Mini Lush Haul.

For me, coming out of a Lush store with products is a big deal. This is due to a bad experience I had with one of their products last year...

For me, coming out of a Lush store with products is a big deal. This is due to a bad experience I had with one of their products last year that just put me off buying things from them again.

So what happened last year?

I walked into Lush for the very first time in search of of something that would help the acne breakout on my cheeks I had back then. One of the 'Lushettes' recommended Ocean Salt scrub. I thought okay, you're the boss. So I purchased it.

As I reached home, I applied the Ocean Salt Scrub, and BAM! OUCHOUCHOUCH! My skin was stinging like a bitch, I quickly rinsed it off with cold water. My skin looked red and irritated. The next day I woke up to a scab on on my cheek. Ahhh. An experience I would like to forget.

Moving on...

So today I popped into Lush with my bad experience behind me to find some products that would help me pipe the f**k down. I have been a bit of stress head lately. :S

I picked up Flying Fox shower gel & The Comforter bubble bar mainly because of the smell.

Flying fox contains honey & jasmine. You can faintly smell the honey in this but the jasmine is predominant. And I luuurve jasmine, reminds me of my visit to India.

Doesn't it look like swiss roll? Yummy. Minus the calories. I'm not sure what this smells of, maybe berries? Whatever it is, it smells gorgeous! Can't wait to try it tonight after my run. :)

Have you bought anything from Lush lately? If so, throw a couple of recommendations at me!

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  1. If you like the comfortor you should really get their new soap 'Summer Pudding' it is gorgeous :)
    I've just bought it.


  2. Oooh thanks, Jess! I'll check it out next time I'm in town. :) xx

  3. Oooo I really want to try the comforter - I love their 6 products for £10 offer at the moment, the green foot scrub is amazing! x

  4. i've also had really bad experiences from lush... ultrabland broke me out badly. i recommend the strawberry massage bar :) oh and buffy x

  5. I love Flying Fox! It's one of my favourite Lush products - my aunt put together a little care package when I first started university and Flying Fox was in it - the scent always reminds me of my first term at uni :)

    Another great product is Ultra Bland - it's an incredibly gentle cleanser/makeup remover, I'd recommend it to anyone, even those with really sensitive skin xxx

  6. I love flying fox. :) Great post

  7. I love flying fox - one of my favourite scents!! I'm actually dying to try to bubblegum pink lip scrub from Lush.


  8. Yummy....It does look like a swiss roll :D. Nice haul!


  9. I am really liking the each peach massage bar....using it as a moisturiser. Is so good, and it smells amazing!

  10. the comforter looks so nice :) I tried out a sample of the vanishing cream from lush once and it made a real difference to my skin after just using the tiny sample amount but i haven't been near a lush since so i havent had a chance to purchase anything :( xo

  11. Hi
    Thanks for my first comment! I thought I'd have a look at you're blog, and really liked it. Definitely going to be getting some designer spray! and that salt spray looks worth a try too, I've been using a tony and guy one but it leaves me a bit crisp. Never bought anything from lush though, but that pink stuff looks like something I'd want to eat.
    Lizzie x

  12. omgg the comforter looks so goood! have you tried it yet? i'm curious to see if it works well!


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