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Hello hello! Can you believe that this will be my fifth post this month? And we're only 12 days into it! Definitely a case of st...


Hello hello!

Can you believe that this will be my fifth post this month? And we're only 12 days into it! Definitely a case of start as you mean to carry on for me as far as 2016 goes. As much as I can't stand the idea of making New Year's Resolutions, I have to admit that I really do want to focus a bit more on the blog this year. Although 2015 was a big improvement on 2014, I feel like there's an awful lot more left in me yet. So hopefully you'll be seeing plenty of me this year, and even more importantly, hopefully I'll be seeing plenty of you this year too.
Anyway, on to this post. This one's about some rings that I bought recently, and I think I might need your help. You know when you're at an independent retailer, where things aren't quite labelled as well as they might be in a chain store, you see something so f**king pretty that you just have to buy it there and then? Well, yeah, this happens to me a lot and at times it can be frustrating, because afterwards, when I want to tell people about it, I have to go away and do some research to find out what the thing I've bought is actually called.

And that's definitely a cue for a photo of one of these little beauts. I think these are raw, semi-precious rocks sliced in half and stuck on to a ring, but that description clearly doesn't do them justice. I often find myself sat there staring at them in a trance-like state, genuinely fascinated that something so pretty was found inside a rock.


I picked these up at a shop in Affleck's Palace in Manchester at £10 each, it's a great place filled with all sorts of quirky and unusual shops that you just don't see anywhere else. Sure, there's a few that might freak you out a bit but if you just keep looking there are a few hidden gems (pun intended) scattered across it's four-floored labyrinth.

In my opinion, the pink ring looks to be Rose Quartz, but I can't tell for sure - so if you (or a friend of a friend of a friend) are an expert in all things rocky, please tell me if I'm right or otherwise! As for the blue one, I have no idea and the multi-coloured rainbow type one - well, not a clue! 

Whatever the actual rocks are, they're beautiful and you get a good solid chunk of rock on each ring. I always like to have some kind of ring on my fingers - I tend to find that they're really easy to lose - the rings, not my fingers - particularly those little stackable ones you get in sets of 3 or 5 from H&M and Topshop. But given the size of these, there's little chance I could ever lose them! In fact, they make me think of the Stonecutters episode of The Simpson (the Stone of Shame and the Stone of Triumph!)


I've been really liking these types of stones of late though I don't always know what they're called, I've got myself an absolutely huge lump of amethyst that you might have seen making its way in to my Instagram or blog photos recently. Most people know what Amethyst is, with it's distinct purple colour, but some of the other pretty ones almost seem anonymous in comparison. I can't get over the natural crystal effect so often held within the rocks, and these rings are fine exponents of that, with the light bouncing off hundreds of tiny little surfaces in all directions - it's truly dazzling to behold.

So if you quite fancy getting your hands on one of these, and you live in the Northwest area, head in to Affleck's in the Northern Quarter for your fix of rocky goodness. If you don't live around this neck of the woods, no matter, I'm sure there are plenty of places online or in a town centre near you stocking something similar. And remember, if you know what these rocks are called - tell me!

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  1. Wow those are some fierce knuckle dusters that could double up as a knife too! I love the pale pink one.

  2. How gorgeous. Very different and mesmerizing, I can see people will be asking about these when you wear these out. The pink one is my favourite, I do love how natural these are, different shapes, colours and the inside. I just assumed they were called crystal rock rings lol - but what do I know, everything has an 'official' name but whatever they're called - their a beaut.

    LimaMonroe xo

  3. Wow, those rings are a statement piece. I think I would be knocking people out with them, but I love the colours.

  4. Wow these are amazing! I'm not a huge fan of rings/can't wear them because of my job but I definitely think these are eye catching :)

  5. I dont know if I could wear something so large but these are absolutely beautiful and suit you so well!

  6. Ah wow the rings are stunning!! And I LOVE your nails too. I used to collect crystal rocks like this when I was younger, I;ll have to dig them out again :)

    Sarah xxx

  7. These are so pretty, can't believe they were only £10!

  8. Those rings are so gorgeous, I'm obsessed! Loving your nails as well :)


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