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Hello!  I told you I was working through a backlog of posts a couple of weeks back, and this is another one of those. If you follow...



 I told you I was working through a backlog of posts a couple of weeks back, and this is another one of those. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that my hair is currently a silvery-grey colour. So don't worry, you're not going mad, these photos were just taken before I made the move to grey!

Now on to the topic at hand, a brand that sits firmly on the 'Pros' list of my love-hate relationship with Depop. In a previous post I told you all about the frustrations of buying from Depop, but every now and then you come across something that makes it all seem worth it. Never Fully Dressed are one of those sellers that put the 'Pop' in Depop. If you were to take a quick browse through their store, you'd see their feminine style punctuated with lots of pretty chiffon and lace - truly, they're after my own heart!



I first came across their Depop shop in July sometime, and was captivated by their range as I trawled through it on the iPhone. Every dress just looked so buyable, but in the same way that people go on fad diets and healthy eating spurts, I'm on a 'Healthy Shopping' diet. Instead of just impulsively buying everything I like the look of (and can afford!), I've been bookmarking or favouriting the items and looking at them again a week later. It makes sense, because if I still like it a week later, it's a keeper.

So a week later, I checked out my favourites and the dress I'd been looking at seemed even more buyable. In fact, I was a little annoyed with myself in truth, because with hindsight, it was obvious I'd still like it. The back is draped in iridescent sequins, I mean positively draped in them, and at just £50 it was an absolute steal.



Mental note: when it comes to iridescent, there are no doubts. 

 When it arrived through the post, I fell in love before I'd even torn off the packaging completely. The iridescent sequins glistened in the light, some appearing to have a pinky shade, others yellowy. The dress itself is seriously oversized, and I really like that. It's short at the front, with a long back covered from top to bottom in these perfect iridescent sequins.

 For this look I paired it up with my black long line bodycon vest underneath. This sums up the dress pretty well actually, in that it's one that you can really play with the layering on. Whilst I plumped for the bodycon, it could go equally well with black skinny jeans, or even white ones if you're into the whole whiteout trend.





I'd absolutely recommend this dress to anyone, even for shorties like me it just works. Also, the sequins make it for me. I couldn't quite comprehend just how many there would be, but the back is literally covered in them! They add some serious weight to the dress too, which in my opinion makes me feel like I'm wearing something worth far more than the £50 I paid for it.

Oh, and it's on sale just now for £30 on their Depop store. The question is: "What are you waiting for?"

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  1. So many sequins, so much shiny! Love the whole look!
    Liquid Grain

  2. You look great. I love the overall look and the shoes are fab.

  3. That hair is amazing!! The top goes so well with it as well! Fab look!!

    Oliver //

  4. Ooh the sequins on the back are SO gorge! I've had a few things from Never Fully Dressed before, but they are quite pricey. worth it when it's something as lovely as this though :-)

  5. This is a gorgeous outfit Lima. So sorry for the death of Willie. xxx

  6. I personally think it looks amazing on you and girl you have this unique and amazing appearance!
    Regarding Depop, I personally have never used it before though.

  7. Such a fun outfit <3 Love the shiny sequins!!!

  8. You always look so amazing! I've loved your blog since #day1 :)

    Zeena Xena ♡ // Founder of Blogging Gals x


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