A quick update and a wee post on INs & OUTs!

Hello, guys & gals.   I'm am extremely frustrated at the moment. First of all, photobucket has decided to not allow me to show ...

Hello, guys & gals.
I'm am extremely frustrated at the moment. First of all, photobucket has decided to not allow me to show my pictures on this blog 'cause apparently I've gone over my 10gb of storage. Which is a load of b***ocks if you ask me. And for my pictures to come back, I need to pay for a pro account or wait till the end of the month, pffft. NO THANKS!
AND my laptop is buggered. I have a a software problem which I'm trying to sort out.
I will be making some big changes around here within the the next few days. I'll be having more guest bloggers, reviews, lotsh & lotsh of FOTDS, OOTDS & plenty of pictures!
Seeing as I can't put up any pictures, I've got my friend to write up her ins & outs. At the moment I can't be doing my ins and outs as there's waaayyy too many outs, hehe!
So over to, Viv!

1. Gold – from eyeliner to shoes, the colour brings glamour to the work place (Unless your Alesha Dixon – see Outs!)

2. True Blood – series two just starting but series three available for download. Great to drop into the fantasy world every now again especially for the ‘hot’ actors.

3. Twix Fino – not much to them but they are chocolaty goodness at its best. The wafer instead of biscuit brings a different snack taste and they don’t clog the mouth as they are so light.

4. Twitter – enuf said!!



1. Alesha Dixon’s gold outfit on Help For Heroes Concert – did she get dressed in the dark? Or did she wear it for a bet?

2. People who love the sound of their own voice!

3. People who do not know enough about a subject but feel that they are justified in what they say and do. A good example is the nutter in America and his Quran burning threat! You should not judge many on the few.

4. The wet and windy weather – we will be building an ark soon if it carries on!!"
Haha, she is hilarious! And more funny in real life!
What are your ins and outs?
What would you like to see featured on the this blog?


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  2. i love true blood! i just started watching it recently online, and i can't get enough. nearly finished season 2 :)


  3. Nothings ever for free anymore, can't believe you have to pay to get your pics back!! Looking forward to outfit posts!

  4. Hmm...IN's: jewelery in every imaginable shape, size and color. OUT's: People who like to diss something you like just for the heck of it. That never made sense to me.
    Awesome blog!

    http://www.seren-dip-a-tea.blogspot.com/ Please follow me :D

  5. aww so sorry to hear about the photo issue =S hope it all work out soon =D ,, cat wait so see ur posts ,,
    hugs xx

  6. Just found your blog and am now following!

    Dont worry I always have photo issues argghhhh

    Check out my blog if you like



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