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   If there's one thing you can count on in terms of my daily routine, it's that my skin will be well cared for. That's eve...


 If there's one thing you can count on in terms of my daily routine, it's that my skin will be well cared for. That's everyday, come rain or shine. Whether I'm feeling fine or stuck in bed. If I'm going to work or having a well-earned rest day. In every scenario, I ensure that my skin, particularly on the face, is looked after. The mantra I've bought in to since I was a teenager is "Prevention is better than cure."

It's in that spirit that I do everything I can to prevent the onset of Milia. Milia are horrible, horrible little things that can appear anywhere on the body, but typically on the face. They are tiny yellowy-white raised bumps on the skin, that feel a little bit like braille on your face. The milia themselves are completely harmless, and eventually fade away, but they don't do you any favours in your quest for flawless looking skin. Fortunately, there are a few excellent products out there that will help get rid of them and keep them away.

One such product is Pixi's 'Glow Peel Pads'. I literally don't know where my skin would be if it wasn't for their enduring presence in my nightly skin routine. I'd tried various other pads beforehand - Nip+Fab's Glycolic Fix and First Aid Beauty's Facial Radiance Pads - with varying degrees of success. Nip+Fab's offering was good, but it felt like progress was just too slow whilst First Aid Beauty's offering felt like soap pads to my skin, and had no effect whatsoever.

I'd been putting off trying Pixi's Glow Peel Pads for a while, mainly because of the price. But once I'd decided that Nip+Fab and First Aid Beauty weren't up to much, and taken in to account how much I love Pixi's famous Glow Tonic and then actually did my research on the Glow Peel Pads, I thought it only fair (on my skin) to give them a go.

What Do They Even Do?

Aside from working miracles, Pixi lay down these claims about their Glow Peel Pads:

"These highly effective exfoliating pads contain 20% glycolic acid to reveal brighter, healthier, more radiant skin over time. Helps to minimize pores, breakouts, and fine lines while promoting an even skintone. Enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera to nourish & soothe."

Yes, you read that right. 20% Glycolic Acid! Just to put that in to context, Nib+Fab's Glycolic Fix Pads contain just 2.8% and First Aid Beauty don't even give a number on it, though I'm assuming it's less than 2.8% as they're marketed towards sensitive skin and don't give you the tingling sensation associated with Glycolic Acid.

But yes, Pixi have crammed in 20% Glycolic Acid into their pads, which is perfect for my resilient skin. It means that when I apply it to my cleansed face, I can feel the Pixi magic beginning to work almost instantly. 

Glycolic Acid itself is an exfoliator that was originally found in sugar cane (how?!), however it is now synthetically produced. It safely removes the outer layer of dead skin cells and allows fresh new skin to raise to the surface. This is why Glycolic Acid is so useful at getting rid of so many imperfections: Age spots, sun spots, acne, blackheads, enlarged pores and of course, milia.

How do I use them?

I use them every night just before I go to bed, not so sure that using 20% Glycolic acid in the morning would ever be such a good idea! My method for using the pads is simple:

  1. Cleanse my face using Pixi's Glow Mud Cleanser (I really like this, but by all means stick to your tried and tested here)
  2. Rinse off the cleanser, then either let your face dry naturally or pat with a dry, clean towel
  3. Take out one pad, and begin to sweep it across your face making sure to avoid the sensitive eye area
  4. Once you've swept the pad all over the face, you might feel your pores begin to tingle. For me this has varied from a gentle tingle, all the way up to excruciating pain!
  5. Leave your face for 2 - 3 minutes, before rinsing off with cold water
Even if you're using Pixi's Glow Peel Pads in winter, it's important to remember that you are using a form of acid on your face. This will make you more susceptible to sunburn, so as weird as it might feel, you need to apply SPF the next day to look after your skin, otherwise, all your good work the night before will sadly be wasted.

Pixi say that you need to use this every day, however I would recommend you use it as and when you feel it necessary. Personally, I do use it every day however if I've threaded my 'tache area I will usually skip over that part as it stings like a bitch!

The Results

I found that within a few days of using Pixi's Glow Peel Pads, the results were noticeable. I'm not saying that they'd cured my skin of all its ailments, but you could see that they were at least having some kind of visible effect. The milia on my skin were beginning to recede, I found that my face was actually brighter, my skin looked porcelain smooth and foundation was applying so much better. The OH also started using them at the same time as me, and his acne scarring had began to heal after just a week.

After a month's usage, the Glow Peel Pads have become a staple of my skincare diet. My face is definitely much brighter, it looks and feels healthier and more radiant than ever before. I've also noticed that I haven't actually had any breakouts (yet!), my larger pores have now almost vanished and most importantly of all, the milia have almost completely gone! As for Pixi's claims on even skin tone and removal of fine lines, I don't feel I can quite comment just yet as a month isn't enough time to take effect.


