Chi Chi London: My Own Personal Fairy Godmothers

  It's been a while since I last put up a 'normal' post, the last couple were about my time in Tokyo and Hiroshima & ...

Chi Chi Jessa Dress (9 of 9) 

It's been a while since I last put up a 'normal' post, the last couple were about my time in Tokyo and Hiroshima & Hakone, and my next one after this will probably be about Kyoto, so I thought I'd sneak something in a bit less far-eastern! It's taken me ages to sort out all these holiday photos, partly because there were so many, and partly because I was too busy with life.

Anyway, just before I went to Japan, Chi Chi London were kind enough to get in touch with me about sending over one of their amazing dresses. If I'm being completely honest, I'd heard a lot of good things about Chi Chi London, however I'd never went as far as to actually buy anything from them. I had a good look through their online catalogue and saw they had a petite range which I thought would be the perfect opportunity to try a maxi dress.

Chi Chi Jessa Dress (7 of 9) 

You see, being a short ass like me, standard length maxis you find on the high street are just far too long so I rarely ever buy any. Even when I do end up buying one, I always have to chop off a bit at the bottom and stitch it up but my god, what a palaver!

The one that I had my heart set on almost immediately was the Jessa dress. The top half of it is a tight thin, white see-through lace which is fully lined so don't worry, my boobs aren't showing, haha! I didn't feel the need to wear a bra as that area was padded within the dress. The top half is also embroidered with beautiful silvery-grey patterns whilst the bottom half is like a floaty white maxi skirt, it is actually kinda heavy due to the amount of fabric there is. I don't think my description really does it justice though, as it felt as if my fairy-godmother had appeared that morning and told me I will go to the ball. All that's missing from my Cinderella outfit is of course the fabled glass slippers.

Chi Chi Jessa Dress (2 of 3) Chi Chi Jessa Dress (2 of 9)

As for the length, the glass slippers would need to have some kind of heel on them, else the fabric will be dragging along the floor picking up all manner of rubbish! I don't think the need to wear heels is a bad thing with this dress anyway, it definitely deserves a very fancy pair of shoes to go with it.

The true test of whether a dress is any good is to show it to my hyper-critical elder sisters. They both make their own clothes, so typically think that everything shop-bought looks average and has poor quality stitching - the pedants - but they adored this Chi Chi London dress exactly as it is, which is quite the rarity indeed.

All I need to do now is find an occasion worthy of it's presence!

Chi Chi Jessa Dress (6 of 9) Chi Chi Jessa Dress (3 of 3)

Chi Chi London's Jessa dress is on sale priced at £69.99. If you're petite like me, there's a special petite version just for you, but if you were blessed with long(er) legs you can go for the 'normal' cut at the same price.

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  1. You look gorgeous in that dress. Now I have to go and read your Japan posts. It's my all time bucket list destination.


    Kimberley //

  3. This is utterly gorgeous and you look every bit the fairytale princess 😍 Yup, seen Chi Chi kicking about on social media and now I'm thinking a purchase is on order 👍 👸

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

  4. OMFG, this dress is stunning and so are you! The quality of it for that price is amazing and you look like an ethereal goddess. xx

    Just Me Leah

  5. That dress looks lovely, great for any summer events! I will go and have a browse on their website now :)

  6. My God you look stunning! If I was to ever get married I'd want this to be my wedding dress :) xo

  7. This is gorgeous!! And you look stunning.. I love the detailing at the top... I have the opposite problem .. Lots of maxi dresses become ankle swingers the second I put heels on.. :(( *welp*


  8. Oh my gosh you look SO fabulous!! literally jaw dropping!

    she dreams



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