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You know that feeling when you have a wardrobe (or three) full to the brim with glorious clothes whilst at the same time thinking you hav...

You know that feeling when you have a wardrobe (or three) full to the brim with glorious clothes whilst at the same time thinking you have nothing to wear? Well it happens quite frequently for me! A couple of weeks back I was attending a Caribbean themed house warming party but I just couldn't think what to wear! Then it hit me. My wardrobes are packed full of colours, ranging from mint through to neon! I thought of  those YouTube videos that are doing the rounds: Shopping my Stash!

I delved deep into the wild, overgrown jungles that are my wardrobes and managed to find a rare flower hidden within. This one shouldered, draped, tropical print dress. I've no idea how or why I purchased it, but hey it was perfect for the occasion.

I adore draped dresses, they just scream 'Grecian'! They are so wearable for just about anyone, the gathering and the folds of the fabric seemingly skim over the wearer's lumps and bumps giving the illusion of a perfect silhouette.




One Shouldered Draped Tropical Print Dress - TFNC (OLD)
Black Cropped Lace Bolero - Non Branded - eBay

Apologies for the lack of photos, was running a little late so had to make a quick dash!


So this will be the last time you'll see the purpley, blue-y, indigo hair on the blog. It was fun while it lasted but it really didn't feel like me anymore, it just felt like the 15 year old me with my Vimto-coloured mop.

Purple hair is a lot easier to achieve than turquoise, for a nice purple colour you can get away with bleaching your hair to an orangey state and wacking on the dye at that point. With turquoise on the other hand, you need to go all the way down to a pale blonde verging on white in order to get a nice colour. This is extremely damaging to the hair and is therefore higher maintenance than the purple. Nevertheless, now that I'm back with the Turquoise I feel like myself again!


I really wanted to do a FOTD with this outfit but as time was of the essence, Alisa kindly volunteered to have a mugshot of her plastered onto the blog.



Lucky cow, with her big gorgeous green eyes, chiselled cheek bones, I'm jealous. What makes it even worse? This is her 'Just-woke' face. 

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  1. Lovely outfit and nawwwwww your kitty is soo cute x

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  3. Your dress is so awesome! And your cat is such a cutie! Mine was looking at me like that earlier haha!:) lovin this post!

  4. Amazing look - you and your kitteh!

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  6. you never disappoint with your style, so jealous of you!

    Katie x

  7. We have quite a similar taste in prints. LOVE the dress so much!
    I would wear that for sure!
    Your makeup and skin is just perfect!
    Hareem xx

  8. Love your dress!! So colorful and fun and sexy with the tights! I love it!

  9. Goshhh you're so stunning! Your makeup is always amazeballs.

  10. The line about your cat just cracked me up! You can dye your hair yellow and you'll pull it off woman. I do love turquoise on you however.

  11. that dress is such a dream!!! Love it! xx

  12. Alisa is gorgeous! Your dress is so purdy. x x

  13. Beautiful dress! and what a cutie FOTD xx

  14. Love that dress. How do you keep your makeup so perfect? I really need to learn to apply creatively!


  15. I love love love the colours of this - catches your eye straight away :)
    Also loving your lipstick too - defo matches the dress!
    Saadiya xx


  16. This is such a fabulous vibrant dress, looks amazing on you doll. I appreciate your kind words over at mine :)

  17. You look so beautiful dear, love your outfit and makeup <3

  18. SO PRETTY! Your dress is so refreshing!

  19. you look beautiful as always! xxx

  20. Girl you can really pull off that hair it looks hot on you and that dress looks lovely on you x

  21. The dress is beautiful and lvoe your hair gurl.xx

  22. Your makeup is sooo pretty! Love it :)

    And I love your cat! <3

  23. Your dress is giving me so much life at the moment. The print and style compliments you xo

  24. Love that dress it's so beautiful! and I love your lipstick too!


  25. That dress is to die for and suits you so well!
    Absolutely LOVE the hair, absolutely LOVE the make-up!


  26. Love the dress! I like me a bit of colour too! :) Just getting into bright lippies - which one are you wearing? x

    1. Hey lovey! Ooh yes, bright lipsticks are the way forward *insert appropriate emoticon*

      It's Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry




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