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Hello hello! I hope you’ve all had a great first month of 2015 and haven’t broken too many of your New Year’s Resolutions already! Sp...


Hello hello!

I hope you’ve all had a great first month of 2015 and haven’t broken too many of your New Year’s Resolutions already! Speaking of firsts though, this is the first OOTD on Fashionicide of 2015! It's been quite a while since I've done an OOTD so I'd almost forgotten how to behave in front of the camera.

 I’ve also had a little bit of a mini-revamp on the blog this month, changing the look and feel of the site to match my current tastes – so we’re talking pastels, sleek, retro-futurist and easy on the eyes!

The fur bomber in the photo is an absolute beaut isn’t she? Still photographs just don’t do it justice at all, it’s almost as if it’s alive, particularly when the wind brushes past and you can see the individual strands flowing! I won it on Christmas Eve as part of a competition from White Dirt, a retailer specialising in Independent Fashion labels based in Colchester, and I have to say it certainly made my Christmas! 

I’ve never really been a huge fan of white in the past, but this bomber has really turned me on to the benefits of white. For those of us with darker skin, it can really highlight and accentuate our beautiful skin tones – it also gives space for my new hair colour to shine through and take centre stage.






White Bodycon Dress - Dolls Paris via ARK
Silver Capped Lilac Court Shoes - Reworked Vintage 

I’ve been stalking the White Dirt website for quite some time now as I am tending to verge towards independent labels lately, I’m not sure what the general feeling is, but I can’t help but think the High Street has started to get a little boring again of late, and for Independents, there are much less rules and more room for creativity with their designs. 

One thing I was pleasantly surprised by is just how luxurious the bomber actually feels, it’s so decadent! I’ve had fur coats in the past from the likes of Topshop and Miss Selfridge that didn’t ever feel that way, whereas this one feels like the faux-fur equivalent of Champagne & Caviar and doesn’t give that itchy feeling.


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  1. Your hair is amazing! I love the outfit, however I am not brave enough to wear white - way to accident prone!

  2. your hair is amazing and you look so glam xx

  3. In love with the jacket!

  4. I love your hair!
    I love white too, but I always manage to spill stuff down me haha

  5. Wow I love youy fur jacket! You look beautiful!

    Life of Jana

  6. Your hair colour is so nice! I'm desperate to dye mine again but i'm trying really hard to grow it out in good condition x

  7. Love your shows, so pretty! Loving the new blog style too :)
    Saadiya x

  8. I think you definitely should start wearing white more often. This reminds me of Marilyn Monroe - you look so beautiful. I'm obsessed with faux fur at the moment. So many beautiful colours at the moment!

    Katie <3

  9. Wow, white looks so pretty on you, loved your hair color and your makeup is amazing Halima <3

  10. you look so beautiful as always! :)
    You can pull of just about everything!
    Hareem x

  11. i think you look awesome in white Halima, it really shows off your gorgeous hair:) loving your new layout:)xxx

  12. I'd never heard of White Dirt before but just had a nosey at their site and fell in love!
    Adore the new look of the blog btw (:

  13. Yes I have been noticing the layout change *thumbs up* and the hair really looks gorgeous against the white.
    This faux fur is amaze. I didn't know White Dirt had been following me for quite a while - I need to pay more attention to companies lol.

    Stunning OTOD as usual. Was your bum cold on the bench arm lol?

    LimaMonroe xo

  14. It looks stunning on you... I could never get away with it... two children, being blonde and pale, I would vanish.... plus my thighs and belly, white is no good for me. You can pull it off lovely, and yes it sure does let your beautiful hair take centre stage. :-)

  15. I JUST WANNA STEAL YO' HAIR. You are like the pastel princess! I am loving this whole white on white look, so very you!
    Bee |


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