FACE: Minty goodness - Nars Habanera Duo Eyeshadow

Hihihi! Oh em geeee, Manchester, what is with this wind? I felt like Mary Poppins this afternoon battling with the wind to stay grounded...


Oh em geeee, Manchester, what is with this wind? I felt like Mary Poppins this afternoon battling with the wind to stay grounded. I did manage to make it home in one piece: Halima 1 Wind 0. Pwahaha!

ANYWAY, the minty obsession continues...

I wasn't really feeling content with my mint shirts, sheer blouses & nail polishes, so I've only gone and got me some mint eyeshadow too! Some people might say I'm mint crazy, and I'd probably have to agree!

I usually stick to my neutrals & smokey shadows, but I think it's time for me to step out of my comfort zone.

I actually purchased NARS Duo Habanera e/s with my ASOS groupon voucher about a month or 2 ago. SO glad ASOS stock NARS :D

The mint shade is a gorgeous mint sheen whereas the perfectly contrasting purple shade has beautiful microscopic, kaleidoscopic glitter particles. The only downside is the fallout. I mean, I put the eyeshadow on my eyes but after an hour, I've got glitter all over my face! Not cool.


The eyeshadows were having a deep conversation about the meaning of life...

What is also not cool is my cat walking all over my laptop's keyboard and sitting on it while I'm trying to type! Argh!

What is cool though, is how photogenic the Habanera Duo is. It photographs well in shade, sunlight, indoors, at night, up close and far out without losing any of it's glamorous colour!

Workin' It!

NARS Sheer Glow foundation Barcelona
MAC Prep + Prime Powder
MEMEME Blush Me Coral



Minty Goodness...

NARS Duo e/s Habanera
MAC Naked Lunch
Maybelline Gel Liner
Maybelline Black Drama Falsies mascara

The Maybelline Gel Liner is actually pretty decent, it's creamy and pigmented. But in my case, if you do big flicks, the liner goes for a wander around the eyes, panda eyes? No thank you! I've just recently bought Clinique's Cream Liner which is basically a gel liner which has really impressed me. May do a review on this soon!


NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Red Square

Could you see the fall out around my cheeks? Not good! However, it is a truly gorgeous shade. Shame about the glittery cheeks, GAH!

And yes, the bright lips is still going strong for me. NARS Red Square is a stunning orange based lipstick with a hint of red, I'd say this is definitely in between MAC's SO Chaud and Lady Danger. It is super pigmented making the colour appear opaque which is definitely a plus for me. And I just love how it just glides onto the lips and leaves a matte finish which isn't drying at all, yay! Can't actually remember the last time I wore nude lips.. I look at my nudes and feel nothing for them whatsoevar. :)

Have you tried Habanera? Stepped out of your comfort zone lately?

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  1. Gorgeous! I never where mint. But these colours look so good together!

  2. Looks amazing, i always love your makeup, this is definatley a favorite :-) x

  3. Stunning! I was tempted to buy red sqaure the other day but I resisted xx

  4. This look is amazing. Your eyes look stunning. I've never worn mint before or even owned Narz but this combination looks incredible.

  5. Damn you! You're the reason that this was out of stock when I went to spend my groupon voucher!

    It is gorgeous though, so lovely!

  6. Your makeup looks amazing, and the blending immaculate!

  7. Another great look once again =) Nars duos have such perfect color combinations.

  8. You look absolutely gorgeous! :)

  9. Woww beautiful makeup Halima <3 Love your eyes <3

  10. This mint is seriously cool! I'd love to try it, but I'm scared I'll look like a sick person - I have a pale face... ;) X


  11. I love the colour combo... I need to step out of my makeup comfort zone xx

  12. you're gorgeous!!!
    <3 The eyeshadow looks amazing, really compliments your eye colour x

  13. That eyeshadow is gorgeous on you! I love wearing such unusual shades on the eyes too :)

  14. ooh i love how u love nars! :)

  15. your eye make up is amazing, wish I could do mine like that but im rubbish

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  16. Ooooh you is looking mighty fine Halima me lovely! ;) Love your makeup look! Oh how I wish I could be as brave as you & rock a vibrant lip! Love the look of NARS pencils...*sigh!* one day!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  17. Your makeup looks goregeous!! You did a really good job with it :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  18. amazing eye look! I'm not one to venture into colorful eyeshadows but that looks really pretty and wearable!

  19. BEAUTIFUL! love the eyes you just look gorgeous love that lipstick on you its perfect xx

  20. You look gorgeous as always! These colors work really well together.


  21. oh its such a gorgeous colour! I would have never thought to go for it but its so striking. xo

  22. Gorgeous! :)

    Love the colours, they work so well together! xx

  23. you look gorgeous :D
    I love your make up here :p xxx

  24. you're so pretty!!! xx vanessa

  25. Thanks ! You look pretty and your make up is fabulous, love it ! :) see ya xx

  26. I bloody love your hair girl. Pretty make up. So glad to have stumbled across you tonight.

    Helen, X


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