I wore this to a Wedding! Don't fret though, it was a 'Smart Casual' occasion, with the groom donning jeans and a shirt!





 A gust of wind. Thank GOD it has an underskirt with it or that would have been awkward... 

Periwinkle Rhinestoned Top - Forever21 (It's on sale on the website!)
Black Floral Lace Dip Hem Skirt - Forever21 
Gold Studded Skinny Belt - Gift
Black Wraparound Diamante Bracelet  Forever21 

As you might be able to guess Forever21 is my new favourite store at the moment, which is pretty dangerous! I got a bit distracted writing this post, ahem, browsing through their sale section. *Gulp*

I couldn't find the lace skirt online but I did spot loads on the rails at the Trafford Centre store last week so there may still be a few in stock!

 Have you bought anything from Forever21 lately? What are your 'Must Haves' for the beautiful weather we've been having recently?

OH, I almost forgot... I've gone and signed myself up to Lookbook! I'm still a little unsure as to how to use it, so if you have any tips, get in touch! I'm shocked though, at one point  technology didn't faze me, but now I'm like: "Wuh?!" Clearly I'm not 'Down with the kids' anymore!!

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  1. That is an awesome lace skirt!i don't have a forever 21 anywhere near me...i dont even know if they have shops in scotland!I went on their site and I really like their clothing..need to do some ordering I think!:)

  2. Love your high low lace skirt! My coworker is wearing one today for the first time and I called it a mullet skirt - short in the front, long in the back ; )

  3. We don't have such brand in here too, unfortunatelly. Thought I've heard a lot about it! That skirt is gorgeous, I must say! You look wonderful! Lovely snapshots as well!
    Have a fabulous time!


  4. The skirt is ethereal! *heads to forever 21 sale*

  5. I've tried on this exact top and skirt at F21 on two separate occasions! And I didn't buy either! Neither one of them looked right on me, but they look really great on you! I recently bought a coral maxi skirt from there and I love it. It's really soft and comfortable and easy to wear in the heat.

    Life of Mabel

  6. I love this outfit and your makeup! I can't believe how much of a bargain the skirt was, and it looks expensive too! Really lovely. xxx

  7. great look! love your skirt so much!

  8. Your top is seriously gorgeous and such a bargain! The skirt goes great width it too! I generally just love your outfit!

    http://tshirtsandtea.blogspot.co.uk x

  9. Hi Halima, you rock! Love both the top and the skirt, they go perfect together! Kisses! xo

  10. Agh, that skirt is perfection! x x

  11. just love your hair :)


  12. That skirt is so beautiful! I LOVE the lace.

    Fizz and Frosting

  13. your hair is amazing, i want it!! following you now love xx


  14. I absolutely love your look.


  15. You totally rock that hair color. The whole look is bold yet sexy. A high low skirt is by far a trend i have not tried, it is lovely but i just dont know why i dont try it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  16. the hair color is Amazing!
    beautiful blog,

  17. Beautiful skirt & top xxx

  18. Your blog post title is awesome and I love the hair too. This is a really pretty pattern and I love the dip hem on it. Really nice outfit, you look lovely! Thank you for visiting my blog as well, I'm following you now and yes I am loving the weather although it's getting hotter day by day! - Tasha xxx

  19. The lace fabric is gorgeous! The prettiest dipped hem skirt I ever did see! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog, I'm going to try victory rolls this weekend! Going to search on youtube to see if I can find any good (easy) tutorials xxx

  20. I want that skirt!


  21. That top is so stunning, you look so beautiful Halima, love this outfit!


  22. I like high-low..got several dresses at once :) Great photos! Love your look!


  23. That skirt is stunning! I can see why you love it!! xoxo

  24. Your outfits are definitely interesting!

  25. I love that skirt.. the dip hem is so gorgeous! I really love your style.. it's so unique <3 xxx
    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  26. wow, i love your hair and makeup, you look damn stunning. the outfit is lovely as well :))

    Tahnee from Hysterical Hearts xx

  27. this outfit has so many amazing textures and they all work together to really make this look something special. really loving your top


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