Melody Ehsani: كلمة الحق Arabic Necklace

Recently I've found myself completely obsessing over Arabic. The language is so incredibly beautiful and I just love the way it's ...

Recently I've found myself completely obsessing over Arabic. The language is so incredibly beautiful and I just love the way it's spoken. It's so precise, the slightest mispronunciation could be the difference between saying your friend has a warm heart, or a warm dog. Awkwarrrd. Precision and beauty aren't restricted to the pronunciation though, the written word is like a work of art and again, the slightest flick of a pen can make such a big difference.

Back in my teenage years I attended an intensive 6 year course in Traditional Arabic learning all the basics from vocabulary to grammar and from translating it to writing it. Back then I was pretty good with the calligraphy (being a leftie stops it smudging!), but as the years have gone by I'm completely out of practice. Nevertheless, whether it's the spoken or written word I find myself entranced by it.

So much so that I started trawling the internet scouring websites from across the globe looking for Arabic scripted jewellery. Little did I know there was such a big market for it, particularly at the top end of the scale. There are some truly gorgeous pieces out there, most of them originating from the Middle East. Eventually I came across a very talented jeweler in US-based Persian:

 Melody Ehsani

She doesn't have a great deal in terms of Arabic Script, but the one piece I did find is just amazing with such a beautiful meaning.


كلمة الحق

"The Truth"

This fine piece is a black slice of layered acrylic, with a glossy surface and golden Arabic script embedded within it.


For those of you wanting to get your hands on this stunning piece of jewellery. It's still available on the website!

However, do bear in mind that you will be required to pay custom charges upon delivery. Imagine how horrified I was, as my usual Essie Nail Polish purchases from eBay come without charges! 

How do you feel about scripted jewellery? Whether that's Sanskrit, Hebrew, Japanese or something more obscure...

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  1. Oh my God, those custom charges! I ordered red velvet vans via ebay from the US and they charged me £18, the shipping and custom charges together were more than the shoe itself, I'm still indignant, hmpf!

    I should get that necklace.

    Mwah! Love u!

  2. This looks great and the meaning is beautiful. I don't speak or understand arabic but I always love seeing arabic scripts and finding out the meanings. I have a thing for scripted jewellery too.

  3. I think this is beautiful! I love Arabic and how beautiful the language is!
    Hareem x

  4. I LOVE scripted jewellery! I have a gold necklace with my name scripted in Arabic and it's beautiful!
    I really love your necklace, I want one too!

  5. Love it Hailma! I've wanted a name necklace in Arabic for ages, kinda like the Carrie Bradshaw one. I love how it looks on you on your profile pic. xx

    p.s. I'm a leftie too :)

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  7. yeah the arabic language has something beautiful and especial, not only the way of writting it and pronunciation but while in other languages (fos example spanish) you need a big amount of words to say something in arabic you just need a few words.
    I really love the necklace!

  8. I love scripted jewelry, but it always makes me a bit nervous if I don't know the alphabet, because I'll never truly know what the piece says! Since you can read Arabic, you have a big advantage here - and the necklace you bought is just lovely :)

  9. Oh this is gorgeous! I want it!!! I totally love this type of jewelry, I don't have any, but totally want something like this, especially in Bangali. Awesome job at finding it, I need to check out her website.

  10. Gorgeous...Love it!! I too love Arabic, I really want to learn it.

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