What is a Korean Italy Towel and Why Do You Need It In Your Life?

Not to be too hyperbolic here, but honestly, just round up all your coffee scrubs and all your salt scrubs and pretty much every other...

Green Exfoliating Korean Italy Towel Review

Not to be too hyperbolic here, but honestly, just round up all your coffee scrubs and all your salt scrubs and pretty much every other type of scrub you might have, before we get started here, and just bin them (ok please don't do that!). I have seen the light, and that light is... green and... fabricy.

Yes, the light I've seen is the Korean Italy Towel, and I implore you to read on and find out why you simply must have one.

What on earth is an Italy Towel?

Well, it's an exfoliating mitt, used in Korean spas and found in many households all across Korea. The name Italy Towel came about as the original mitts were created from a form of viscose imported from... Italy.

The mitt itself is an abrasive, exfoliating towel, which basically scrubs off the dead skin from your body. They remind me a little bit of the mitts you might find in a hammam, like the Rituals Kessa glove, but the fabric is a bit thinner, a bit lighter and isn't half as painful.

They come in a variety of colours, which denote a different level of abrasiveness. The green one I purchased is the most common, and can be used on most areas of the body. There's a yellow one, which is the most abrasive. The pink one is the least abrasive, and usually saved for the face.

So why do I need one?

Because they're really, really good! Ever since I've started using the towels, the skin on my body is almost unrecognisable in places. One area in particular, where the mitts have made a huge difference is my back. It's been a problem area for me since I was a teenager, constantly bumpy and seemingly nothing I could do to resolve it. Weekly scrubs would never make a long-term impact, I was continually chasing smooth skin, and it was always just beyond reach.

But after using the Italy Towel once, and I really do mean once, my back felt different. The bumps had gone, just like that, never to return (ok hyperbole again). In all seriousness though, my back has been completely transformed, to the point where it feels like it's someone else's back, so smooth, and when moisturised, my skin glistens!

And how do I use it?

Green Korean Italy Towel Review

For best results, soak your skin for at least 15 minutes in the bath or shower. Then you put on the mitt, and start scrubbing to your heart's content, either in circular or up-and-down motions. Just remember, it is abrasive, and if you start to feel any pain or discomfort, go a little easier on yourself or stop altogether.

The first time I used it, I felt that abrasive sensation, and debris started rolling off my skin - dead skin! So I continued, scrubbing all over my body, including my feet and hands. After scrubbing, just rinse yourself off. You can then apply toner, moisturiser or whatever your usual routine is.

Afterwards, I expected that my skin might feel dehydrated or taut, but it didn't - it felt silky and smooth, almost as glassy as the skin on my face! Also note, that the mitt starts to shrink as you use it for the first time, supposedly to fit nicely on your hand. It feels like mine may have shrunk a little too much, but you can stretch it out when wet.

Guidance I've found online varies as to how often you should use it, anywhere from weekly to monthly, but I've found the best approach is to listen to my skin, see how it's feeling and use when necessary. As I type this, I last used the towel two weeks ago and my skin feels in need of a bit of a scrub.

Where can I buy one?

The great thing about this is, it's so easy to get hold of. You can pick up a pack of 5 on Amazon* for £5.93. Yes, that's five pounds and ninety three pence for five!

*Note that this is an affiliate link, and I may receive commission on any purchases made. There are plenty of other places to buy online though, so always do your research :)

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