OOTD - Bleached boyfriend denim shirt with a nude bodycon. Also, a closer look at my blooming ring!

Hello! Summer has arrived people! Hang on, no it hasn't. Okay, yes it has! You can never tell in Manchester, haha. :) One day it&#...


Summer has arrived people! Hang on, no it hasn't. Okay, yes it has! You can never tell in Manchester, haha. :) One day it's super sunny and the next it pours it down and I am freeeezing. Brrr...

As it's my day off today, I decided to tie up a few loose ends, you know, go to the bank, pay some bills, a bit of shopping, yadda yadda yadda. So I dressed pretty casually.

Nevertheless, here it is:

Nude bandage bodycon top - Topshop
Bleached boyfriend denim shirt - Ark (I love this shop, they replicate clothes from Topshop, River Island, places like that and sell it for half the price!)
Lipstick & ring necklace - Accessorize
Silver bangles - Primark

I'm also wearing a ring which I bought from Topshop for around £16.00 but you can't see it. It's blooming gorgeous, so to speak. It is pretty huge.

And a closer look..

I got a couple of random strangers come up to me today and ask how could I wear something so big and if it bugs me. I was pretty gobsmacked that the ring made quite an impression on people. I'm actually typing with it on and it doesn't make much of a difference to me, but maybe it would for someone that doesn't wear huge rings.  

Would you wear a ring as bold as this?

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  1. it looks GORGEOUS :) i love a statement ring! thanks for commenting btw.. and your welcome XD your blog is lovely! hope you found my tips useful :) <33

  2. lol that ring is ginormous!!!!!!!! but very sexy i love it!

  3. oh wow your ring is gorgeous! reminds me of the dior jewelery!

  4. Lovely outfit! And isn't it weird when people just randomly take it upon themselves to comment on things like that...
    Thanks for visiting my blog :) Jealous of your Parma Violet nail varnish, that's next on my hit list! If only for the name (Parma Violets are one of my favourite sweets!)
    You should get some of the nail stickers if you want an easy way to get into nail art.£2.50 in boots. Stick them on, whack a topcoat on, done!

  5. Love the ring. Hope you could follow me back

  6. UUUU I love your ring!


  7. i would totally wear that ring!! its stunning. :)

  8. That ring is HUGE but I love it :)
    Love the outfit too, that top is gorgeous! xx

  9. You're stunning, love your ring too!

    Mine was from Primark, £2 :) xo

  10. LOOOOVE your bandage top from here! LOOOVE it! P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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