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When I think of L'Oreal in makeup terms, I hark back to the days where I'd casually walk past their section without barely raisin...

Reviews Loreal Infallible Eye Paints Eyeshadow

When I think of L'Oreal in makeup terms, I hark back to the days where I'd casually walk past their section without barely raising an eyelid, and on towards the likes of Sleek instead. Unless I needed a mascara of course, because let's be honest - L'Oreal have always had dope mascaras.

So credit where credit is due, because L'Oreal have upped their game. They've had a bit of a shakeup, and have started to introduce more colour as well as incorporating some interesting new product lines into their range, such as the new Baby Doll coloured mascaras, which have the cutest packaging, ever! They seem to be catering more for those who love a bit of colour in their makeup, which is really refreshing and are now no longer being assocatiated as the 'boring brand with the amazing mascaras'.

One of many new offerings to catch the eye, are the *Infallible Eye Paint Eyeshadows. They're a range of eight eyeshadows from gold and silver through to bolder purples and greens, with a little something for everyone.

Here's L'Oreal's blurb on the Infallible Eye Paints:

Loreal Infallible Eye Paints Eyeshadow Swatches

"Infallible Paint Eyeshadow’s liquid-to-powder formula glides on smoothly and blends seamlessly, while coated pigments create our most intense colour deposit and a vibrant, saturated finish. The precision applicator provides easy, one-stroke application that lasts throughout the day."

The L'Oreal Infallible Eye Paints come in some pretty sleek packaging, with a flat looking sponge applicator hidden away in the lid. I'd say that the texture of the product feels like a thick creamy formula that dries down to a soft matte finish. They've also got various degrees of shimmer running through them, 'Infinite Purple' has the teensiest amount of subtle shimmer to it, whereas 'Over The Blue' has a real metallic finish.

Loreal Infallible Eye Paints Eyeshadow Swatches Dark Skin

Swatches of L'oreal's Infallible Eye Paints (L-R) - 201 Vicious Gold, 301 Infinite Purple, 104 Unstoppable Teal, 203 Iconic Silver, 204 Over The Blue, 101 Eternal White 

In terms of pigmentation, the colour pay off is pretty fantastic! The colours are all rich, very well pigmented and opaque, with the exception of 'Golden Eye' which is a thin metallic gold that you'll need to layer if you want full-on colour, and 'Infinite Purple' which applies quite streaky, but there are ways around that. As for application, I tend not to use the applicator that comes with it. I find that I use the various shades for all sorts of different purposes, and a single applicator can't cover all of that. 

As an example, I used 'Golden Eye' to highlight my inner corner, but to apply it, I simply dabbed it on with my finger. I also used 'Infinite Purple' as an eyeliner, but using a standard thin brush liner makes it look a bit streaky. So I used a flat liner brush instead, and found that I had none of that streaky business going on.

Loreal Infallible Eye Paints Eyeshadow Makeup Look

When using the Infallible Eye Paints as eyeliners, I was a little wary that the colour may fade or smudge throughout the day due to it's soft matte finish. I was pleasantly surprised then, when at the end of the day they were still just as bold, and more importantly, they'd stayed in the right place without any smudging or movement.

I think what I actually enjoy about these eye paints the most though, is that L'Oreal have suggested they can be used in a variety of different ways, so the marketing is not restricting them to a single-use product, which is what boring brands tend to do. They can be used as an eyeshadow base for colour intensity, as eyeliner, for inner corner detail, graphic liner, cut creases and even for painting your mascara'd lashes. This is what makes makeup so exciting to me, experimenting with products and colours and I'm glad L'Oreal are encouraging this.

Reviews Loreal Infallible Eye Paints Makeup Look

Overall, I'm really enjoying using the Infallible Eye Paints. The colour range is appealing to a wide range of people and the formula is smooth, creamy and durable. The only slight gripe I have with it is the applicator. There's nothing wrong with the applicator itself, but because the formula is so thick it just doesn't pick much product up. To get around this, I had to swirl it around in the tube before taking the applicator out. It's only a slight gripe though, and detract from the quality of the product.

The L'Oreal Infallible Eye Paints are priced at £5.99 each and can be purchased from Superdrug, Boots and ASOS. 

*PR Sample

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  1. I agree with you on the fact about how Loreal never used to be the brand if like you wanted something different than the norm. It makes me so so happy that now drug store brands are upping their game and doing things that are different and exciting. It's like their catering to everyone now and not just a few.

  2. you look incredible - the eye make-up is amazing. i might have to check out these eye paints! xx

  3. Love this eye look. I would have never thought to create an eye shadow look like that. And the price on the eye paints is not bad at all!

  4. Omg the gold and teal are stunning. And such a gorgeous look you've created! I'd love to be more adventurous and start incorporating more colour xx
    Sophia xx

  5. These are such lovely shades and your makeup is so beautiful! Pure art

    Ash |

  6. They look fantastic, love all the colors. Your makeup is amazing, well done!

  7. You are so inspiring!!!! I love the way you do your make-up, it is pure art!!

    Style & Life by Susana -


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