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Some of you may have noticed that I mentioned a product responsible for my wavy, messy hair (By the way, in my book, messy hair is good!)...

Some of you may have noticed that I mentioned a product responsible for my wavy, messy hair (By the way, in my book, messy hair is good!).

Yes, I'm talking about none other than Fudge's Salt Spray. I've always been on the hunt for something that would give me that wavy look minus the frizz. I've tried salt sprays from KMS, GHD & VO5. But they all share something in common - Frizz galore.

So what does Fudge say about their salt spray?

"Medium Hold Bodifying Salt Enhanced Texture Spray.Fudge Salt Spray is ideal for the raw texture look. Gives extra body and texture to dull hair and protects from UV damage. Contains hard setting polymers to give a crisp finish and anti-humidity ingredients to maximise flexibility and hold. It also has pro vitamin B which strengthens and conditions the hair. Mango and coconut fragrance."

Nice. Moving on..

The main reason I wanted to try this product is because now it's officially summer, I wanted to get into the whole beach look that starts off round about now. Although, I still wanted to keep my fringe straight-ish but with texture so it goes with the whole hair style.

Anyways, I found that 6 pumps all over damp hair paying attention to the root area was sufficient enough product for me, anymore and my hair would look a bit frazzled. I also sprayed a tiny amount on my fringe to make it go with the hair style. If I blowdried my fringe without the salt spray in, it would look shiny, sleek and look quite odd with a matt, messy style!

Once I spritzed it onto damp hair, I grabbed my hairdryer, set it onto a low heat and speed setting and began scrunching my hair whilst ensuring my hair partially dries. You've also got to really scrunch the root area too so it doesn't appear flat once it's dried.

When my hair began feeling semi-damp (if that even makes sense), I blow-dried my fringe. The salt spray made it look matt, textured and volumised. Perfect!

I found that if you scrunch dry your hair till it is fully dry, hair has a tendency to frizz. So I left it semi-damp.

The result?

I love it. My hair does feel a tad dry but I've found this is normal with salt sprays, after all it does contain salt! I've been using this product everyday for the past few weeks, mainly because it's not as time consuming as blowdrying and straightening.

I also found my hair stays like this for the whole day! I kid you not. Maybe it has something to do with the fact my hair is naturally curly? And believe or not, judging from this picture, you can't really tell that I have fine hair, right? It really does appear to have thickened the ol' mane up.

  • Smells lush, and mostly of coconut
  • Doesn't leave the hair too dried out like other salt sprays
  • The pump dispenser really spreads out the product over a wide area
  • Volumises, makes hair appear thicker, 'messifies' & gives the "matt beach effect"
  • Less time consuming than blowdrying & straightening the hair

  • Costs £10.95. Some may find it expensive. Although I got mine from eBay for £8.76.
  • If you go OTT with the spraying, your hair could be left looking frizzy and feeling quite dry

Have you tried Fudge's Salt Spray or any other salt sprays?

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  1. I've just started using the Frederic Fekkai Oceanique Tousled Wave Spray - it's expensive, but really good. Your hair doesn't feel heavy or sticky and it holds all day. With some products I feel like I want to wash my hair straight away, but not so with this. I would really recommend it.x

  2. Hi! I'm Ema, hairstylist in Brasov City, Romania.
    The Fudge brand comes in Romania and I discovered it. These products are very good.
    Also, I use TIGI CATWALK.
    Thanks for yor rewiew.
    Here: I posted some quick reviews about Fudge products.
    Keep in touch,

  3. I really love the smell of this stuff, but no matter what I do my hair turns out super flat when I use these products. This has insprired me to try it tomorrow tho! ha ha! Looks great on you though! xxxx

  4. Thank you ladiesss! xx

    @girlinthecity - Ahh, I should have mentioned in here that I have pretty fine hair too! So this really is a god send for us fine haired folk. xx

    @Emma - Oh yeah! Definately try it out and let me know how it works for you! xx

  5. I've recently tried the Fructis one and found that rubbish and so I just got the VO5 one today. May well be trying this next if the VO5 one isn't any good for me.

  6. nice look! i have naturally curly hair.. wonder how this would make my hair look...

  7. your hair looks lovely! i should try this...

  8. great review - thanks for this! it looks well nice!! ps i love your eyeliner in this one xxx

  9. Looks lovely - I think I need some of this :)

  10. hi! i love your blog, especially that lipstick post below. great work!

  11. wowee your hair looks lushh :) so perfect fo summer! ive been looking around at a few salt sprays but nothing has caught me eye yet! i might have to have a look at this one now :) thanks for your lovely comment btw! <33

  12. Your hair looks lovely!

    You are right about the price though, it's now usually £11 to £13 :( though I've just found it on a weekly offer for £7 on

    Here is the link! fudge salt spray

    Kate :) x


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