OOTD - Lightning Bolt Tee

Hello there! So Friday night I went out. It was bladdy freeeezing. Luckily we've not had any snow here in Manchester or I'd be k...

Hello there!

So Friday night I went out. It was bladdy freeeezing. Luckily we've not had any snow here in Manchester or I'd be kissing goodbye to my social life. Let's just put it this way, me and ice have been arch-enemies for a long time.

When I'd heard that the weather was going to be extremely cold this week I was really dreading the prospect of icy pathways everywhere! Argh!

But then I saw this top in Topshop, and all the talk of cold weather was put straight out the window! I fell head-over-heels for it, there was also a nude version with bronze shiny bits which I also wanted badly. In the end though, sensible me won out and I plumped for the blue one. Though, there could be a rematch next time I'm in there. Watch out sensible me!

Anyhoos, here is the top with my trusty bandage bodycon skirt:






Lightening Bolt Tee - Topshop
Black bandage bodycon skirt - Ark
Black opaque tights - Primark
Blue crystal ring - From a souk in Cairo, Egypt. I bought this last year. Lovelovelove.
Black chain ballets - eBay

And there you have it!

Did any of you guys get snow? if so, ner ner :P 

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  1. Gorgeous :) love the top! & you look really fierce with the red lippie- gorgeous xxx

  2. I have those shoes <3

    LOVE the top!

    Also loving the colour of your lipstick!

    - Sriya xx

  3. Beautiful pic! I'm loving the whole ensemble ;) I really want to go to Manchester - the Trafford shopping centre looks amazing!!! xxx

  4. haha I also love your lipstick!! Seems I'm in good company!
    I'm pretty fearful of the ice and snow at the moment too. Kinda wanting to go out tonight but this weather is pretty scary for heels! :(
    Anyway, you look great in the pics. Lovin' your style!

  5. Those chain ballets are too cute! Looking fab...loving the hair


  6. Love the shoes and top :) You look cute! x

  7. Gorgeous as always!! Love that top!
    Lippie is so pretty too! :D


  8. Looking fab as always hun, love your OOTD's :) also love love love those shoes!! where can I get a pair of those lovelies? :)

    Aysh xoxo

  9. Gorgeous as always! Love the top and skirt together. Stunning babe.


  10. Gorgeous ... that top is stunning!!! I know exactly what you mean about manchester in the snow & ice ... its horrendous!!

  11. ooh that skirt is so flattering on you girlie!

  12. I love anything bodycon and that top is to die for. I'm not surprise you went out regardless of the weather. BTW if it makes you feel any better, it's freezing here in Wisconsin too! :)

  13. Love that last photo hehe :)
    As soon as I seen your picture in my dashboard I was like GORGEOUS! Love when you wear bright lipsticks suits you so much and that top is lovely xxx

  14. I love the top! :) It's gorgeous. I've re-fallen in love with Topshop after I bought a coat today that wasn't priced like it was made out of gold haha! :) xxx

  15. ooh i love this outfit!
    the ring is gorgeous :)

  16. seen this top in topshop love it! you look awesome! xx

  17. I live in Miami, thank God we never get snow :P


  18. i love your outfit and your hair so much! The bodycon skirt looks amazing on you, xoxo


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