Yes! Without any hesitation. I bought these pads with the sole aim of getting rid of the milia, and in my opinion they've not only done that, they've gone above and beyond all of my expectations. They've been a major factor in my skin coming 'back to life'. I didn't even realise there was anything else wrong with my skin before using Pixi's Glow Peel Pads, but now that I've seen how much more radiant and smooth my skin is, I'll be making sure I have a constant supply.

The only slight downside is the price. At £24 these pads are considerably more expensive than Nip+Fab's high street alternative (£8.59 or £9.95 for the Extreme version) and just a touch more expensive than First Aid Beauty's offering (£22) - but believe me, they're worth it! Nip+Fab feels like water in comparison.

You'll get 60 pads in one tub, so if you're using them each and every night they'll last you a couple of months - unless of course you have another half who also uses them!

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  1. OOOO I was thinking about this. I love Glow Tonic, that's daily usage for me. I'll give these a go. Never realised this was 20% glycolic!

    1. K, if you love the Glow Tonic, you will love this too! Get onto it. I hope you get fantastic results!

  2. These sound great, I think I'm tempted to invest. I have a problem with milia but mostly on my eye area, but by the sounds of it these pads are great for the rest of your skin too!!

    1. That's a shame! I'm grateful I don't have milia around my eyes, would have no idea how to tackle them!

  3. Guess I know what my next purchase is!!!!

    I do like the sound of this and I did see them when I was purchasing the Glow Tonic but I couldn't find reviews on someone I trusted xo

    1. Well, Laa. If BRUVA (insert laughing crying emoji) doesn't work out, this may be worth a go!



  4. Arrgh! I tried to leave a comment from my phone but I don't think it went through. Have you tried Alpha H's Liquid Gold? The effects of these pads sound very much like Liquid Gold (in the sense Liquid Gold contains a percentage of Glycolic Acid, you should only use it every other day and you need to apply SPF the next day). I'm tempted to give this a go as I love Pixi Glow Tonic but first I have to use up my existing skincare!

    1. I have tried Alpha H's Liquid Gold - it was fantastic! Seemingly similar to the Pixi Glow Peel Pads however over time, it wasn't quite as effective. Like my skin adapted to it! I then tried Alpha H's White Gold (think it was a serum?) for pigmentation, it was no where near as good as Liquid Gold. GAH!

      I know what you mean, I have a pile of skin care in the corner that's been half used and left to gather dust, ha!

  5. I neeeeed them. I've had milia almost all my friggin' life. I've been using some of Caroline Hirons' advice to minimise them (like using a toner for blemished skin on the milia alone and then a moisturising toner over my whole face). It's made them smaller but they're still a pain in my arse! I'm gonna get some of these. xx

    1. Leaaaaah! WE CAN BE MILIA TWINS! Or not, haha! They are stubborn, aren't they? I feel the Glow Peel Pads dissolve the gunk within them. Let me know how it works for you? X

  6. just purchased these i have pyruvic 50% peels at the dermatologist ( amazing but expensive) I wanted some at home care to help with tiny tiny pin prick sized closed comedones. your blog has given me hope!

  7. Were your peel pads a little dry? I bought some and mine are super dry as if it doesn't really hVe any product in it...

    1. Store the tub upside down (making sure the lid is on securely, obvs!) so that the product isn't just accumulating in the bottom and only keeping the last quarter of the pads soaked. Then, when you come to use one, the product should have soaked through to the top and the one you used will have more glycolic on them. When you get down to the last quarter start to alternate turning the pot upright and upside down so that all the pads come with a decent amount of the good stuff on them.

  8. Great review! I think I'll be purchasing these. I have a sample of Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Peels but they are a little above my budget at the moment so I think these might be a good substitute 😊

  9. I Just bought some Glow Peel Pads, recommended by qualified cosmetician for $30.00 Canadian dollar for a tub of 60, (2 months worth) at GL 20%. I can't wait to use them tonight. I HAD been using GA 10% "lotion" twice a day, (that I paid $27.00 for) and it DID show results but with this recommendation and now reading all this I'm glad I bought them and will start tonight. Seems like a much easier process of cleaning as well and likely even better results. I had seen these "pads" by L'Oreal on the Dr. Oz show but they only had 10% GA and qty. 30 only for comparable price. I have only one nasty milium to get rid of so I will concentrate on that. Beside that my skin is not bad... starting to show some aging so I best get on it quick now. Thanks for all the info here. Cheers, Jo

  10. Excellent Review.Indeed helpful.One Question I have Dea ,Which one better for milia Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Peel or Pixi

  11. how strong of SPF do you use the next day? is 20/30 enough or do you use 50 spf?


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