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Wow, it really has felt like I've been completely neglecting social media of late, but I promise that this post is the start of much...

Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue

Wow, it really has felt like I've been completely neglecting social media of late, but I promise that this post is the start of much more frequent activity! It's been a hectic month or so now, with my younger sister getting married and moving away from the family home to live with her new husband. But that's all done with now, and it's time to start getting back to business. First up then, is the gorgeous  Eye and Cheek palette by Stila named *Perfect Me, Perfect Hue in Tan/Deep.

Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue

I think what Stila have done with Perfect Me, Perfect Hue is commendable to say the least. It feels like a real rarity in the beauty industry, but they have actually attempted to cater for all skin tones by creating a range of four palettes. These range from Fair/Light all the way through to Tan/Deep, and each palette has it's own range of shades aimed at covering the corresponding grouping of skin tones. I plumped for the Tan/Deep palette, as it had a nice range of deep, luscious looking shades.

Upon first opening the palette, my eyes darted around like an excited schoolgirl dreaming up all sorts of possibilities. Of course, Stila have handily given a description of each individual product on the back of the packaging and what it's for, but I prefer not to work under such constraints, so I played around with the powders and used them how I saw fit. Fuck the police!

Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue


Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue

(Left to Right) - 'Imaginative' (base), 'Brilliant' (highlight), 'Vibrant' (blush), 'Adventerous' (lid)

Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue

(Left to Right) - 'Flirty' (crease), 'Mesmerising' (liner) & 'Witty' (blush)


Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue

For the look I've created, I used the gorgeous peach base colour 'Imaginative' for my lids, and I took the brick red blusher 'Witty', applied it in the crease and blended it out. For the lower lash line I mixed in a little more 'Witty' with the warm brown toned 'Flirty', which Stila recommend for the crease. I went with Stila on the brow bone highlight and used 'Brilliant'.
  Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue

For my inner corners I used the aptly named 'Adventurous', which is a bang-on, opaque copper shade that I loved so, so much I just had use it as my cheekbone highlight, and wow it looks popping! For my blusher, I opted for 'Vibrant', which Stila call a deep peach, and certainly, it's darker than 'Imaginative'.

As for the actual quality of the powders, I was seriously impressed. They are all oh so soft, and unlike some similarly priced brands there wasn't even a hint of chalkiness or fallout. Not only that, they are actually really pigmented, so I didn't need to pack on the shadows at all. In fact, all it took was one swipe with my brush and I was done - very impressive!

I'm thinking that this palette would be perfect for someone who is constantly travelling around a lot, or even someone who is just looking for an element of convenience from their makeup collection. This has everything you need to give yourself a quick makeover in the mornings, whether you're abroad or heading out for work. If you're the sort who doesn't like to rummage around the makeup drawer(s) each day or travels light, you need this. 

Personally, I found this to be a lifesaver during the wedding, as I was roped in to doing the makeup for all of the women in the family, and there are a lot of us! I found that I didn't need to take too many single shadows with me, as it is well suited to the Asian Wedding look with it's burgundy, peachy and coppery tones. What I most liked about it, is it's such an easy palette to work with. When you're short for time, high on workload and through the roof on stress, a simple, effective palette with everything in one place makes applying makeup on such a big day go just that little bit smoother.

The palette comes in at a reasonable £28. Honestly, at that money I probably would not have purchased this, but now that I have it, I'd seriously reconsider purchasing when it starts to run out - and it will run out. If the Tan/Deep one isn't your bag, worry not as the other three in the range are bound to have you covered. You can purchase these palettes over on the Stila website.

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  1. Your make up is ALWAYS GOALS!

    Can't believe how diverse this palette is too!

    Char xo ||

  2. Oh my gosh those shades are amazing! I've been trying to find good red/orange hues for eyeshadow everywhere - especially because they're great for Autumn looks - so thank you for this review!

    Lizzie Bee //

  3. Absolutely slaying with this look! I adore the shades!!

  4. Freaking gorgeous!! Loving these are brilliant at this. The brows are so on point, I could freak out!! Brilliant babe xx

  5. You have such a unique style and it is truly tremendous! I love the creativity in the palette and application. Please continue to stand out. It looks GORGEOUS on you :)

    kellmenow |
    Instagram |
    Facebook |
    Twitter |
    BlogLovin |

  6. You have great make up skills. I really like this make up look you creates, your eyes look so dramatic and your eyebrows are so perfect!

    I can imagine it has been pretty hectic with your sister moving out and all, we all have busy times and sometimes it is all for the better because a rest from social networks is something we all need at times.

  7. Great that the texture is soft! That palette is perfection! Your blending is on fleek.

    <3 | X ALY | Aly In Wanderland | Latest: Glams and Choker Heart

  8. Dang girl! I wish I could pull off eyes like that! I went through the rest of your blog as well and you have some AMAZING posts up! So many cool eye looks! So glad we came across each other!
    xoxo, simona and indre

  9. Great review! You're making me want to buy more makeup.


  10. Oh wow, this is stunning! Those colors look fantastic. You're seriously making me wish I was better at makeup!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  11. This looks AMAZING! Your eyeshadow skills are literally what I want to achieve one day. And the palette looks great, love the red blusher.

  12. Your makeup is fabulous, you are so good at it. I can see why you had to do all the women for the wedding! The palette does have gorgeous colors in it.


  13. Seriously gorgeous!!! I've been sleeping on stila cosmetics haha! I need to check them out and see their whole range! I love when companies cater to the lightest and darkest skintones! I love this whole look you created!

    Jasmine :)


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