Lima and the Technicolour Dream-kimono

  Can you believe, this is the first Outfit of the Day for 2016? Of course, as soon as I saw the snow falling last night I had this vis...


Can you believe, this is the first Outfit of the Day for 2016? Of course, as soon as I saw the snow falling last night I had this vision of posing in the snow, so for the first time in my life I found myself wishing that the blasted snow would actually settle! Not only did it settle, it actually continue snowing long in to the Sunday, so you may actually see the blur of a few flakes in the photos!

For such a momentous occasion, I reverted back to my old favourite - the Kimono. If you've followed me throughout the years, you'll no doubt recall my endless and undying love for the blessed kimono. Along with Cherry Blossom and Origami, Kimonos are probably the best thing to have come out of Japan (note the lack of Sushi from this list), and I absolutely adore them. I just love how floaty and easy to wear they are. They can be thrown on top of a plain old bodycon to dress it up or over a simple two piece top and skirt.

That being said, the Kimono I'm wearing for this OOTD, isn't exactly the easiest to wear! I purchased this beautiful petrol coloured sequin disc'd kimono last year from an online store that I can't seem to tear myself away from - Oh My Love. The thing about Oh My Love, is they do the usual clothes you'd expect to find at any other retailers really, but every now and then they come out with an absolute gem. This kimono is one such gem, and THIS Pastel Floral Smudge Print Dress is another.

Unsurprisingly, they've named this Kimono the Petrol Sequin Kimono - it's literally choc full of iridescent petroleum style discs sewn on to the black fabric beneath. The effect this has as your body moves or the wind catches it is mesmerising, each individual disc changes colour according to the light. And this is why I bought it, as it makes me think of mermaid scales.

What is surprising though, is how lightweight the Kimono actually is, when you first lay eyes upon it, it looks back-breakingly heavy, but mercifully it feels light as a feather. Whilst it isn't so heavy, it certainly is noisy! As you can imagine, all those little discs clink into each other as you move, but it's a small price to pay. What I would say though, is it isn't such a good idea to wear this on a night out - inevitably, a few of the discs will end up slipping off, but it's perfect for a posh meal or just pottering around the house.

So for this OOTD, I thought I'd pair the glamour of the kimono with the simplicity of a black bodycon dress and a pair of pointed black suede boots. Oh, not to mention a pair of tights to stop my legs freezing over in the f**king snow and my OH's rainbow umbrella! Yep, that's right, this colourful number does not belong to me... Yet. *Wild Cackling*









Petrol Sequin Kimono - Oh My Love (LINK)
Black Bodycon Dress - Topshop (OLD)
Pointed Black Suede Boots - Primark (this season)
Geo Earrings - Cheap Monday (OLD)
Clean Dial Holographic Strap Watch - ASOS (LINK)

I purchased the Kimono at full price, however a quick look at the Oh My Love site today, and I can see that it's actually on sale at just £38. I'm usually somewhere between a size 4-6, so I went for an XS and still find it quite roomy.

I really, really like this kimono, it just feels very me. And no, I won't be letting the seasons stop me from wearing this, although I am particularly looking forward to wearing this in the summer. I can't even imagine what it would look like with sun's rays beaming down onto the discs. I think I'll probably end up dreaming about this image tonight!

Also, the dazzling kimono may have taken all your attention away from my face throughout the pictures in this post, but no matter - I'll soon be dedicating an entire post to this. I went a little bit crazy with the eyeliner, and I can't wait to show you the close-ups - I think you're gonna love it!

Until next time, stay fabulous.

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  1. That's a great kimono - it really suits you. And you definitely need a rainbow umbrella in the manchester weather. Love bec xx

  2. Fisrt time I visited your blog and I'm amazed, what a great make up you do and what amazing pictures you take. Love your poncho and creativity that comes out from your posts!

    Dash Xx |

  3. Love the jacket! x Chantal

  4. I absolutely love this glittery colourful kimono - and the umbrella of course

    Laura x

  5. Gorgeous kimono hun I thought that it was from Motel Rocks as I have seen something similar! Love your rainbow umbrella where is it from?

  6. What an amazing kimono! Very brave to wear it in the snow ;)

  7. I seriously need to put on my glasses right now I read Petrol Sequin Kimono as Petrol Station Kimono.

    It's so lovely and different, very eye catching and I think the brolly should be yours #TeamLima

    LimaMonroe xo

  8. it's been a while since i've visited your blog but i'm so glad i found you again and you're still as amazing (haha) :-) i love the kimono and it looks really good on you! the kimono (and the brolly) really make a black outfit more interesting! xx

  9. Girl that kimono is the best thing ever! So wish I had your flair.

  10. Wow, that looks absolutely beautiful!
    You rock this look, I wish I had the confidence that you do.


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