I Ditched the heavy Brow Pomades and Gels for Glossier's Boy Brow

The title feels almost like a confession. But the fact remains, I'm so over eye brow gels and pomades. My brows have been thr...

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The title feels almost like a confession. But the fact remains, I'm so over eye brow gels and pomades.

My brows have been through a lot. Firstly, the dreaded thin brows. If you visit some of my posts from 2009, you'll catch a glimpse of just how thin my brows were. To be fair, they used to be a lot thinner. I found that each time I visited the brow lady to get my brows threaded, she'd just do them thinner and thinner to the point where it looked like a piece of shaped string.

From extreme thin, I went to extreme thick, and left my brows untouched for a good 6 months, obviously plucking the middle, 'cause girl, I ain't about that unibrow. During this time, my brows seemed to have recovered from the excessive threading, and there weren't quite so many gaps.

And this is the point of my life where I discovered brow pomades, and from here I thought I'd go one step further than the bush and create that strong brow. Which basically meant that I ended up literally drawing on my brows. Looking back at the photos, I WANT THE GROUND TO SWALLOW ME UP. I used to box off the brows, and I still laugh at the fact that people used to compliment them. My eyebrows were quite literally all the talk at my then job at the time, ladies asking for tips on how to make them look so... great.

The next brow-volution came about as a result of switching my hair colour to a unicorn-esque mixture of pastel pink, powdery blue and lilac. I decided to go a little easier on the pomade - just applying, and then brushing it through the brows, and no boxing off!

However, I've now decided to phase out the pomades all together, and all of this happened as a result of purchasing Glossier's Boy Brow. My expectations were actually set quite low, even though I actually had a dream about this product, where I envisioned a great future for me, with Boy Brow in it. After using this just once, I had an epiphany. I need to listen to my dreams more often.

That first morning I tried it, I brushed the product through my brows and POW. They looked fucking amazing, and there's no other way to describe it. There were still some gaps visible, but I wasn't actually bothered because my brows looked like MY BROWS, but better. They looked fluffier, bushier, a few gaps here and there, but very well groomed and natural. I'm officially a convert.

Glossier Boy Brow Rainbow Aesthetic Tumblr Brown Review 

Releasing the inner rainbow...

Glossier Boy Brow Brown South Asian Review 

Here's what Glossier say about it:

"All brow needs have been considered to create THE brow product: one to thicken, fill in, and groom brows into place. The creamy wax formula is inspired by traditional hair pomade for soft, flexible hold that doesn’t stiffen or flake. Comes in four shades: Blond, Brown, and Black boost brows with an oomph of color, while Clear gives you the same soft, conditioning hold minus the pigment. We’re inspired by healthy, face-framing brows and consider brow grooming the last crucial step to heading out into the world: brush your teeth, brush your brows, and then maybe brush your hair."

Yeah, I'll give brushing the hair a miss though. I purchased the shade 'Brown', but I also picked up 'Black' as I was quite sceptical that brown would even show up on my brows, after all, it looks like a brow mascara and up until now my experience with them has been shit.

The only real down-side, and it's quite a big down-side, is the price. It's a tiny, tiny little tube that makes you feel like a giant with just 3.12g of product contained within, but it's been priced at £14. I mean, it's really, really good, but WHY.

Despite that, I must say that I absolutely adore Boy Brow. Not only is it a time saver, where now I simply just brush the product through, but also it makes my brows look more defined in a much more natural way, and I am 100% here for that.

White Smokey Eyes Makeup Look Glossier Boy Brow Brushed Thick Groomed Brows 

Will I ever go back to traditional brow pomades? I think the fuck not, but you never know, I may get tired of paying £14 a month (probably) on my brows, or fed up of waiting for Aldi or Makeup Revolution to launch a good quality dupe and just go back to the pomades. Here's hoping Glossier have started something irreversible though, and Box-brows go the way of VHS, Betamax and Mini-Disc. In the bin.

Anyway, enjoy some photos of my new styled brows, with a white smokey eye and multi-coloured pastel freckles.

Fashionicide Glossier Boy Brow Brushed Review 

White Smokey Eyes Editorial Makeup Graphic Liner Boy Brow Glossier Review 

Pastel Unicorn Freckles White Graphic Eyeliner 

Editorial Pastel Rainbow multicoloured Freckles Makeup Look White Smokey Eyes Graphic Liner

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  1. They DO look amazing! Looks like I need one in my life haha! Filling them in takes forever too <3 confession I have still not tried anything from Glossier but when I do order, I will for sure add this into my basket. Fab review as always Lima xx


  2. It looks so good! I'm going to try a different brow gel and see if that works for me as my brows have been looking too 'done' recently.

  3. Gorgeous brows!! I used to have really thin brows as well. Got bored of that and just let them grow back. I don't do a lot to them now as I just can't be bothered. I think your's look fab, this makeup as well, dynamite!! x


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