5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home - String Fairy Lights from IWOOT!

My love for all things sparkly is well known by now, but just in case you were thinking that my love only reaches as far as lipsticks, ...


My love for all things sparkly is well known by now, but just in case you were thinking that my love only reaches as far as lipsticks, nail polishes, eyeshadows, jewellery or clothes, I thought this post would help to set that particular record straight!

If you've been checking up on my Instagram at all from the beginning of the summer onwards, you'll have noticed that plants were popping up all over the place! And that's because I feel it's important to come home to something worth feeling proud about, something comfortable after a long day at the office. If you think about it, we spend so little time in our homes, so why not make it as enjoyable as possible?

Plants are definitely not the only home decor thing I like to keep in plentiful supply throughout my home though, I absolutely love lights! And maybe this is a little crazy, but surely you all remember those boring trips to B&Q when you were a kid? Being dragged along by your dad because he wanted to buy some planks of wood or a brand new hammer or some other rubbish - but that was all offset by a trip down the lighting aisles!

For me, those lighting aisles were like Aladdin's 'Cave of Wonders' - though a bit less likely to swallow you up whole in the desert and bury you in sand - it was a truly wondrous place full of all manner of shiny things! That's where my fascination for lighting comes from, and it's a fire that still burns to this day - my lampshades are all iridescent and I have all kinds of interesting lamps in various shapes and sizes floating about the place, as well as solar lights for the garden (not doing much good right now though) and fairy lights brightening up various other rooms in the house.

I'd noticed as part of Next's Wintery window displays, they had these amazing looking fairy lights, but with a bit of a difference. Instead of being attached to your standard, boring wire, they were kind of built into a long string of coppery wire. It just looked epic, and you can shape the wire however you want it and it holds - the possibilities!!

So imagine my delight when IWOOT sent me a couple of these beauties through the post for review! They sent them through as part of their Christmas Gift campaign, and as much as I love them, I think they'd only make a suitable gift for someone who's really into their home decor - or you could give them to a friend before Christmas to help light up their home in time for the big day!

They really are as good as they looked in Next (though I'm not sure if it's the same brand etc), they are incredibly adaptable, can fit into small spaces, can wrap around things with much less effort than the traditional wired fairy lights and they look classy. Typical fairy lights can't get away from the fact that the wires just look cheap - not the case with these!

So, I thought I'd get a little creative, and show you a few different ways you can put these to use:

They make for a nice bedside lamp when stuffed into a sciencey-type flask!

Let's all gather around the Christmas Bonsai Tree?!

They can add a bit of atmosphere at the end of the bed.

Or make for an excellent new toy...

But look much better around a Bonsai

And magnificent in a stained glass vase

They look pretty electrifying in this candle holder

It's probably best not to leave them on the bed. Not even for a second.

They make for interesting bracelets (maybe not good in the rain though)

And they also take your breath away as a choker...

As you can see, these lights really are the shizz. If I were you, I'd get on a set of these right now, without delay. Just think of the fun you can have! If the lights aren't for you though, check out the IWOOT Christmas Gift Guide - there are some pretty cool items on display! I bought the Smartphone Cinema Projector from TK Maxx for £15, so I was gutted to see it on there for under £13!

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  1. You're just all kinds of fabulous, I'm kicking back and reading your blog - thank you for the entertainment!

  2. I literally just took down my Christmas tree yesterday but kept the lights out to decorate my room. Fairy lights just make everything look better.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally


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