Topshop Jewellery haul. YAY!

Heylo! As most of you probably know that I love Topshop jewellery. At the moment, most of their stuff is SHITE! But here is a selecti...


As most of you probably know that I love Topshop jewellery. At the moment, most of their stuff is SHITE! But here is a selection of the best stuff out there in the stores (In my opinion). All these items were bought in June/July. There will be less talking or even writing in this post as the pictures speak for themselves really. :)

So here goes. Let's start off with the Earrings.

I'm not a huge earring-wearing person, mainly because my ears are covered with my hair. And I'm not a fan of those long chandeliar earrings either. On a rare occasion I will buy studs or ornament type of earrings. Like this one;

How could I not buy this? It is so unique and chic.

And this one, has ickle teeny pink roses. Pretty weird looking but yeah, LOVE. :)

Now onto the Necklaces.

Hello Big Ben! I purchased this from the Topshop sale. It cost around £8? Or £9? Something like that. Gorgeous and a highly unusual necklace. I'm not keen on the chain though, as it's silver and looks a bit gothish, don't you think? I will probably change it to a gold one.

Quite handy when you need to have a quick peek in the mirror without resorting to hurtling to the ladies loos at work. :)

Onto the back. There's a lot of detailing going on.

Oooh hello little birdy! Very vintage-y looking. :)

If only the buttons worked! One can only dream. :)

And a closer look.

Another mirror necklace with cute incy wincy bits attached to it. The mirrors not quite big enough to have a little peek like the other one above. Haha. :)


Simple yet oozes elegance.

This is the mini version of the big mother ring I featured in one of my OOTDs.

A carved rose ring. It's big, it's coral, and I heart it. :)

And that's the end!

What's your favorite item featured in this post? I really can't choose, I love them all in their own special way!

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  1. Gorgeous jewellery - I got the lipstick/chair earrings too! Was also v tempted to get the Big Ben necklace - just so different! xx

  2. actually in love with the crown ring !!!
    ive never seen that in my topshop !
    totally amaze


  3. omg wow those earrings! i never find that nice earrings from topshop and that bird cage is lush :)

  4. i love it all (:, very vintage!,X

  5. I love the lipstick earrings, the typewrite necklace and the mirror necklace.

    I bought a v. similar necklace from Miss Selfridge for the bargain price of £5!

  6. I love them all but I really love the last ring the rose coral ring. Gorgeous xx

  7. Love the crown ring!! You picked up some really gorgeous pieces!

  8. I seriously love all the amazing things you bought.
    Especially the necklace with big ben and that crown ring!

    p.s. i'm now following :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. wow those jewelry look amazing <3 super cute ,,

    to do list ,, next time i go top shop ,, i need to check the accessories section

  11. Wow ! Seriously, you have the most amazing jewelry collection ! I like the typewriter necklace!


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