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Why hello there! It feels like it's been ages since I last blogged. In fact, I haven't posted anything since last year (har har)....

Holographic Unicorn

Why hello there! It feels like it's been ages since I last blogged. In fact, I haven't posted anything since last year (har har). Over the holiday period, I was one of the unfortunate many who were struck down by that god awful bug that was going around, so I've had no energy for a while. Thankfully it's fucked off out of my system now!

And what better way to end a month-long hiatus with an outfit post featuring an up-and-coming indie brand with a little something different going for them? I've been following Brighton-based Tallulah's Threads on Instagram with keen interest for quite some time now. I'm kinda hooked on their 'Alternative' vibe that sets them apart from the high street, so when they approached me, I couldn't bite their hands off quick enough.

Holographic Unicorn 10

I didn't even have to look too hard on their site, because I already knew what I wanted. Yep, their *Silver Unicorn Holographic dress stole my heart instantly. Because, well, Holographic Unicorns. Of course. But if shiny, multi-coloured, reflective unicorns aren't your thing (why not?!) then worry not, there's quite an eclectic range on their online shop.

I went for the extra small, which is for size 6 figures, but it's so baggy I think a size 8 or even a size 10 could get away with it too. It's a black smock dress with Holographic Unicorn shaped vinyls placed all over the front, which I believe are fixed into place using heat. One word of caution though, I'd avoid sitting in front of a fan heater whilst wearing it, as I noticed the unicorns started to peel off a little at the corners. I'd also recommend ironing it inside out to avoid melting those vinyls. Other than that, it's fucking perfect.

Holographic Unicorn 6

Due to it's loose fitting nature, it's really comfortable, easy to wear and actually pretty versatile. You can wear it as it comes, or wrap a cute little belt around the waist. Slip on a pair of heels, and you've got your OOTN sorted!

Holographic Unicorn 7

Holographic Unicorn 8

Silver Holographic Unicorn Smock Dress - Tallulah's Threads
Holographic Skinny Belt - ASOS
Iridescent Bag - LYDC
Mouse Flats - ASOS

Funny thing about that belt, it's so tiny and thin, I actually misplaced it! So I literally turned the house inside out looking for it, only to discover it hanging up on the coat hooks behind the bedroom door. It's always the last place you look, isn't it...

Anyway, the Silver Holographic Unicorn Smock dress can be found at Tallulah's Threads priced at £53. If you're bored of the high street, I'd recommend checking them out HERE, there are plenty of gems to be found.

*PR Sample


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  1. Love this dress with the Unicorns of course, it's a hit from me. Wonderful photos too
    Hun, I spot a few places around MCR ;)

    I've followed TT on Insta for a while and I'm glad to hear the sizes are a little loose fitting, il feel more comfy ordering something now.

    Glad your feeling better now too.

    Gem | gemsupnorth.co.uk xx

  2. Oh my gosh I love this outfit! Unicorns are the best <3

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  3. I feel like this is basically you in dress form! Love it and these photos are absolutely gorgeous <3

  4. Gorgeous as always Lima! Both the dress and the model ;) I particularly love the lights and bokeh, they set off the dress perfectly xx

  5. So pretty (both you and the dress:). I feel like you must be carrying a backpack full of fairy lights and dreamy props everywhere, how do you do that?! Amazing photos xx

  6. Of course I love this ;-) Looking amazing doll x

  7. I am glad your back! Tallulah's Threads are such a rad brand love this dress on you

  8. Well isn't this dress just magical?! You look amazing as usual and now I am off to check out Tallulah's Threads immediately! :)

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid


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