Simple 60s MOD EOTD, FOTD and coloured lenses. It's all goin' on!

HiHiHi! I've been stuck in a bit of a rut for a while now with my make up, particularly around the eyes. I did mention a while back...


I've been stuck in a bit of a rut for a while now with my make up, particularly around the eyes. I did mention a while back that I'd been struggling to come up with new ideas to get away from the smokey eyes look, it's just too easy to do!

 I realised that my current eye make up consists of a wash of MAC's Brule on the lids, flicked out top liner, inner corner highlight and roughly 5,838,483 coats of mascara.

Whilst going through the motions one morning I was applying MAC's Brule and thought: 'Sack this off!' I grabbed my MAC 219 brush and applied some dark eyeshadow to the crease, followed it around, flicked it out and blended it in a little to stop it from looking so harsh. Here's how it turned out:



When I looked in the mirror, it totally reminded me of 'Mod' eye make up, and I love the 60s era. The cut crease eye shadow, flicked out eyeliner, the monochrome fascination... Was I born three decades late? ;)

Not only does it look great, it's ridiculously easy to do! Now I'm feeling a wee bit better about my eye make up and it's given me the optimism needed to try something just that little bit different. So, I had a go at a faux bottom lash look (which can be seen on my instagram) by drawing tiny little lines under the eyes: think Twiggy. Her make up is so striking yet so simple at the same time!



 Left to right: MAC Wedge e/s, MAC Black Tied e/s & MAC Brule e/s

I know, I know... More MAC. They do hold a special place in my heart though as I was a MAC fanatic when I first got serious about make up, and when you CBA using it everyday you kind of get a stockpile going.


 MAC Brule

I've not hit the pan with much of my MAC stuff but Brule is another story. I heart this eye shadow just a little too much. As mentioned above it's one of my everyday shadows. I find that this instantly lifts your eyes and looks gorgeous with flicked out liner.

It's one of those 'must have' base matte versatile eye shadows. It's neutral, creamy, halfway between beige and ivory and can look lovely on the brow bone if you fancy some highlighting without shimmer.


 MAC Black Tied

I actually prefer 'Black Tied' to MAC's 'Carbon'. It's a lot softer and less harsh than Carbon and as a result is far easier to blend out. Don't be fooled by the silver glitter running through it, it won't make it on to your eye lids unless you apply with a wet brush. I applied this with the MAC 219 pencil brush to the crease, it is pigmented enough to draw on.


 MAC Wedge

This is one of those eye shadows that looks a bit blah. But believe me when I say it is freaking awesome! It's a soft medium brown matte shade so it does look pretty dull. I think this was actually my first ever MAC eye shadow, I don't know what possessed me to buy it! I'm glad that I did though, I used to pair it with MAC's Concrete. This would go all over the lid with Concrete in the crease to give my eyes natural looking definition.

Nowadays I use Wedge to blend out colours in the crease. I have to say that I suck at blending eye shadows on their own, but using this with a fluffy brush like MAC's 217 or, to mix it up a bit, NARS' Large Domed brush (which is much softer than the 217). I love how this blends in so beautifully with other colours without detracting from that colour and it's almost impossible for others to notice what you've done. It gives you the 'I'm a pro at blending' look even if, like me, you really aren't!


Left to right: MAC 219 and MAC 217 brushes

These 2 brushes are also 'must haves'. I've had these babies for years and both are still going strong. Both are quite stiff, but the 219 is smaller so better for precision application, so you can see why it's called the Pencil Brush! It's amazing for applying eye shadow to the outer V or smudging liner under your eyes for the smoked out effect.

The 217 on the other hand is more of a blending tool which helps to blend and feather out darker colours.


*Elegance Blue Contact Lenses by ColourVUE

I've also had a few new followers ask me if my eyes are naturally blue. It made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. I honestly think coloured contact lenses look dead unnatural on me, but that's probably because I know what my natural eye colour is, ha! 

I was kindly sent a pair of blue coloured contact lenses from the cleverly named Beautifeye.

It came with a contact lens case and 120ml of solution. These are the 3 month soft contact lenses, the ones you take out at the end of the day, squirt on some solution and rub for a few seconds. You then place them in the case and fill it up with more solutions ready for next usage. 

I've worn contact lenses in the past so I found them very easy to pop in, but if you've never worn them before it might get a little tricky! In terms of comfort I must say that I found them a bit odd at first, every time I blinked I could feel an alien object in my eye followed by a flash of blue light. After a few days though I got used to them and the blue flash stopped.

