Revlon Colourburst lipsticks.

I love lipsticks. Oh yes I do. I have my fair share of lipglosses but I'm more of a lipstick kinda gal. It feels chic, the colour ...

I love lipsticks. Oh yes I do. I have my fair share of lipglosses but I'm more of a lipstick kinda gal.

It feels chic, the colour pay off is better, lasts longer and makes me feel like one of those posh grown up women, especially when the packaging looks expensive. So when I saw Revlon Colourburst lipsticks in my local Boots, the first thing that drew me to it was the actual packaging, it looked quilted, which has a designer feel to it. I found myself quickly throwing a couple of shades into the basket. Plus, Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on, bonus!

Check out the packaging! It's ohh so sleek. I ended up purchasing Peach, Soft Rose, Fuchsia and Classic Red.

Left to right; Fuchsia, Classic Red, Peach & Soft Rose.

From the moment I applied it I loved it. It was creamy, it was glossy and it was not drying at all. And the shades I chose were not frosty which I LOVE, me and frosty formulas just do not get along.

So what does it look like on?

This is in Peach. Quite a subtle colour. Comes out sheer on me because my lips are quite pigmented. I'd class this as a nude and I would wear this to the office.

Soft Rose. A neutral, soft brown toned colour. I like it. :)

Fuchsia baby! This really is fuchsia. A beautiful hot pink shade.

And last but not least, Classic Red. You cannot get a truer red than this.

As much as I love all of the above, my favorite shades are definitely Fuchsia and Classic Red. Obviously because I'm currently digging bright shades.

  • Creamy, glossy formula. Not moisturising but not drying either.
  • Lipstick glides on like a dream.
  • Highly pigmented colour. One swipe for me is sufficient enough to make the colour opaque (other than Peach)
  • As the lipstick leaves a glossy finish, you don't really need lipgloss. Unless you want an ultra glossy look.
  • The packaging! Very sleek and chic.
  • 12 shades to choose from. Ranging from reds to nudes.
  • Lasting power is decent. Lasts around 3-4 hours without eating and drinking. Brighter shades will leave a lovely stain behind. :)
  • The US have 20 shades. The UK have 12. No fair!
  • The bright colours can sometimes bleed so you will need to apply lipliner beforehand.

Revlon Colourburst lipsticks are available at Boots & Superdrugs priced at £7.99. Not bad for an expensive looking lippy. 

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  1. I love these but I have not seen 20 shades here in the US sadly. I have Baby Pink and Lilac. They are so creamy, great post!

  2. oh my soo getting these colours!! thanks for the review lovely, wat other shades did they have?

  3. At least you've seen 12 in the UK, I haven't seen any in Canada! Those colours are so nice & they all suit you so well, xx

  4. hey girl... we JUST apparently got these in Canada and have few colours as well. I bought baby pink and soft nude while I was in the US... they are really nice, and the packaging is cute. I really like the fuchsia one on you.

  5. @rachel- just noticed your comment, walmart has got these in, in Canada.

  6. Thank you ladies! XxX

    @InnerBelle They had all 12 shades, can't remember what they're called now, lol. But I'm sure you will see them in your local boots or superdrug. Defo recommend you get the fuschia and Classic red. Can see that complimenting your skin tone beautifully. xx

  7. Fuchsia! Definitely Fuchsia! Looks great on you, I must check these out! I keep looking for them in Boots, but I haven't seen them there yet!x

  8. stunnings lippys dont know which one to choose they all look hot on you :)

  9. thanks so much for this post! ever since this collection came out, i've been eyeing soft nude because i really wanted a nude shade. but till this day, i still cant seem to find it! but thanks to your gorgeous pictures, i think i will settle for peach :D thanks! these lippies look amazing on youu!

  10. Why can no one on blogs spell fuchsia? It's even written on the packaging and yet everyone still gets it wrong!


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