REVIEWS: The Dolly Eye 14.5mm Circle Lenses in Turquoise

 Not so long ago I mentioned in a post that I'd love to give Circle Lenses a try. Luckily for me I was contacted by the guys over a...


 Not so long ago I mentioned in a post that I'd love to give Circle Lenses a try. Luckily for me I was contacted by the guys over at ISZO Circle Lenses who offered me the chance to do just that! They let me choose from their range of 396 (yes, three hundred and ninety six!) different designs.


Obviously I picked Turquoise, my favorite colour, EVAR! But choosing the colour wasn't that straightforward, as they have all sorts of different styles too. I eventually went for the Gothic 3-tones, as you can see from the close-up above they consist of two rings of turquoise, one light and one darker, sandwiched between a light brown inner ring and a dark brown outer ring. The diameter of 14.5mm means that generally they are slightly bigger than the Iris (the coloured part of the eye), hello bright eyes!



They arrived in a dinky little bottle with solution inside. You need to twist the white bit at the top which will allow you to pull out the metal and then the rubber cap.



Also ISZO provided me with a luminous yellow lense case, this comes free with every order and you can pick which colour and design you want. The contacts are available in prescription too for no extra charge, this is a huge plus point for me!


Actually popping the lenses into your eyes is easy really, no different to any other contacts. If you've never worn contacts before it can be a bit tricky at first but you will pick it up after a few days! I found that these ones were a little dry, so I squirted some solution on to them for lubrication and they went in no problem. 


As far as comfort goes, all contacts feel a bit weird in the eyes to begin with but if you've worn them (coloured or otherwise) as long as I have they feel much less alien and almost as if they're not there. My eyes are quite moist and runny like a leaking tap and I tear quite often, so for those folks with dryer eyes I've no idea how they'd feel!

I was quite sceptical about trying out circle lenses for a while after reading of the potential dangers on the BBC a few years back. Because these lenses extend beyond the iris and cover a bit of the sclera (the white of your eyes) therefore enlarging your eyes. If you do feel any sort of discomfort, it's best to take them out immediately. These lenses are approved by the KFDA (Korean Food & Drug Administration) which gives me some form of comfort and trust.

In any case, I always carry a small bottle of solution and the lense case with me just in case. Haven't had any issues just yet, but it's better to be safe than sorry. 




These lenses look quite subtle on me, possibly the most natural looking coloured contacts I've ever tried. I think this is probably because of the clever design, the variation in the colours makes them look much less plastic and false. Because these lenses are larger than the average coloured lens, my eyes look bigger than normal, definitely living up to it's Dolly Eyed title!

Coloured contacts will never look completely natural due to the pupils, they dilate and constrict constantly throughout the day. The lenses though will always cover that unfortunately and your pupils appear to be the exact same size all day, leading to one of my friends saying my eyes looked 'emotionless'! If only someone could invent some revolutionary coloured contacts that shape shifted along with your pupils?! New invention idea right there!

It doesn't appear as a true turquoise on my eyes, but that's probably just down to my dark brown eyes beneath them, it does look like a mixture of green and blue weighted heavier on the green side.

These particular lenses can be purchased from the ISZO website for $22 dollars (approx £14.50) and they provide free worldwide shipping! The only downside though is that solution does not come with it, however you can purchase this on the cheap at any half-decent opticians!

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  1. I actually don't like how these lenses look from up close. From a distance they look nice though.

  2. These contact lenses look gorgeous over your eyes :) and you are so pretty! xx

  3. great makeup. Loving the idea and you fab in red lips.

  4. These lenses are really very cool! Love also the make up look you have done!:)

  5. Haha this is nothing for me, I would be way to scared to try putting something in my eye:p But it definately gives you a special look, and I kind of love it :D


  6. you look gorg!!

  7. These look great on! Would love to give coloured lenses a try, don't think my prescription would allow me to though xx

  8. You do your makeup absolutely lovely! I LOVE the eyeliner :) xo

  9. The lenses look cool but what I love even more is the stunning eye make up! :)

  10. I love circle lenses! I bought tons last year in Malaysia for my eye prescription and a few months later my prescription changed so now I can't use them :( As a daily wearer of prescription lenses I do find circle lenses less comfortable than normal lenses, but then I don't think you are supposed to wear them for extended period of time. The turquoise is beautiful on you. I really like black circle lenses too, the more doll like and fake the better lol :D

  11. Oh I never knew circle lenes were banned in the US - learn something new urry day.
    The colour is mesmerising, it goes nicely with your skin tone.

    I tried circle lenses once and OH EM GEE, no go for me. They were too uncomfortable for me, felt like I needed to itch my eyelid all the time lol. Yet I am still a normal colour contact wearer, now you've got me wanting to try bust out my turquoise lenes. xoxo

  12. those lens' are amazing looking! and by the way I love your hair!!! :D x

  13. OMG they look amazing!!!!! Almost hypnotic.. I love them :D xx

    Gemma ♥ |

  14. well they look beautiful on you and i love your wingtip eyeliner!


  16. it looks beautiful!
    you can check out my blog here!

  17. love your eye make-up! putting anything in my eyes gives me the creeps, so i could never try contacts, haha! x

  18. Love how the lenses look on your and your makeup is just wow!


  19. Your LoOkinG a PrInCesS Dear SoOoooooooooo nice

  20. Wow this looks amazing! Those lenses look so nice with the eye makeup, great job!

  21. WOW these look freaking amazing! You look gorgeous I've been dyiiing to try circle lenses!!! xx

  22. Great post, very interesting!

  23. I love the look of contacts especially these they are lovely! but I don't think I'd ever be able to put them in, I'm a wimp!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  24. Gorgeous, Halima! Love the colour of the lens. Nice pop of colour and suits you beautifully :)
    I agree with the above comments, amazing makeup!

  25. magnetic eyes


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