The blue is electric and very dramatic, especially when combined with my desi skin tone! It does go very nicely with my turquoise ombre hair, but then again anything Aqua would! 

Do blue contact lenses suit darker skin tones? Well I think it really depends on what you feel comfortable with. A lot of people tend to associate darker skin tones with dark, brown eyes and while it's true for the majority, you do often see lighter eye colours, so who's to say that blues or greens look unnatural? Think Wilhelmina Slater! (Not my kitten, the exquisitely mean editor-in-chief from Ugly Betty). Personally I feel comfortable wearing coloured contacts, it does look unnatural because of the print but I think overall it suits me!

I'll definitely be purchasing more coloured lenses in future, I find that they add an instant, dramatic effect to your look and can transform your entire facial appearance. If you feel like a change, I'd recommend it 100%.

Looking on the Beautifeye website, I see they're priced at a very reasonable £14.99. This includes the contacts, the case and the solution. One slight downside is that currently they do not offer prescription lenses, otherwise I'd be all over them like a fat kid on cake!
Next up, I'll have to venture into the world of Circle Lenses, I've always fancied attempting to create the dolly eyed look.

And the rest of my mug: 



Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup in 040 Honey Beige (equivelent to NC40 - NC42)
MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder 


Clinique Brush On Cream Liner in True Black
L'oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Candy
Sleek Contour Kit in Medium


MAC Lady Danger mixed with MUA Lipstick in Shade 1

I've done quite a bit of talking on this post, but you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed typing it all up. It may be a bit all over the place but then that's just me. It was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me, to the ghosts of make up past and actually I was surprised how I still use some of the same products as I did when I first started out, just a little differently!

Now tell me what you think: are you stuck in a rut with your make up? What do you think of coloured contact lenses on darker skin tones? 

*All products purchased by me except for Elegance Blue Contact Lenses by ColourVUE which was sent to me by Beautifeye for review consideration. 

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  1. Love this your eyes look amazing, so jealous x

  2. You're absolutely STUNNING! Love your hair!


  3. YOUR MAKE UP IS SO PERFECT!!! The eye makeup is just so perfect! I really want to try coloured lenses... but I kinda have a weird thing about touching my eye so it might not work out haha! They look so awesome on you though!

  4. GORGEOUS look!! :)
    Jordy xx

  5. I am in love with your eyemakeup!
    I think I am gonna try it out maybe! :D
    Mac's black tied looks really pretty. Alot better than carbon xx

  6. I really love the double flick! The circle lenses are also so cute, but I think my eyes would be a little too sensitive to wear them, but they're fab! xxx

  7. Yes that is a very 60's makeup trick, very Edie Sedgwick!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  8. You apply your eye liner SO perfectly! I have the same eye make up routine which I've had for about 10 years, haha. I wish I were more adventurous! You look is amazing. The contact lenses go really well with your hair too.

  9. oh wow your makeup looks amazing and so cool!

    ordaining serendipity

  10. this is a great post! i wear prescription lenses but I'm scared to try coloured ones from websites! so tempting though! love your eye make up too :)


  11. I adore your eye make-up, wish I could do it never mind pull it off! have to say i'm very jealous :)
    I know a couple of friends who wore the coloured contacts but I could never do it as I hate touching my eyes!

    Katie xx

  12. Your eye makeup is so flawless and stunning! I love the 60's makeup era!

  13. you look gorgeous :)
    would you like to follow each other? let me know :)

  14. wow, the final effect looks very georgeous!

  15. very beautiful eye look, I love it. :)

  16. Haha! I totes believe I was born in the wrong era my love! ;D oh you absolute hottie! Loooooooving this retro eye look, I'm kinda in a rut with me eyes too so will def be trying something like this. I don't own a single MAC eyeshadow *gaaaasp!* but I think that this may change mighty soon lady! The blue lenses look haaaaawt on ya! I've got green & violet next on my list to try...I confess I'm also tempted to get me some cat eye ones...just to freak out the humans ya know? ;)


    Aysh xox

  17. im ecentually going to get some contact lenses, hope they are as good as yours xx

  18. You always look so stunning, major face jealousy right now!!
    The contacts look awesome, i'd love to have some but i'm too chicken
    Loving that MAC- Black Tired

  19. your outfit is super original! i love it! :)

  20. I love this! A great way to shake things up a bit I think instead of the same old! Also I think the contacts actually look quite natural and I think their the right shade of blue for your skin tone! Although I think I'd have to stick with a light hazelnut colour if I decided to go for it. :)
    Saadiya xx


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