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  Hello m'dears!  Not so long ago, I made the classic makeup addict error. I was seduced by the variety of colours on offer in a...


Hello m'dears! 

Not so long ago, I made the classic makeup addict error. I was seduced by the variety of colours on offer in a particular range, and of course decided to buy the whole lot, more than I could ever want or need. At the time, this thought wasn't on my mind at all though, my mind was more like a moth to a flame: "They're so pretty!" And that was that. Bought.

I didn't have the dreaded post-purchase blues either, I wasn't wondering 'What have I done?' and I wasn't regretting it either. Until they arrived through the post that is. When I'd ripped open the packaging and laid them all out on the rug, they still looked pretty, but it's like the practical side of my mind started up belatedly and abruptly burst this bubble:

"What the fuck are you gonna with all those?"

And no, Practical Lima didn't hang around to sort out this shit-storm of a makeup purchase either, it just went back to sleep, leaving daydreaming Mer-Lima to make everything ok again. Mer-Lima all of a sudden realised that she doesn't really like Liquid Eyeliner, because it cracks all too easily. Damn it. I should take Practical Lima shopping with me more often.

But don't let a bad purchase haunt you forever. Don't let it become like 'The Tell Tale Heart' looking longingly you at you, laughing at you for making such a silly mistake, taunting you every time you do your makeup. No. Bad purchases only seem bad, because you don't like using them for what they're supposed to be used for. So what are you to do? Use them for something, a little different.

That's exactly what I did with these Liquid Eyeliners I purchased during the Lime Crime Black Friday sale. They set me back just $5 each, down from the usual $14 so I just couldn't resist! Instead of using these dazzling coloured liquid eyeliners to line my eyes as they're supposed to, I used them to create a new look. The only alternative was to just leave them in my makeup drawers, collecting dust until I need to clear up some space and eventually discard them, unopened, unused to the graveyard of poor makeup choices.

I tried the white one as a top liner, but it behaved exactly as I expected it to: within a few hours, cracks began to emerge. Disappointing if not unsurprising. But with Gel liner I tend to find it stays put, even with the poorer quality ones, they tend to fade away, instead of cracking. I much prefer the fading to the cracking, that's for sure.


Anyway, for this look I used my tried and trusted Precision Gel Liner from Illamasqua as the actual Eyeliner, applied some gorgeous eyeshadow and topped it all off with several criss-crossed streaks of Lime Crime's Coloured Liquid Eyeliner. I used pretty much their entire range, with the exception of the gold - I just ran out of eye space!

The criss-cross look isn't technically difficult to achieve, you just draw on a selection of straight lines in different colours at random points around the eye, making sure some intersect with each other. The difficulty lies in picking the right colours and applying them to the right places to give you an inspired, fresh look as opposed to a mess. I think I managed to get it looking pretty good, and in a way they seem to resemble fireworks!



NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Barcelona


Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Dollipop (used as a blusher for dolly wolly cheeks!)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade - Correction it's actually MAC's Gold Deposit


Illamasqua Broke Cake in Thunder
Illamasqua Precision Ink in Scribe (dotted above the eyebrow)


Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Poison Plum (lid and crease)
Sephora's Colorful Eyeshadow in Pool Party (lower lash line)
Makeup Forever Artist Eyeshadow (the name has rubbed off, damn it! However, it's in the inner corner)
Lime Crime Glitter Helper
Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter in Aquarius mixed with Stargazer's Glitter Shaker in UV Purple
Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner in Infinity (top liner and dots in between brows)
Lime Crime Liquid Eye Liner in Blue Milk, Lunar Sea, Reason, Citreuse, Lazuli & Orchidaceous
Boujois 1 Second Volume Mascara


Lime Crime Velvetine in Utopia
I'm actually quite happy with the way this look turned out, specially as it was the first attempt - I had visions of awkward looking lines scrawled all over my eyes but it seems to compliment the bold, vibrant eyeshadow. Of course I couldn't just stop there though, so I added in a line of white dots above the brow and a line of black dots above the bridge of the nose. All in all, there's a lot of things going on, but they all come together very well.

Have you tried Criss Cross Eyeliner before? Or have you made some spectacularly bad makeup purchases? I want to know!

Until next time!

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  1. You are so talented with make up! This would never suit me but looks amazing on you and I love all the different colours you've used! x

  2. wow your eyes look great so Talented, Wish I had the Talent to do that x

  3. Wow, this is soo stunning! You have a real talent xx


  4. That's soo beautiul! I love it! we need to catch up girl!

    1. Yes we friggin' do! It's been too long! x

  5. Never seen anything quite like this, but LOVE the look! Meanwhile, here I am struggling to do a simple eyeliner flick


  6. you are literally the only make up blogger I´m genuinely interested in! Your make up is pure art omg

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  7. This is a crazy beautiful look. I too am guilty of buying products (usually eyeshadows) just because they're gorgeous and I want them - even if I don't how I'll wear them and they end up sitting abandoned in a drawer! I recently re-jigged my makeup stash though, so it's neater and easier to access everything. I intend on getting my creative on, like you, and trying out those poor cast aside products. Your looks are always so artistic!

    Amanda Jayne | beauty, style, travel, life

  8. You literally can pull off anything!! This looks incredible and artistic and so mermaidy, I love!

    Sarah xxx www.whatsasssays.com

  9. This is gorge!! I might try and recreate this one day for work! I am so clicking on follow on your blog! So hard to come across make up looks like this, love it :)

  10. such a gorgeous, playful look! it's nice to see some brights floating around the blogosphere, very artistic

    www.Barely There Beauty.com | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog



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