Whiteheads, be gone!

Hello my little pineapple chunks! I am officially back! Firstly, I've got my photos back (Gave in to photobucket and paid the bugge...

Hello my little pineapple chunks!

I am officially back! Firstly, I've got my photos back (Gave in to photobucket and paid the buggers for a pro account, meh) and I've got my laptop fixed. Wo0t!

Moving on!

Any of you suffer from whiteheads? I do. I had a serious outbreak of them on both my cheeks.

I cleansed, I exfoliated, I steamed, I swear, nothing worked. It didn't look so bad when I didn't have foundation on. But once I applied my usual foundation, you could see the bumps. Which really started to get on my t*ts.

So last week I paid my lovely doctor a visit. And believe me, he is lovely. ;) Haha.

I spoke of my woes. He nodded his head & prescribed Duac for me.


It's basically a gel which contains 5% benzoyl peroxide. I wasn't too keen on it, until the doctor told me it is different to regular over the counter Benzoyl Peroxide as it contained an anti biotic in it as well. Niiice.

He instructed me to apply a thin layer on my skin at night after cleansing. And to wear a good moisturiser during the day as the treatment will leave my skin looking and feeling dry.

I've used this for about a week now. By Thursday my skin started to peel, badly. I hated the way my skin looked. Especially with foundation on. So I purchased Olay's UV Fluid for normal/Oily skin which helped an awful lot.

So after a week, what did I think of it?

This gel looks promising. I'm halfway there, my skin looks noticeably less bumpy. Yes, I still do have quite a few bumps left, but I should wait a couple of weeks till I can say whether it gets rid of most of the whiteheads. And the Olay UV Fluid has definitely stopped me peeling like a snake!

I will be reporting back within the next few weeks to let you know how I get on.

Do you suffer from whiteheads? What do you use to treat them? Have you used this gel? 

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  1. Sigh ahahhaa my whiteheads on my cheeks JUST started forming everywhere! :( idk whyy and i tried popping them yesterday and, disaster. my nose looks kindof scabby from all the rough popping, someone asked me today if had gotten sunburn on my nose!

    this looks kind of promising, after your follow up review I might purchase! thanks!

  2. Oh no! You shouldn't be popping them! I am guilty of popping a few in my time, it usually leaves me with a scar, urgh. xx

  3. I used the Duac cream when I was younger, but I found that all it did was dry out my skin and make me look like a burns victim.

    The only thing that really worked to clear my skin was going on the pill. Though I've just completely broken out because I've been a very naughty girl and used facewipes for the past few nights!

    I really like your blog, I love your look!

    xx polkadot


  4. i get whiteheads occasionally on my cheeks too! i would love to hear more about your opinions on the duac cream :) <33

  5. I know, I really shouldn't! It's just addicting hahaha but I alllways regret it in the end! Thanks for replying!

  6. Hey great review! I get whiteheads on my face sometimes. Especially in the rainy season.
    By the way I've given you an award. So do check it out.

  7. this comes at a great time, as I am in the same boat. AHHHHHH. I have been a mess trying to get rid of them as I am an awful picker. I tried BP 5% cream over the counter but found it was way to harsh and was more for on ther surface spots and not the closed whiteheads deep below. Right now I am trying out the oxy efoliator once a week and smapling la roche posay cleanser from boots and their cream for after as it has salicylic acid in it which is meant to be grea to fight the whiteheads. You can get smaple versions for free in Boots and right now after 10 days of using I am starting to see them recede. FINALLY! Look forward to hearing more of DUac,


  8. My sister was prescribed this a few years back, and being the inquisitive soul I am, I borrowed it a few times when I had the odd huge spot. It worked pretty well (especially initially - it got less effective the longer it was used), BUT it bleached patches out of our pillowcases overnight like a bitch. Fingers crossed it doesn't bugger up your sheets too.

  9. omg! me and u the same, though i bought the BP10% again - like i didnt learn the first time, this time im takin it easy and applying less once a night, huge difference though very dry and no amount of moisturiser keeps its moisturised enough to have makeup on top, so at i work i av to redo my makeup half way through the day to keep lookin fresh, though horrid whiteheads are goin away wooohooo x

  10. I use this, it's best if you just dab on a teeny tiny amount rather than slather it on....it takes a good few weeks but I find it works really well :) The peeling stops after a couple of weeks I find.
    It worked well to have a night off per week and moisturise instead to give my skin a chance to recover from the dryness.
    Definitely use a white pillowcase though as it does bleach!
    (Nice blog btw...I'm in awe of your ring collection!) x

  11. Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?


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